Chapter 2375 - Demon Domain

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Chapter 2375: Demon Domain

“A world polluted by ominousness?”

When Han Fei saw this message, he felt a little uncomfortable.

He pierced through the Hundred Herb Demon and dug out a pale green life origin crystal in his body.

If he guessed right, this life origin should be similar to that of the No. 3 Revived Place in the Chaotic Wasteland. The only difference was that the creatures in the No. 3 Revived Place weren’t polluted by the ominousness. However, all the creatures in this Origin Ground should have been polluted.

Han Fei couldn’t help but frown. It was impossible for the Divine Capital Dynasty not to know about this, but they said that in the entire Origin Ground, which was the venue for the fourth round of qualifiers, everything obtained was a benefit for the participants.

However, they hadn’t revealed any information about the ominousness to the contestants, but they had arranged for everyone to carry out the fourth round here. Why?

Suddenly, Han Fei raised his eyebrows.

The Hundred Herb Demon was killed by Han Fei with one blow, Han Fei thought that it was over.

However, there was no Great Dao crack here. The Heavenly Dao here didn’t seem to be sad about the death of a Hundred Herb Demon, let alone happy about the return of a Great Dao. There was no movement here.

After the death of the Hundred Herb Demon, countless spiritual plants gathered around. These spiritual plants didn’t seem to know what fear was, nor did they seem to care that Han Fei was here. They rushed up and ate the body of the Hundred Herb Demon and the strange and messy demonic plant fragments.

Han Fei could clearly sense that after devouring the remnant body of the Hundred Herb Demon, these ordinary Venerable-level demonic plants were growing at a terrifying speed.

Han Fei frowned slightly and ignored it. He raised his hand and immersed his perception into the qualification token.

It seemed that after entering this Origin Ground, some information appeared in the qualification token.

When Han Fei immersed his perception into it, some information immediately emerged.

First of all, it introduced this world.

This was once an Origin Ground that was full of vitality. It was once filled with all kinds of powerful and friendly demonic plants. Later, because of the pollution of the dark power in the Sea of Stars, the creatures here gradually mutated. The demonic plants here became more and more bloodthirsty. They fought each other crazily and hunted all foreign species. In the end, they transformed in the direction of demonic plants. So we call it the Demon Domain.

In the Demon Domain, energy couldn’t be absorbed directly from the void, but could only be absorbed by killing demonic creatures. All creatures above the Monarch level in the Demon Domain had been killed, but the demonic creatures here didn’t need to rely on the Origin Sea to grow and advance. They had a unique way of advancement, which was to devour the darkness. The participants killed the demonic creatures and took the only life origin crystal in their bodies, which could increase their vitality and fuse with their Origin Stars to strengthen the life origin of their Origin Stars.

There were no absolute rules in the fourth round of qualifiers. The participants only needed to complete three of the tasks to pass the fourth round of tests.

The first task was to kill 10,000 Sea Establisher demonic creatures.

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The second mission was to kill ten demonic creatures in the Sky Opening Realm.

The third task was to destroy a demonic source.

Notes: The demonic source is the source of the power of darkness. The demonic source is hidden in an unknown corner of this Origin Ground. Participants have to find it on their own. However, there is usually more than one powerful Sky Opening realm demonic creature guarding the demonic source. In addition, don’t be contaminated by the dark energy in the demonic source. Otherwise, there is a high chance for you to fall into the demonic Dao.

Special note: The resources in the Origin Ground can be brought back. The Divine Capital Dynasty can buy them back or deal with them themselves.

After reading this information, Han Fei was a little confused. This world was not right, or to be exact, there was something terribly wrong here.

The main reason was that the number of kills on the mission was too large. What did ten thousand Sea Establishment Realm cultivators mean? There were a total of 150,000 trial-takers. If each killed 150,000, did it mean 1.5 billion Sea Establishment Realm demonic creatures to be killed?

Weren’t there too many demonic creatures? So many that it was abnormal!

Also, one person killed ten demonic creatures of the Sky Opening realm. This meant that there were at least 1.5 million demonic creatures of the Sky Opening realm in this demonic domain for the participants to kill!

And if there were 1.5 million freaking Sky Opening realm demonic creatures in an Origin Ground, was this still an Origin Ground? How powerful was this Origin Ground?

Also, when did the Monarchs here get eliminated? There were so many demonic creatures in the Sky Opening Realm, but none of them became Monarchs now?

Han Fei’s impression of the Origin Ground had always been from the Chaotic Wasteland. It was already not bad to have one or two Sky Opening realm cultivators in an ordinary Origin Ground.

For example, he had once encountered Blood Fiend in the No. 3 Revived Place. However, there were only four Sky Opening realm creatures there!

