Chapter 2369 - Use Death as Power

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Chapter 2369: Use Death as Power

Above the Sea of Stars where Han Fei was, a green light suddenly appeared and rushed into Han Fei’s body.

Han Fei suddenly had an epiphany, and a great technique gradually appeared in his mind.

Vitality Condensation Technique (Sky Opening Realm, Ultra-Quality)

Introduction: This is a method of vitality condensation, but this technique violates the law of nature. If you use this technique, you have to suppress all the rules in the area and use your own vitality as the catalyst to condense the vitality in the area. All creatures in the area will feel their vitality draining away. When the vitality is completely condensed, everything in the area will wither and can’t be regenerated. The gathered vitality has nothing to do with lifespan. If you swallow it by force, your body will explode and you’ll die. After your body explodes, your body will transform into all things and evolve into infinite creatures.

Deduced Art: Not available

Note 1: You’ve reached the Demon Purification Pot’s current deduction limit. If you deduce it again, it will involve the mysteries of the world and damage the Demon Purification Pot.

Note 2: If you use this technique frequently, it will strengthen your hellfire and increase the risk of transcending the tribulation.

Seeing the introduction of this Vitality Condensation Technique, Han Fei understood that ethically speaking, this was not a good technique, but it existed to quickly deprive life.

And the note said that if he used this technique often, it would increase the danger of his tribulation.

It seemed that if he wanted to take a shortcut, he had to pay a price. Feeding his Origin Star with the vitality contained in others’ Origin Stars was a shortcut.

This shortcut saved countless troubles and a lot of time.

However, while it was convenient for him, it would affect him negatively in the future. The specific manifestation might be that his heavenly tribulation might be even more terrifying.

However, at this point, Han Fei didn’t have the time to learn from those old monsters to spend thousands or tens of thousands of years condensing vitality and slowly finishing the star transformation process.

If he really did that, he might have died midway and wouldn’t have deserved to be Zhao Qinglong’s enemy, because if the latter was given so much time, he might have proved his Dao.

Han Fei continued to ask, “Senior God of War, then how can I mobilize my original Great Dao if I still don’t know what it is yet?”

God of War: “You can use it however you like! Besides, if you don’t even know what your original Great Dao is, how can I know what kind of Great Dao it is? Well, I’m tired. It’s very tiring to give you this thing from afar. Let’s talk next time!”

The fire curtain was extinguished, and the God of War had already left.

In fact, Han Fei was very curious about how the God of War could give him things from such an infinite distance.

Even he couldn’t figure out remote chatting. He had asked the God of War once, and the latter said that this was an unknown field for him.

However, Han Fei felt that this kind of long-distance chat must be transmitted through some kind of signal, right? But didn’t the signal need speed? Could the signal ignore distance and time to send a message? If the signal had speed, how fast could it be?

Thinking of Zhao Qinglong’s speed, Han Fei couldn’t help but think that the speed of more than ten times the speed of light was already beyond ordinary people’s understanding.

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Now that he was using the Great Dao of Space and the Great Dao of Time, he could reach 7.5 times the speed of light at the fastest. Then how could he continue to surpass the speed of light? He had to ask his senior sister later if she had any insights.

After chatting with the God of War, Han Fei got the answer he wanted.

Now, everything was ready except for the east wind.

This east wind was the mirror at the end of the path behind the green jade stone bridge, Han Fei’s original Great Dao.

In fact, in the past hundreds of years, Han Fei rarely thought of the mirror. The specific reason was that his current physique could no longer withstand the power born from the full outburst of this Great Dao. Therefore, he felt that he was not in a hurry, and there was no need to study the mirror first.

But now, to give birth to a Star Core, he needed to use the power of his original Great Dao and condense a Great Dao crystal. This was a little troublesome.

It was not troublesome to condense a Great Dao Crystal. As long as there were enough Great Dao runes, it would be fine. Just like the God’s Crystal, to gods, that thing was at their fingertips.

However, Han Fei couldn’t clearly recognize what his original Great Dao was. Therefore, he was wondering how he could condense the crystallization of his original Great Dao.

On the green jade stone bridge.

Han Fei lay in the middle of the bridge for a while and looked under the bridge. In the projection, there was both him in front and behind the bridge. On this bridge, he was not himself, but countless versions of himself. He had two sides of Yin and Yang, no, multiple sides.

Han Fei had already figured out the meaning of this level.

Han Fei walked down the green jade stone bridge and came to the road behind. This road was nothing special. It was just a difficult road. But this road was mainly to draw out this mirror.

