Chapter 2376 - Mutated Life Bodies

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Chapter 2376: Mutated Life Bodies

After seeing and understanding what kind of world this was through the qualification token, Han Fei was not very determined to complete the mission.

As the saying went, sharpening the knife wouldn’t delay the work of cutting firewood. In Han Fei’s opinion, these three missions weren’t difficult. Even if he wanted to find the demonic source, how could he not find it with the Vast Ocean Navigator?

Now, Han Fei was very curious. These strange demonic plants were like blooming flowers, offering the black water droplets they condensed as sacrifices.

However, the moment Han Fei saw the water droplet, he knew that it was not anything good. It was full of evil and looked like it was condensed from the so-called ominous aura.

The monster that came from underground in the distance didn’t show up after it came to this area. Instead, hundreds of thousands of straw-like tentacles emerged from the soil.

The tentacles stretched out and seemed to be able to sense where the black water droplet was. They quickly found the right place. However, when the tentacles absorbed the black water droplet, they would feed some strange spores to the demonic plants that were then quickly absorbed by the demonic creatures.

Han Fei clearly sensed that after these demonic plants obtained the strange spores, some strange hybrid plants immediately grew on their bodies.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a special demonic plant among the demonic plants in this area. Because it sacrificed more black water droplets, thousands of roots suddenly burst out of the demonic plant, piercing through the surrounding 30-odd demonic plants and quickly extracting the vitality and energy in their bodies.

As the surrounding demonic plants slowly withered, the aura of this demonic plant began to undergo a slight metamorphosis. Its momentum was increasing, and it probably wouldn’t take long for it to directly transform into a Sea Establishment realm demonic plant.

Han Fei couldn’t help but tremble. The demonic plant made a breakthrough so easily?

What exactly did the thing underground feed them?

This transformed demonic plant must have accumulated enough energy and received the strange nourishment, so it made a breakthrough. Its breakthrough didn’t cause the other demonic plants and demonic creatures around to attack it. It was as if it had reached the breakthrough first and then no other demonic plants could compete with it.

At this moment, Han Fei sensed that the creature that was digging underground seemed to want to leave. But how could Han Fei let it?

Han Fei took out his fishing hook, which immediately sank into the black mud.

On the other side, dozens of God Sealing Spears appeared around Han Fei.

With the experience of being sneak attacked by the Heavenly Race in the third round of the qualifiers, Han Fei forged tens of thousands of God Sealing Spear in case of emergencies.

At this moment, 36 of them shot out all at once.

Han Fei had thought that this method was foolproof. No matter how strong the creature underground was, it was only in the Sky Opening realm. How strong could it be?

However, when his fishing hook caught it, the thing exploded. No, to be precise, it dispersed with a bang like a mass of ants.

Clank, Clank, Clank ~

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However, the God Sealing Spears followed it closely, so this demonic creature didn’t spread out much before being sealed by Han Fei in that area.

At this moment, the demonic plant had already broken through the soil, and Han Fei had seen its true appearance.

It was a centipede monster with a human head and a centipede body made of various spores and demonic plants.

Although Han Fei had seen many deformed monsters, he had never seen one that looked so deformed. If it was just a centipede, it would be fine, and even if it was a human-faced centipede, it wasn’t a big deal either.

However, it was f*cking made of plants, and its body was covered with thousands of different demonic plants, like a mixture of plants.

In Han Fei’s eyes, information immediately appeared:

<Name> Mutated Hundred Herb Demon

<Introduction> A demonic plant living in the Dark Demon Domain. Due to being contaminated by the ominous power, it underwent serious mutation and became a mutated Hundred Herb Demon. They devour all foreign species and continue to transform by absorbing the ominous power obtained by ordinary Hundred Herb Demons. After absorbing the ominous power, they will feed back evolution spores and parasitize them into countless ordinary Hundred Herb Demons, making them become a part of them. There is a large amount of ominous aura in their bodies. Only the pure life origin crystal in their hearts is the cure.

<Quality > Rare

<Realm > Sky Opening

<Ominous aura contained> 306 wisps

<Battle Techniques> Poison Assault, Parasitic, Demon Devouring, Life Absorption, Energy Absorption, Life Stealing Technique

<Collectible> Life Origin Crystal

<Note> In this world polluted by ominousness, no spiritual plant is innocent.

Han Fei was dumbfounded. He thought that this centipede monster was only here to collect rent, but it turned out that while collecting rent, it had parasitized many other Hundred Herb Demons and made them all part of its body?