Even if it was only a Revived Place, it might not have been like that in the first place. Judging from the number of blood fiends, there were at most a few thousand Sky Opening Realm cultivators in the past, and there shouldn’t be any Monarchs.

Compared to the Raging Sea, Han Fei thought that places like the No. 3 Revived Place were already very powerful.

However, compared to the Demon Domain, the No. 3 Revived Place was just garbage. Since the mission standard was to kill 10 Sky Opening realm creatures alone, it meant that there must be a million Sky Opening realm demonic creatures in this world to kill. Otherwise, it would be difficult for everyone to compete. Would they fight to snatch the demonic creatures? That would be contrary to the purpose of the fourth round of qualifiers.

Besides, in Han Fei’s perception, there were a total of…

Han Fei counted 17 Sea Establishment realm creatures in total, including those who were in good disguise. Yes, he was sure that he didn’t count wrong. Within this area of two million kilometers, there were 17 demonic creatures in the Sky Opening realm. Among them, the Hundred Herb Demon he had just killed was the strongest.

According to this number, there seemed to be a lot of demonic creatures in this demon domain. At least, it shouldn’t be difficult to kill 10,000 Sea Establisher-level demonic creatures.

Han Fei thought for a moment. The mission must be carried out. For most people, it was actually quite difficult to kill ten Sky Opening Realm demons, but it shouldn’t be difficult to kill ten thousand Sea Establishment realm demonic creatures.

Therefore, judging from the mortality rate, Han Fei thought that the main possibility of death was not from killing the demonic creatures of the Sky Opening realm, but destroying the demonic source.

There should be a lot of these things. Otherwise, how could they be enough for so many people?

Han Fei smiled. Three years were given to complete the mission in order to take care of the relatively weak.

In addition, three years should be a benefit as the referee said.

But the best news for Han Fei was that he had three years. Time was too important for him now. It would take about four months for his Star Core to be born.

After the Star Core was born, it was naturally indispensable to inject vitality. And there were two ways to obtain vitality. One was to kill the participants, and the other was to kill the demonic creatures and snatch their life origin crystals.

As for how long it would take, it shouldn’t take long. It didn’t seem difficult to inject vitality into the Star Core.

The biggest problem was the last step, body tempering. Star transformation, molding ground veins, nurturing the Star Core, injecting vitality… All of this was prepared for Han Fei’s body tempering.

Once he condensed enough Golden Jade Marrow, he might be able to fight Zhao Qinglong again.

Han Fei came back to his senses and found that there was already a fierce battle here. Some strange mixed demonic creatures with hundreds of plants on their bodies were fighting and tearing crazily.

Han Fei was not in a hurry to attack. He was observing the attacking methods of these demonic creatures.

Different from the usual great techniques, this kind of demonic plant seemed to cultivate both the body and the soul. For example, Han Fei saw a guy with a humanoid body, a Ganoderma head, and roots arms. When he raised his hands, endless roots erupted. Those roots were like incomparably sharp spikes that could pierce the void, the barrier, and even the soul.

Han Fei also saw a beetle-like Hundred Herb Worm, which he just called that! Flying in midair, before being pierced by the roots, he condensed a soul barrier and tried to block the roots with his bark-like carapace. Although the rotten carapace looked like it could shatter with a touch, Han Fei was sure that its defense was good.

However, this carapace was easily pierced by the root tentacles as if it were a piece of paper. And the Ganoderma monster, which had won the battle, sucked away some power from the beetle monster through its tentacles.

Because Han Fei could clearly see that the colorful spore plants on the beetle monster withered immediately. The colorful monster immediately shriveled into a pool of black water.

Such a battle was breaking out frequently nearby.

It wasn’t until all the power of the Hundred Herb Demon was absorbed by these monsters that the surroundings returned to calm.

“Huh? Since they’re devouring each other, why do they stop fighting?”

Han Fei felt that the way the demonic creatures here grew up was very similar to the way the ominous creatures in the Chaotic Wasteland grew up. They both had a strange power of unlimited growth.

The only difference was that the ominous creatures would form a clan, so their strength would be lowered. Otherwise, it might not be difficult for them to grow to the Monarch level.

Han Fei pondered. If these demonic plants had the possibility of growing into Monarchs, why didn’t they kill them?

At this moment, Han Fei saw something approaching under the black mud in the distance.

Han Fei wanted to directly perceive what it was, but when his perception touched the ground here, he found that his perception couldn’t penetrate at all.

In lakes, part of the lake water blocked perception.

In the sea, his perception would stop at the seabed.

Han Fei didn’t notice this just now.

Before the underground monster appeared, Han Fei saw that the creatures that were fighting crazily just now all bloomed with flowers. In the flowers, there were some black water droplets condensing.

It seemed that they were waiting for someone to collect the black water droplets.