At this moment, Han Fei walked to the end of the road in boredom. In front of him, there was a mirror that was infinitely high. In the mirror, Han Fei could see himself and even the road behind him, but he couldn’t see the green jade stone bridge behind.

“My original Great Dao?”

Han Fei shook his head. “Why am I walking on this road? Is this my road?”

Han Fei clenched his fist and punched the mirror hard. However, his power couldn’t shake the mirror at all.

Han Fei looked at the mirror wall. No matter what he did, his reflection in the mirror didn’t move at all.

“If this is a mirror, why don’t the me in the mirror move when the me outside the mirror moves? Is it me in the mirror?

Han Fei sat cross-legged. Everything was ready except for the east wind. If he wanted to condense the crystallization of his original Great Dao, he had to know what his original Great Dao was first.

Han Fei had a feeling that if he didn’t crack this mirror, he might not be able to give birth to a Star Core for the time being.

After staying here for a year, Han Fei had used all kinds of methods. He tried to communicate with his reflection in the mirror with his soul, tried to penetrate it with his Yang Soul, tried to blend it with other Great Daos, tried to practice great techniques again, and tried to slash and smash it.

However, the mirror remained unmoved, so did his reflection.

At this moment, Han Fei was imitating himself in the mirror. The two of them were in the same posture and state, looking at each other.

They stared at each other for a long time.

Suddenly, Han Fei activated his original Great Dao. All along, the way he activated his original Great Dao was with his Dao Seed. This was the only evidence that his original Great Dao existed. This was because this Dao Seed was born out of nowhere.

When crossing the green jade stone bridge and establishing this path, Han Fei had always been able to activate his Dao Seed, knowing that he was in his strongest state.

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Now, although he could completely activate the Dao Seed, he couldn’t withstand this power.

At this moment, standing here, he tried to mobilize all his strength in his Great Dao. In fact, he had tried this method countless times.

But every time, he couldn’t fully mobilize all his strength because he couldn’t hold on! So Han Fei wondered if it was because he hadn’t been able to fully mobilize all his strength, so he couldn’t break the mirror. If he could fully exert all his strength in his current state, could he break the mirror?

Han Fei seemed to have made a decision. With a thought, he left the green jade stone bridge and his Origin Sea.

In the Sea Establishment realm arena, Zhang Daqian suddenly opened his eyes, because he knew that his original body had come.

Han Fei took the risk to come to Zhang Daqian. Of course, he came in his black-mist body. Here, Little Fatty popped out with a swish and then turned into a ray of light, entering the center of Han Fei’s eyebrows.

For such a long time, it had always been Nezha with Nine Tails and the licking dog, and Zhang Daqian with Little Fatty and Little Gold. With his avatars, they had space to gain experience. But with Han Fei’s original body, they could only lie in his Origin Stars and sleep.

At this moment, Little Fatty had already reached the peak of Sea Establishment Realm. After all, it didn’t lack resources.

After only a moment, Han Fei returned to his Origin Star.

Little Fatty appeared on his Origin Star and seemed to guess what Han Fei was going to do. He couldn’t help but ask, “Are you going to kill yourself? Although I can help you be reborn, I only have five chances left. Every time I use it, there will be one less chance.”

With a thought, all his resources were gathered here, piling up into an endless resource mountain.

Han Fei said, “Some things have to be done once, and some hurdles have to be overcome once.”

With that, the green jade stone bridge appeared. Han Fei walked on it, and then Little Fatty lost consciousness.

Coming to the mirror wall again, Han Fei took a deep breath. Even if he couldn’t withstand all the power and exploded, it shouldn’t be a problem. After all, this was his Origin Star. All the power of his original body wouldn’t disappear and could be reunited. At most, it would take him some time to make up for it.

There should be less than three days left in the outside world. Even if he died and then was revived, it would take less than two years.

This was different from previous resurrections. In the past, resurrections had no resources and had to be naturally absorbed from the void. But now, he had plenty of resources and was on his Origin Star, so the speed of resurrection would be very fast.

Han Fei took off the God’s Prayer Beads and activated his Great Dao. In an instant, three times his strength erupted, and his body was filled with infinite power.

However, this was not enough. Han Fei made up his mind and increased his strength by four times.

At that moment, Han Fei’s flesh and blood exploded and even began to collapse into mush. However, Han Fei was still conscious at this moment.

When Han Fei shouted five times his strength, with the last bit of his consciousness, he punched the mirror in front of him.

However, Han Fei thought that he smashed out his fist, but in fact, he was only smashing out a mixture of flesh and bone fragments.

There seemed to be a cracking sound, but Han Fei didn’t see anything. At this moment, he had already exploded. At the last moment, he seemed to feel a touch of golden light shining on him.