Chapter 2377 - Resources Everywhere

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Chapter 2377: Resources Everywhere

Han Fei was quite delighted that his perception could penetrate the surface, because many treasures were hidden underground.

It seemed that this place was occupied by a large number of demonic creatures, so they blocked his perception.

However, when Han Fei spread his perception down, he only found a large number of intertwined roots of demonic plants. They were too dense and deep, leaving Han Fei dumbfounded.

“Oh! Is there a spiritual fruit underground?”

After a while, Han Fei discovered that in some areas, there were earth veins forming and earth veins spring water and spiritual fruits growing.

In some places, there were strange mineral veins, but not many of them. Besides, no spiritual stones were found here. There was no telling if there was a spiritual stone mine here.

However, Han Fei found a special mine that contained a trace of ominous power. This mine was relatively soft and had many holes in its body.

When Han Fei dug up the mine, he found that there were some fruits called “Ominous Fruits” in it. This thing could actually remove the ominous power in the body.

It seemed that where there was poison, there was an antidote. But this poison and its antidote were too close to each other.

“Wait, the land here is so full of vitality.”

Han Fei sensed the changes in the surrounding vitality. The vitality here had clearly increased. At first, Han Fei thought it was because of the Earth Vein Spring Water, but when he dug again, he found nearly a thousand square meters of Mystic Yellow Soil.

Han Fei took a deep breath.

“Shoot! Mystic Yellow Soil?”

Han Fei swallowed. The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch often rewarded others with Mystic Yellow Soil, and only under special circumstances would he reward them with more than five pieces. Each piece of Mystic Yellow Soil was only the size of a brick, and ten pieces added up to less than one square meter.

However, Mystic Yellow Soil could make the land of the Origin Stars fertile and full of vitality, making the Origin Stars more like primitive stars.

He only got a hill-like piece of Mystic Yellow Soil in the Ruins of Gods, but it was only one or two times more than the Mystic Yellow Soil here.

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“I’m rich! Treasures are everywhere.”

At that moment, Han Fei was a little excited.

But when Han Fei calmed down, he began to analyze these Hundred Herb Demons carefully.

This mutated Hundred Herb Demon was very difficult to deal with. It could split its body into many conscious parts and parasitize the creatures in a large area.

If he didn’t kill all the creatures in this area, he didn’t know if he could kill it.

Han Fei wasn’t sure if all the mutated Hundred Herb Demons were like this, or only this one he had encountered was like this. But he felt that after this massacre, within a million kilometers, not a blade of grass grew.

Because all the contestants entered the Demon Domain at random, and this world should be an extremely huge world, Han Fei didn’t think he would meet anyone else in a short period of time.

Besides, those who could kill the mutated Hundred Herb Demons could probably find something wrong underground too. But he had the Demon Purification Pot, they didn’t.

Out of curiosity, he dug out a mine that contained the ominous aura, which was why he found the Mystic Yellow Soil.

Others might be able to discover this mine, but although they didn’t recognize the ominous aura, they could sense it because mutated Hundred Herb Demons had it on their bodies.

Therefore, others might not dig up this entire mine, so it was unknown if they could find the Mystic Yellow Soil.

Of course, there was a high chance that it would be discovered in the end. After all, no one who could cultivate to this level was an idiot.

After a calm analysis, Han Fei took out a life origin crystal he had just obtained and tried it curiously. When he completely swallowed one, he found that it was useful for his vitality. However, he couldn’t increase his lifespan with it.

Lifespan and vitality were two different things. In the beginning, when he consumed vitality with the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, he would replenish it with his lifespan. Later, when Han Fei slowly became stronger, what he consumed was no longer his lifespan.

Of course, if he was heavily injured or one of his twin bodies was killed, he still had to consume his lifespan.

However, so far, Han Fei’s lifespan was sufficient and he was almost in his peak state, so this life origin crystal wasn’t of much significance to him for the time being.

But how could he know how much vitality his Origin Sea needed? He had to ask the God of War about the injection of vitality later.