Besides, it had too many combat skills. None of the six combat skills felt normal.

The body of the Hundred Herb Demon turned into independent demonic plants one after another. Then, Han Fei felt that all the demonic plants within a million kilometers began to move.

The ordinary demonic plants began to entangle and fuse with each other. After a moment, Han Fei saw a huge humanoid Hundred Herb Demon appear.

This humanoid Hundred Herb Demon, with six Sea Establishment realm Hundred Herb Demons as the core, attracted tens of thousands of Hundred Herb Demons to fuse with its body, forming a huge mutated monster.

“Damn it! Can plants be played like this? If Little White saw this, she must probably be greatly inspired!”

At this moment, within a million kilometers, all the demonic plants and demons went crazy. The vines and roots that filled the sky blocked Han Fei’s way out and even drilled into the void.

It was the same scene within a million kilometers. This was the first time Han Fei had seen such a terrifying scene. He looked solemn because there were too many vines and roots. When they swept across the sky, Han Fei didn’t know how to wipe out so many demonic plants in this range.

Infinity Water turned into a knife tide, creating a knife storm tens of thousands of kilometers away, protecting Han Fei. But what made Han Fei even more speechless was that the roots and vines exploded in the sky, turning into colorful smoke.

Han Fei knew that it was not smoke, but a kind of spore plant or pollen. Once he was contaminated by it, he was very likely to be poisoned, possessed, had his vitality stolen, and had his energy stolen.

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Once that happened, he would be in a passive defensive situation. Therefore, he was actually not fighting a Hundred Herb Demon in the Sky Opening Realm, but countless demonic plants in an area.

Immediately, Han Fei understood the significance of the fourth round of missions. It seemed to be a simple mission, but in fact, it was much more difficult than he had imagined.

This made Han Fei suddenly realize that in the fourth round, not only would there be a 20% chance of death, but it was very likely that half of the participants would be eliminated.

Therefore, the number of people who could complete these three missions might be even fewer than he had imagined.

With a thought, Han Fei used the Sacrificing Punch to penetrate 60,000 kilometers of the void. After three punches, he arrived beside the huge demonic plant.

The Infinity Water turned into water droplets and immediately attached to the huge demonic plant monster.

The Infinity Water exploded, and the terrifying explosion swept out for more than 100,000 kilometers. The huge demonic plant monster that had just formed was pierced through and exploded into powder. Within 100,000 kilometers, all its tentacles and roots were destroyed.

There were still some things such as pollen left, but Han Fei had already set up a large array to protect himself.

This explosion stunned most of the demonic plants and demonic creatures here. It seemed that they had never suffered such great damage.

At the moment they froze, Han Fei stood proudly in the void and shouted, “Void Descending.”

Tens of thousands of Han Fei appeared in all directions, and there must be one Han Fei every ten thousand kilometers.

These Han Fei held the God Sealing Spears and pressed down. Immediately, the riot here disappeared, and a large number of demonic plants blurred, desperately resisting the suppression of the God Sealing Spears.

How could Han Fei stop? He continued to summon the Infinity Water and swept this million kilometers inch by inch.

It was not until nearly six hours later that Han Fei mashed everything in this place. And on Han Fei’s qualification token, it appeared:

Sea Establishers, 17.

In the end, only the mutated Hundred Herb Demon was left. Because it had lost most of its strength and lackeys, it was already quite dispirited and its strength had probably plummeted.

Frowning, Han Fei held the Phoenix Feather Violent Saber in his hand. Under the burning flames, the mutated Hundred Herb Demon let out a shrill scream. Han Fei cut open its body and took out a fist-sized dark green crystal of life origin. This piece was probably worth a lot of small pieces.

However, when Han Fei took the life crystal, he found that the mutated Hundred Herb Demon didn’t die immediately.

Han Fei observed it and discovered something that surprised him. That was, the body of this mutated Hundred Herb Demon was breaking inch by inch. Every time it broke, it turned into a separate Hundred Herb Demon as if it had nothing to do with this mutated Hundred Herb Demon.

It was exactly because of this that this mutated Hundred Herb Demon wasn’t really dead. It was still alive.

Han Fei pierced it through repeatedly.

He took out a total of 103 small life origin crystals. Finally, on the qualification token, it showed: Sky Opener, 1.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt that something was wrong. His perception seemed to be able to penetrate the ground now.