Chapter 2366 - Brother Fei Is Angry Now

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Chapter 2366: Brother Fei Is Angry Now

Although Han Fei was reckless, he knew when to be reckless and when not to be.

The moment he clashed with Zhao Qinglong, he knew that he was no match for this person.

At first, Han Fei was not afraid at all, thinking that even if he was no match for the enemy, he should still be able to run.

But now, Han Fei guessed that there was a dragon in Zhao Qinglong’s body, a black dragon that ran out of the dragon race, and a mysterious Monarch-level powerhouse. Under such circumstances, how could he fight this guy?

Han Fei said, “I have to admit that I’m indeed no match for you for the time being. So, I’ll give you the flags and the farming ground. However, Zhao Qinglong, I’ll go to you sooner or later.”

At this moment, Han Fei still showed a tough stance although he had admitted defeat.

He knew that if the other party had a Monarch in his body, the God Sealing Spear wouldn’t be able to seal this guy. Although this person’s speed hadn’t been fully revealed, he definitely wouldn’t be slower than Yi Qianxing. And if the black dragon erupted, as long as he lent a trace of power to Zhao Qinglong, he could even directly break the God Sealing Spear Array.

As for the Void Stealing Technique, even without the black dragon, it couldn’t trap Zhao Qinglong for long. This person walked the path of invincibility, so his will was definitely not weak. He was also a powerhouse at the edge of Dao Proving. Even if he could steal his consciousness, it would only work for a very short time. During this period of time, Han Fei was sure that even if the other party let him attack him, he wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Therefore, all things considered, Han Fei found that it was meaningless to fight Zhao Qinglong head-on. Besides, he might even be beaten.

In that case, it was best to leave first. After he completed the birth of the Star Core, his strength would definitely soar. Then when he met this person, he might have some confidence.

Han Fei seemed to admit defeat, and Zhao Qinglong took a deep look at Han Fei. On this trip, he only knew that Feng Fei, Wushuang, and the others were here and had never paid attention to Han Fei. But after a round of confrontation, he found that this person was abnormally powerful.

More importantly, for some reason, he hated Han Fei and wanted to kill him.

Zhao Qinglong glanced at Han Fei coldly and said indifferently, “I will find you in the next round.”

Zhao Qinglong didn’t chase him, because it was useless. He didn’t intend to kick Han Fei out of the arena now. He was waiting for an opportunity to kill Han Fei.

Han Fei glanced at Cao Mengde and the others and said, “Let’s go! What are you looking at?”

Cao Mengde and the others suddenly shivered and hurried to run towards Han Fei desperately.

Then, they left this damn place without any hesitation. Up to now, Han Fei and the others had obtained a total of 3,278 points.

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After running far away, Cao Mengde and the others exclaimed, “Shoot! We’ve challenged a cultivator on the God Roll!”

Wu Bufan spewed a mouthful of golden smoke at Cao Mengde and said, “Save it! Brother Fei challenged Zhao Qinglong head-on. What did you do? He can crush you with one finger.”

Cao Mengde said, “I’m talking about Brother Fei. Zhao Qinglong may be arrogant now, but it’s hard to say who will win if they’re in the same realm.”

Luo Dafei echoed, “That’s right. It’s just that Zhao Qinglong is in the perfected Star Transformation Realm. If Brother Fei were given more time, the God Roll would be nothing.”

Li Chen said, “He offended my Brother Fei today. He is doomed.”

Looking at the playboys who were bragging about Han Fei, Ye Lingling couldn’t have felt more awful. What kind of people were these people? That was a legendary powerhouse on the God Roll, the God Roll! Each of them was a peerless talent who had great luck and countless trump cards. How could Han Fei defeat them?

Ye Lingling didn’t look down upon Han Fei. In fact, she felt that Han Fei was already very strong. To be honest, she couldn’t even see him clearly at all when he fought Zhao Qinglong just now.

However, it seemed that the two of them had fought to a draw. To be able to fight to a tie with a powerhouse on the God Roll, it was needless to say how strong Han Fei was.

However, she felt that no matter how strong Han Fei was, it was relative. In this world, there were ordinary people, Heavenly Talents, top Heavenly Talents, monstrous figures, and existences that she couldn’t understand.

In Ye Lingling’s view, Han Fei was between peerless Heavenly Talents and monstrous figures. Perhaps he was the kind of person that she couldn’t catch up with even if she spent her entire life trying. But Zhao Qinglong, a powerhouse on the God Roll, was an existence that she couldn’t understand.

