Chapter 2372 - Blood Essence of A Divine Beast

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Chapter 2372: Blood Essence of A Divine Beast

Because of Han Fei’s arrival, the others stopped playing chess.

Wu Bufan and the others had actually been waiting for Han Fei here. Seeing Han Fei arrive, they didn’t hide it.

Immediately, Wu Bufan said, “Brother Fei, I got something. Look what I got, the essence blood of the prehistoric ferocious beast, Heaven Sea Conch.”

When Wu Bufan took out something, a fierce light suddenly flashed. Han Fei stomped and directly covered the courtyard of Feng Xingliu.

Han Fei said, “Keep a low profile. What are you doing? Are you afraid that others don’t know that we have a treasure here?”

Wu Bufan hurriedly chuckled. “OK, OK, I’ll keep a low profile.”

Han Fei nodded slightly, but the thing that Wu Bufan took out just now was already sealed, but it was still fierce and looked very extraordinary.

Han Fei’s eyes glittered. “Show me.”

Then, Han Fei looked at Wu Bufan. “Show me yours too!”

When Cao Mengde took out the blood of the Divine Tide Whale, a blue light flashed, and Han Fei felt that the humidity in the yard had increased by one level.

Han Fei asked, “What else is there?”

Han Fei frowned slightly. He already had that thing. He shook his head. “That one won’t do.”

Zhou Run said, “Brother Fei, I have the essence blood of the prehistoric ferocious beast, Jellyfish Immortal…”

Number of Races in the Infinite Ocean: 2,962,1356

<Owner> the 200,016th

<Nearby bloodlines> Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish, Emperor Sparrow, Heaven Sea Conch, Divine Tide Whale, Jellyfish Immortal, Thick Earth Dragon Turtle, Blood Dragon Shark, Sky Strike Jade Shell, Star Scorpion…

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<Recommended Bloodlines> Divine Tide Whale, Thick Earth Dragon Turtle, Jellyfish Immortal, Blood Dragon Shark, Sky Strike Jade Shell, Star Scorpion

First of all, the Green Water Qilin Blood that had appeared before didn’t appear in the nearest bloodline.

Han Fei was surprised. It seemed that the Heaven Sea Conch didn’t appear in the recommended bloodlines, which meant that the Heaven Sea Conch was of a higher level than other creatures.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Wu Bufan, although I don’t know much about other things, I’m more or less familiar with them. But what species is the Heaven Sea Conch?”

Wu Bufan immediately grinned and said, “Brother Fei, I’m not sure either! However, I checked an ancient book in my family and it said that the Heaven Sea Conch was a spiritual beast that helped the gods deliver their oracles in ancient times. It’s called an oracle. However, it’s clearly a ferocious beast. Many people in the Wu family wanted to extract the Heaven Sea Conch bloodline to strengthen themselves, but in the end, they went crazy. No one could withstand the ferocity of the Heaven Sea Conch.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. In any case, this was a good thing.

Han Fei immediately said, “Wu Bufan, your essence blood is worth a million resources to me. In the future, if someone from your Wu family wants to attack you in the trial, I can help you kill him, even if this person is from the Wu family’s main branch. Or you can tell me if you have any other thoughts.”

Wu Bufan was immediately refreshed and took a deep breath. “Brother Fei, is it true?”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Of course. I was paid to help you.”

This was because according to speculation, only in this round would there be deaths. Furthermore, even if there would be deaths in this round, the percentage of deaths wouldn’t be high.

After all, the longer the selection went on, the stronger the remaining cultivators were. Most of the participants were from the East Sea Divine Realm. It was unreasonable and meaningless that a large number of Sky Opening Realm cultivators were killed because of one competition.

Therefore, Han Fei felt that no matter what the rules of the fourth round of qualifiers were, the probability of death wouldn’t be too high.

After Han Fei accepted all their essence blood, he added, “Of course, if any of you think the remuneration I give you is not enough, you can take the essence blood back. I won’t force you.”

Cao Mengde immediately said, “How can we do that? We’ve already got it for you. How can we take it back? Brother Fei, aren’t you looking down on us?”

“That’s right! Brother Fei, just take it as a toy.”

The most embarrassing one was Luo Dafei. His Green Water Qilin Blood was regarded as a common commodity, but in fact, he was not confident when he took it here. Now it seemed that this bloodline was garbage and worthless indeed!

However, Han Fei thought that since he had agreed to help so many people, it didn’t seem right for him to ignore Luo Dafei.

Therefore, Han Fei said, “Dafei! Fine, give me your Green Water Qilin Blood too! I can protect you, but I won’t help you kill the strong masters of your clan, OK?”

Luo Dafei’s eyes lit up. “Okay, okay. Thank you, Brother Fei. I won’t cause trouble.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but look at Feng Xingliu in shock. “How do you know?”

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Han Fei thought to himself, God knows how useful these essence bloods will be. It was used when I created Zhang Daqian.

Feng Xingliu said, “Let’s go! You’ve already driven them away. Let’s go eat hot pot with Feng Qingcheng!”

Han Fei shook his head. “No, I’m going back to cultivate in seclusion.”

Feng Xingliu was stunned. “Didn’t you just finish your cultivation? Why are you cultivating again? The fourth round of qualifiers is tomorrow.”

Han Fei said, “You know that I need to stabilize my Origin Star after I transform my Origin Sea into a star, and I’ve gained a lot of insights recently. Eat it yourself. I should be free soon.”

In the end, he chose the essence blood of the Thick Earth Dragon Turtle.

The Thick Earth Dragon Turtle was relatively rare. It was an extremely rare ferocious creature with an irritable personality, mainly because there were too many people looking for trouble. Because the Thick Earth Dragon Turtle was full of treasures, once it was discovered, it would cause a storm of blood.

In his Origin Star, Han Fei cultivated for a moment, and information popped up in his eyes.

Level: 105 (Sky Opening·Star Transformation)

Bloodline Ranking among the Clans in the Infinite Ocean: the 200016th (Evolving: 0/13064 years)

Soul: 7.15 origins (7,157,564 points)

Perception Range: 7,150,000 kilometers

Strength: 7.19 star powers (7,199,293 waves)

First Spiritual Heritage: Origin Spiritual Heritage

Second Spiritual Heritage: Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 99)

Second spiritual beast: The Emperor Sparrow (Level 101)

Main Art: Void Fishing Level 9, Void Stealing Technique (Monarch-level, Ultra-Quality)

After seeing the new template, Han Fei wasn’t too surprised. His strength increased by 100,000 waves, exceeding the soul for the first time. This should be because of the 100 more drops of Golden Jade Marrow.

Han Fei looked at the power of his soul for a long time and his heart stirred. From now on, he had to find a way to cultivate the soul. This was because once the Star Core was born, his physique would definitely become stronger. Although theoretically speaking, his soul should also become stronger, it definitely wouldn’t be that strong.

If his physique kept getting stronger, the gap between his soul and strength would be widened again.

At present, the difference between the two was 41,729 points. According to the interchangeable characteristics of the two, the extreme balance could be reached in a few days.

But Han Fei thought that it wouldn’t make much difference anyway, and his foundation was very solid now. In order to deal with the fourth round of qualifiers, he’d better make up for it with energy crystals first!