Chapter 2373 - If You Don’t Have the Courage to

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Chapter 2373: If You Don’t Have the Courage to Die, How Can You Have the Glory to Live?

In the outside world.

Han Fei came out of his Origin Star and went straight to the 101st island, which was the competition area for the Sky Opening Realm.

“Brother Fei, here, here.”

Cao Mengde and the others waved at Han Fei. They knew that Han Fei had been cultivating in seclusion recently, so they didn’t disturb him. At this moment, they were all eagerly waiting for Han Fei, who was their savior.

Whether or not they could pass the fourth round of qualifiers depended on Han Fei.

Feng Xingliu was staying with them, and Feng Yu looked at them from afar with a look of disdain. All of them, including Han Fei, were despised by Feng Yu.

Han Fei said, “Hey! You’re early!”

Wu Bufan said, “Brother Fei, we’ve been waiting here for a long time. Well, Brother Fei, let me tell you something.”

Then, Wu Bufan said via voice transmission, “Brother Fei, it’s up to you whether we can survive this time.”

When Wu Bufan finished speaking, the others also looked at Han Fei and nodded slightly. It seemed that they had all placed their hopes on Han Fei.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. At this moment, Wu Bufan, Cao Mengde, and the others all looked relatively solemn.

This made Han Fei feel that something was wrong. This fourth round of qualifiers was probably not simple.

Compared to the first time he came to the 101st island, this time, there were only about 160,000 people.

Logically speaking, there were only 160,000 people left, so they could directly participate in the arena matches. As long as there was one round, half of the people could be eliminated. Besides, in this round, there were many relatively ordinary people. Of course, at this time, no matter how ordinary they were, they were not weak.

But now, the Divine Capital Dynasty had their own thoughts. When the referee appeared here, everyone knew that there must be a new rule.

The referee’s face was as indifferent as ever. Without hiding anything, he said, “First of all, congratulations to all the contestants present. You can pass the first three rounds of qualifiers and come to the fourth round. But next, I will tell you a cruel fact. In the fourth round of qualifiers, there will be a nearly 20% chance of death. Therefore, if you want to quit now, you can choose to quit. Once you choose, you can’t go back on your word.”

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However, before this, there had been rumors that there might be deaths in the qualifiers. Originally, most people didn’t believe it. This world needed strong masters. Although in most places in the Sea Realm, there were just ordinary survival games, some places were still relatively cruel, such as the Sky Crater World where people fought all year round, or the exploration of distant stars.

Furthermore, Sky Openers were not Sea Establishers. Of the 160,000 people, even if only 10% died, there would be 16,000. 20% meant more than 30,000 Sky Opening Realm cultivators. How many Sea Establishment realm cultivators would it take to produce 160,000 Sky Openers?

Furthermore, these more than 30,000 people were not weaklings who had just opened the sky. They had been selected through the wilderness auditions of the East Sea Divine Realm and the three qualifiers of the Divine Capital Dynasty. Which one of them wasn’t a Heavenly Talent? How could the Divine Capital Dynasty tolerate so many Heavenly Talents dying in just a qualifier?

Sure enough, someone immediately questioned, “It’s just a competition. Everyone came here to grow and fight other cultivators to verify themselves and learn to grow. Why is there a mortality rate?”

“That’s right! We’re all in the Sky Opening Realm and have entered the Star Transformation Realm.”

“It’s just a qualifier. There aren’t even any rewards. Why is there a mortality rate?”

For a moment, the crowd was in an uproar.

However, the referee was unmoved and shouted, “I will tell you the reason after you make your choice. Now, since you are here, please choose whether or not to participate in the fourth round of qualifiers.”

At this moment, the aura of the referee emerged, and a terrifying suppressing pressure suddenly suppressed everyone.

Many people were shocked. Even Han Fei was shocked. This referee suppressed the entire audience alone? Is he a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator?

Immediately, Han Fei couldn’t help taking a breath. F*ck, the Divine Capital Dynasty sent a Monarch to be the referee. Before this, no one had noticed it.

Even Han Fei didn’t notice it.

This powerful Monarch forced everyone present to make a choice without knowing the rules before the game.

Most people could guess the reason. This Monarch wanted to see if they had the courage to face the fourth round of qualifiers without knowing anything.

However, most people felt that courage was courage but it was not as important as their lives. They had already entered the Star Transformation Realm. Twenty percent of them would die, which would be more than 30,000 people. In the wilderness, how many years would it take to kill so many people? Even if it wasn’t 10,000 years, it would be thousands of years!