There was nothing wrong with taking things one step at a time. Anyway, the God of War seemed to have nothing to do every day, so they could chat for a long time.

With this in mind, Han Fei didn’t consume these world origin crystals. He’d better put them away first. When he needed them in the future, he could take them out.

Han Fei waved his hand and took back the God Sealing Spears that had been sealing this place. The God Sealing Spear was really powerful. The people trapped in the Ruins of Gods could almost kill five alone easily after learning this technique, so it wasn’t a surprise for him to seal a hundred kilometers with the spears.

When all his clones returned, Han Fei pointed in the direction of the demonic source with the Vast Ocean Navigator and then rushed towards that place.

Han Fei thought that although the mutated Hundred Herb Demon was powerful, there were also many capable people participating in the 100,000-year competition, such as Feng Yu, Zhao Qinglong, Wushuang, Wang Beichen… Even the combat fire of Feng Xingliu could naturally restrain the demonic plants of the Demon Domain.

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Therefore, Han Fei thought that it shouldn’t be a problem for a really strong cultivator to kill ten demonic creatures in the Sky Opening Realm.

However, most people definitely had to form an alliance before they had a chance to kill ten demonic creatures in the Sky Opening Realm.

Han Fei didn’t go far. Only after walking out did Han Fei know how many demonic creatures there were in this Demon Domain.

What he had seen before was just the normal state. The density of the demonic plants and demonic creatures here was so high. Within a million kilometers, he could easily find a dozen Sea Establishment realm demonic creatures. The birth rate of these demonic creatures simply horrified Han Fei. If this world had only been ominously contaminated, were there many such worlds?

If there were a lot of them and these creatures launched a collective counterattack, Han Fei thought that this would be an unimaginably terrifying combat power.

In three days, Han Fei had walked 90 million kilometers. In total, he had killed 812 Sea Establisher-level demonic creatures, 5 Sky Opener-level demonic creatures, and countless other demonic creatures.

Although ordinary demonic plants also had life origin crystals, they were too small. They were only the size of fingernails and light green in color. The effect was obviously not good enough.

Of course, the advantage was that there were many of them! Han Fei calculated and realized that there were probably a million nail-sized life origin crystals on his Origin Star. There were too many small demonic creatures here.

On the fourth day after Han Fei came in, he had basically completed half of his mission. But at this moment, he no longer regarded these as missions. After all, the obtained life origin crystals would belong to him. Furthermore, he could absorb a large amount of energy from the bodies of these killed demonic creatures and nourish his Origin Star. It was a good thing.

The main reason was that there were many spiritual fruits growing in places where these demonic creatures were rampant. These demonic creatures treated spiritual fruits as ordinary garbage fruits.

Many spiritual fruits were in clusters, each cluster including dozens of them. Some of these spiritual fruits were polluted, and some were normal. Anyway, Han Fei had the Demon Purification Pot, so he could distinguish them easily.

After a few days, Han Fei discovered that 80% of these spiritual fruits were normal. And according to his judgment, the polluted spiritual fruits were the favorites of demonic creatures. Generally speaking, as long as they matured, the demonic creatures would swallow the spiritual fruits first, which might even cause the demonic creatures to fight.

However, ordinary spiritual fruits would be abandoned by the demonic creatures. Therefore, after Han Fei’s appraisal, 80% of the spiritual fruits were normal.

In the past three days, he had obtained hundreds of thousands of spiritual fruits.

In addition to these spiritual fruits, Han Fei also dug up a lot of Mystic Yellow Soil, about twice the amount that the fake god gave him in the Ruins of Gods.

After all, not every place had so much Mystic Yellow Soil. It just happened that there was more Mystic Yellow Soil where he was previously.

Han Fei couldn’t help but breathe heavily. In just three days, he had obtained the Mystic Yellow Soil and life origin crystals that ordinary people couldn’t get even after tens of thousands of years.

This made Han Fei sigh. Sure enough, his journey to the hundred-thousand-year competition was not in vain.

He wondered if there would be a greater surprise near the demonic source if he could already get so many resources from the place of ordinary Sky Opening realm demonic creatures.