Even if Han Fei didn’t say anything, everyone knew that Han Fei couldn’t beat him. Otherwise, with Han Fei’s personality, how could he easily abandon the farm he had worked so hard to build?

Of course, Ye Lingling and the others were also shocked that although Han Fei had lost in the last round, his tone was no weaker than before. It seemed that he was still challenging Zhao Qinglong, but the point was that Zhao Qinglong didn’t pursue the matter, which made them raise their judgment on Han Fei’s strength again.

Han Fei said, “Okay, we just lost one game. With our points, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to advance. However, in order to ensure our advancement, we still have to hunt normally.”

Everyone didn’t know what Han Fei meant by hunt normally. Had Han Fei ever hunted normally? Obviously not. From robbing the Heavenly Race repeatedly in the wilderness to making a fortune by storming the Dragon Fighting Street, and then to setting up an array to earn points, when had he ever hunted normally?

However, they didn’t know that after the fight with Zhao Qinglong, a flame ignited in Han Fei’s heart. He didn’t know how long it had been since he felt that he was completely defeated.

Whether it was physique, speed, strength, soul, or techniques, the other party was not weaker than him. Han Fei suspected that in addition to physique, the other party’s speed, strength, and soul might be more than 50% stronger than his.

Just now, Han Fei was 100% sure that Zhao Qinglong didn’t use his full strength.

Furthermore, the other party had a Monarch Black Dragon hidden in his body, and what was hidden in his body was an old turtle who only knew how to sleep all day long. Furthermore, it was only in the Sky Opening realm.

Of course, he didn’t mean to look down on the old turtle. If the old turtle returned to his original body and restored all his memories, he probably wouldn’t be weak.

But this time, Han Fei realized that there was always someone stronger. If you had opportunities, others had them too. Other people’s opportunities were not necessarily weaker than yours.

The black dragon was so powerful that even Senior Brother Azure Dragon had to remind them. However, the dragon was willing to lie dormant in Zhao Qinglong’s body, which meant that Zhao Qinglong was not simple. He had the ability to make the black dragon stay in his body.

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Therefore, this time, Han Fei easily realized that he wasn’t strong enough. Or rather, he realized that on the path of cultivation, there would always be strong masters appearing, which were mountains that needed to be conquered.

However, as Cao Mengde said, Han Fei didn’t think that he would lose if he was in the same realm as Zhao Qinglong. He didn’t even need to be in the same realm as him. As long as he could withstand all his strength, he didn’t think he would be weaker than Zhao Qinglong.

In the eyes of others, Zhao Qinglong was an unreachable peak. In Han Fei’s eyes, this person was just a hill on his way. What he needed to do was to flatten him.

An hour later, Han Fei and the others encountered a small team carrying a flag. They must have just fought.

Since such a squad dared to carry a flag, they couldn’t be weak. After meeting Han Fei’s team, this squad didn’t see Han Fei’s team carrying a flag. Firstly, they were not interested, and secondly, they were vigilant.

The strong master in the other team said, “Let’s go our separate ways?”

As soon as this person said so, Han Fei’s figure disappeared. Under the effect of the Great Dao of Time, Han Fei’s speed soared to the fastest, 7.5 times the speed of light.

The opponent’s cultivator was shocked. What the hell? Fight me? Do you think I’m afraid of you?

However, when he was about to attack, he met Han Fei’s eyes. In the next moment, he felt that he was in a trance, and then his body was pierced by the power of many complicated Great Daos.

Han Fei struck three times in a row and killed this person.

The first blow was All Great Daos in One Sword.

The second blow, 300 invincible fist marks as fast as one punch, penetrated the other party’s soul.

The third blow was the self-detonation of the Infinity Water.

Of course, this was also because the other party wasn’t in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm yet. After all, not every team had a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator guarding them.

Among the 50,000 teams, only less than 5,000 had a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator, which was less than one tenth.

This could be seen from Han Fei’s ranking in the second round.

In the second round of qualifiers, Han Fei beat two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators and was finally ranked 3,868th. From this, it could be roughly inferred that the number of participants in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm was not high, only less than 5,000.

And once the opponent was not in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, when facing Han Fei, it was just a matter of how long he could last.

Under the shocked gaze of Cao Mengde and the others, a seven-person team was completely wiped out by Han Fei in a total of six seconds.

Wu Bufan said to the others via voice transmission, “Brother Fei is angry now. Let’s not provoke him. He can do whatever he wants. We’ll just follow him.”