Chapter 2374 - Hundred Herb Demon

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Chapter 2374: Hundred Herb Demon

Next to Han Fei, Cao Mengde couldn’t help but click his tongue. “What a bunch of fools. They’ve already passed the third round, but they just gave it up. Stupid!”

Wu Bufan said, “After all, not everyone is well-informed. If they were informed in advance, would so many people quit?”

Feng Xingliu: “You speak as if you’ve known in advance. Why didn’t you tell us that?”

Wu Bufan said, “Brother Xingliu, we didn’t know it, but guessed it. Besides, we can’t tell anyone about it, or we might be punished. But don’t worry, Brother Xingliu and Brother Fei. This is just the fourth round of qualifiers. It won’t be a problem for you.”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. “I think in this round of qualifiers, you are facing both a life-and-death crisis and a great opportunity, right?”

At this moment, Cao Mengde and the others couldn’t help but nod. That was the truth. If they really planned to idle around for the rest of their lives, it didn’t matter. They could choose not to participate and continue to fool around on the Dragon Fighting Street.

However, once people had great power, who would be willing to stay in the Divine Capital Dynasty for thousands or even tens of thousands of years? Could they stay for 10,000 years, 100,000 years, or a million years?

Humans had their own pursuits and wouldn’t be willing to live a mediocre life. Even the playboys would be tired of living a befuddled life someday.

Han Fei had seen them fight before. It could be seen that none of these guys had used their full strength. They were hiding their strength, waiting for a chance to turn the tables.

The main reason why they all came to Han Fei through Feng Xingliu was that Han Fei was ruthless, independent, and unscrupulous. In the Divine Capital Dynasty, he dared to challenge the Heavenly Race and even kill Yi Qianxing in public. This ruthlessness and reckless spirit was the main reason why they came to cooperate with Han Fei.

Han Fei didn’t ask further. It was up to them when they showed their fangs.

The referee continued, “Before the fourth round of qualifiers begins, everyone needs to know a few things.”

The fourth round of qualifiers would last for three years.

“You can’t leave the arena in advance for this round. You have to wait until the three-year period is up. Although you can enter your Origin Sea, you’d better wait at the Origin Ground when the three-year period is up. Otherwise, you’ll have to find a way back from the Sea of Stars.”

“By immersing your mind into the qualification token, you can obtain basic information about this Origin Ground.”

“You will have a mission indicator that you will know when you check your qualification token.”

After the referee finished explaining the rules, he waved his hand, and the entire floor of the black tower behind him seemed to be covered by misty light, turning into a teleportation channel. After everyone entered one after another, Han Fei and the others came directly to the Sea of Stars.

Obviously, the black tower sent them to the Sea of Stars. But above the Sea of Stars, a huge crack appeared here. Obviously, this was the channel to the so-called Origin Ground.

The referee announced, “The fourth round of the qualifiers is about to begin. Participants, please enter the arena immediately.”

Han Fei exchanged a glance with Feng Fei, and then with Feng Yu. Feng Fei didn’t intend to go with them. In fact, they didn’t need Feng Fei to carry them. Feng Fei was curious about what Little Junior Brother and Feng Xingliu were up to.

At the moment when they were about to enter, Cao Mengde handed Han Fei a few tokens and said, “Brother Fei, with this thing, you can roughly sense our locations.”

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With that, Han Fei accepted the items and walked into the entrance without hesitation.

The entrance to the Origin Ground controlled by the Divine Capital Dynasty had been arranged into a random teleportation entrance.

It was not that the Divine Capital Dynasty insisted on doing so. This was something they had carefully considered. Because the Origin Ground was very vast, if they gathered people at the beginning, they would inevitably be in groups.

It was not forbidden to form teams. However, if they invaded in teams, it was very likely to suffer the strongest backlash. It might even cause the death rate of the participants to be at least 30% or even 40%.

In that case, too many people would die. It was unnecessary.

When Han Fei appeared here, he found that there was no light here. The entire world was enveloped in darkness. He looked up at the sky and saw a dark moon with gray stars.

However, the light was almost negligible.

Instead, the spiritual plants growing in this world and some rocks and moss on the ground were emitting shimmers of different colors.

Han Fei slightly spread out his perception, but when he spread out his perception, all the spiritual plants seemed to sense him and were extinguished, leaving only infinite darkness.

Han Fei frowned slightly. Logically speaking, it was impossible for a spiritual plant of this level to discover his perception. Then, it could only be explained that his perception was a different kind of external power to this world, so ordinary spiritual plants were so sensitive to it.