However, the referee didn’t care. There were only two paths for them now. They could either break through or leave.

Finally, someone couldn’t withstand the pressure. Perhaps it was because they knew that they were actually weaker than most people here. After all, the people left behind weren’t all strong masters.

Based on his own strength and the overall strength of the remaining people, that person felt that it was probably difficult for him to compete with these people. There were only 160,000 people left, which meant that for every three people he met, there might be one ranking among the top 50,000. This was too f*cking dangerous.

Therefore, someone shook his head. “My lord, I quit.”

A man shook his head. He came here for opportunities, not to die. Now he didn’t see any opportunities, but he was going to die first. Who was willing to do this?

He felt that even if he quit now, he could still watch the arena game. It would be equally exciting. He could learn a lot of things and get a lot of inspiration from it. Why should he risk his life to fight for the unknown?

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He had stayed until now just because he had a strong captain in the previous team. Even if he passed the fourth round, how many rounds could he fight in the ring?

Therefore, this person was very determined.

As soon as someone made an example, many people immediately followed suit. Most of these people were the weaker members of their teams in the third round of qualifiers. They were not confident to face the fourth round of qualifiers.

However, some people were different.

For example, Ye Lingling, although she was no longer in Han Fei’s team, she saw that Han Fei, Cao Mengde, and the others didn’t move at all. It was natural for Han Fei to stay, but Cao Mengde, Wu Bufan and the others were all famous playboys in the Divine Capital Dynasty. She had asked around these days and these people were described as trash.

In addition, in the third round of qualifiers, Ye Lingling had observed them. Even if they took out their godly weapons, their strength was not very strong, but they still dared to stay. Why didn’t she dare?

It was impossible that the fourth round was also a team competition. It would be meaningless to compete like this. For them, the fourth round might be very dangerous. However, these big shots still chose to go. This meant that even if the fourth round was dangerous, there was a reason why they had to attend it.

In conclusion, the pros had outweighed the cons. Even if she would die, she had to have a try.

Unfortunately, most people were not as observant as Ye Lingling.

Voices rose and fell in the crowd. After half an hour, more than 13,000 people had proposed to quit.

As for the rest, although many people were hesitating, they felt that even if the fourth round was dangerous, it wouldn’t be so dangerous. Among the remaining people, there were still many people who had just entered the Star Transformation Realm. If it was easy to die in this realm, why was the death rate only 20%?

Therefore, they felt that the rules definitely protected them.

At this time, the referee shouted, “Anyone else want out?”

The Monarch referee roared three times, and less than a hundred people chose to quit. Then, the referee said coldly, “Since no one quits, you can’t quit even if you want to now. Now let me tell you about the fourth round of qualifiers.”

The referee said, “In the fourth round of the qualifiers, you will go to an extremely powerful Origin Ground. It’s a very dangerous place, a world of the strong, a world of demonic creatures. Isn’t it normal to have casualties in such a place? Twenty percent because you are all Star Transformation Realm cultivators. Otherwise, the mortality rate would be much higher.”

With that said, the referee sneered. “As for the reward, heh, this is an unopened Origin Ground. It itself is a reward. This Origin Ground contains countless treasures. As long as you survive, you won’t suffer any losses.”

“An Origin Ground that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of Sky Opening Realm cultivators?”

“It’s actually undeveloped land. How many resources does such an Origin Ground have?”

“No wonder, no wonder there is a 20% chance of death. However, it’s a bargain!”

Those who stayed were overjoyed. Most of the people here had never been to the Origin Ground. Even if they had been there by chance, they would only experience the benefits of the Origin Ground. As for the mortality rate, well, most of the Origin Ground was hidden in the Sea of Stars. If they really went there, the mortality rate would be more than 20%!

Immediately, the people who stayed behind even cheered and rejoiced. This was because they had mostly come for opportunities, and this fourth round of qualifiers was an opportunity.

Those who chose to quit were dumbfounded after hearing the rules of the fourth round of the qualifiers. Humans die for wealth, birds die for food. They were not afraid of death, but they were afraid of meaningless deaths.

If they were told in advance that the fourth round of qualifiers was to explore a super Origin Ground, they didn’t think they would give up.

Looking at the more than 10,000 people who looked surprised and even disappointed, the referee looked over with pity and disdain.

He said, “Great Monarch East Martial once said that if you don’t have the courage to die, how can you have the glory to live? It’s impossible for you to become great.”