But Han Fei didn’t care. He tried to extend his perception and found that the range of his perception was about one third of the normal range, which was more than 2 million kilometers.

However, Han Fei felt that it must be related to the rules of this world. Perhaps the two million kilometers here was equivalent to more than seven million kilometers in the Sea Realm.

Han Fei discovered that this was a pure dark world. The rivers, land, and sea here were intertwined and quite complicated and dense.

In Han Fei’s perception, hundreds of thousands of various spiritual fruits appeared. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what kind of spiritual fruit they were.

In his perception, some demonic plant-type creatures hiding in the darkness appeared. So far, the strongest one Han Fei had discovered was in the Sea Establishment realm.

However, the key was not that these were Sea Establishment realm demonic plants, but that there seemed to be too many powerful creatures in his perception range.

In his perception, there were more than 100,000 creatures, and except for those basic spiritual plants, most of them were above the Venerable realm.

In that case, weren’t there too many strong creatures here?

Han Fei didn’t immediately catch a creature to ask. After scanning this world with his perception, he immediately tried to communicate with his Origin Star and found that, as the referee said, he could enter it at any time.

“What’s the difference between this world and the Sea Realm?”

Han Fei sensed the surrounding energy. When this energy was absorbed, Han Fei frowned slightly. It seemed to conflict with regular energy. The energy in this world seemed to carry some poison, some inexplicable power that tried to change the body.

Han Fei slapped back and dispersed all the energy.

“No, it’s just that we’re not used to the rules of this world.”

Han Fei frowned slightly. According to the referee, this world would cause about a 20% probability of death. Then it was impossible for strong masters to fight without energy. Since energy couldn’t be absorbed from this world, what about from the void?

Han Fei stretched out his hand and tore open the void. Stepping into it, he found that the void here was also filled with this strange energy.

If the void didn’t work, he could only go to the Sea of Stars to absorb energy through his Origin Star.

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Above the Sea of Stars, Han Fei tried it. Sure enough, the Sea of Stars was reliable.

However, although the Sea of Stars could provide energy, he couldn’t take his enemies into the Sea of Stars to fight, let alone his Origin Star.

And the 20% probability of death meant that there would be battles here. In addition to relying on the resources in his Origin Sea, Han Fei thought that there would definitely be a reasonable source of combat energy.

Han Fei immediately focused his eyes on the creatures here.

He grabbed at the air and a giant tree was pulled up by Han Fei. This kind of creature didn’t seem to have any sense of fear. As soon as Han Fei grabbed it, it extended countless branches at Han Fei. Unfortunately, Han Fei squeezed hard and the giant tree exploded. A large number of energy bodies appeared.

With a thought, Han Fei found a normal source of energy.

Han Fei absorbed the energy in the bodies of creatures, which had no negative effect on him. But this surprised Han Fei. The creatures here were more like energy bodies, so when they died, they would turn into pure energy.

Han Fei realized that the creatures here had the ability to filter the negative energy impurities of this world. The energy absorbed by them was pure.

When this large amount of energy spread out, Han Fei immediately felt countless creatures move. Many demonic plants extended their tentacles towards here. Among them, a mushroom-like creature at the late-stage of the Sea Establishment Realm erupted with a spiritual penetration towards Han Fei.

Han Fei grabbed back, minced the spiritual penetration, and held the big mushroom in his hand. However, when Han Fei pulled it out of the ground, a strange creature was pulled out.

“Is this a humanoid?”

Han Fei saw that the big mushroom was actually just a head. Half of that thing’s body was underground. After pulling it out, he saw that it was a humanoid demonic plant with many colors on its body.

There was a mushroom on his head, fungal moss on his face, roots, hard lumps, and weird veins stuffed with spores below his neck.

In short, it was a weird humanoid monster made of thousands of plants.

In Han Fei’s eyes, information emerged.

<Name> Hundred Herb Demon

<Introduction> A demonic plant living in the Dark Demon Domain. Because it was polluted by the ominous power, it is seriously mutated. They devour all foreign species and even native species, allowing the mutation to evolve deeper. There’s a trace of ominous aura in its body. If you’re unfortunately contaminated, take the pure life origin crystal in its heart as the cure.

<Quality> Ordinary

<Realm> Sea Establishment

<Contained Chaotic Qi> 1,048 wisps

<Battle Techniques> Poison Assault, Parasitic Technique, Hundred Herb Demon Seal

<Collectible> Life Origin Crystal

<Note> In this world polluted by ominousness, no spiritual plant is innocent.