Chapter 2378 - Demonic Creatures Army

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Chapter 2378: Demonic Creatures Army

In the Demon Domain, the land area was relatively small.

On the fourth day, the environment in front of Han Fei changed a lot. What he encountered now was a swamp.

This swamp was much weirder than the land. There were very few trees in the swamp. Where there were trees, they were not regular trees. For example, if you saw a circle of colorful fruit hanging on a tree, you would think it was a fruit from the Demon Domain. But in fact, it could be a colorful spider that shrank into a ball or a strange demonic plant.

As for that tree, it was a proper Sky Opening Realm demonic tree, but it could control countless demonic creatures within a million kilometers.

Han Fei discovered that in the Demon Domain, all kinds of life had a common characteristic, which was parasitization. Perhaps in the end, demonic plants ruled this world, and demonic plants were creatures with particularly tenacious vitality and strong sowing abilities. Furthermore, they could evolve into highly poisonous creatures, evolving into beast-like creatures, worm-like creatures…

Several hours later, after Han Fei killed the Tree Demon and dug out a piece of Mystic Yellow Soil under the swamp, he found a piece of strange black soil under the Mystic Yellow Soil.

This piece of soil was only palm-sized and seemed to have hardened in some places.

But a piece of information appeared in Han Fei’s eyes.

<Name> Chaotic Treasure Soil

<Introduction> A treasure soil born at the beginning of the Chaos. It can stabilize and strengthen the effect of the Origin Stars. The Chaotic Treasure Soil can slowly absorb the essence of the world spontaneously, improve the ordinary spiritual soil around, and make it transform into the Mystic Yellow Soil.

<Quality> Inferior

<Note> This piece of Chaotic Treasure Soil has evolved over a long period of time and suffered from ominous pollution. Its quality has been greatly reduced, and only ten or twenty percent of its effects remain. To return to its normal state, it needs about ten thousand years of natural precipitation.

When Han Fei saw the Chaotic Treasure Soil, he thought that it was a good thing, but it turned out to be of inferior quality. He didn’t expect that this thing had inferior quality. Even if it was a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure, its quality was probably not good. Han Fei thought that this was at most equivalent to hundreds of square meters of Mystic Yellow Soil.

Han Fei threw the Chaotic Treasure Soil into his Origin Star and sighed. He was really happy for nothing.

Han Fei sighed. “After I finish the task of killing the demonic creatures in the Sky Opening Realm, I’ll be halfway through the first task. When I solve the demonic source, I can go to Cao Mengde and the others.”

‘???? ????s? ???????s ?? No(v) e lBin ????.’,

More importantly, in addition to the reward, there must be some additional gains. If someone really attacked Cao Mengde and the others and he killed the person, wouldn’t the person who was killed be counted as his spoils? At that time, the guy’s Star Core could be used for his body tempering, and the vitality of his Origin Sea would naturally belong to him. And his broken Origin Star could be offered to the God of War as sacrifices.

Well, the God of War seems to despise these incomplete Origin Stars, and the remuneration for this kind of sacrifice is pitifully small. It seems that I have to get a complete Origin Star for him.

With this in mind, Han Fei felt that he still needed a lot of enemies. After the fourth round of qualifiers ended, he probably wouldn’t have a chance to get the corpses of the Sky Opening cultivators and snatch their Origin Stars.

Therefore, he had to do what he should do, get the resources he should get, and kill the people he should kill in the Demon Domain all at once.

Just as Han Fei was fantasizing about taking advantage of these three years to completely transform his Origin Sea into a star and embark on the Star Path, in a place not far away from him, an amethyst that looked like a flower bud growing from under the ground bloomed. The amethyst had six-colored petals, which protected a crystal flower.

In the middle of the crystal flower was a turbid but fragrant black jade-colored liquid, forming a garden pool.

In the muddy pool, a huge figure emerged from the water. It was a huge, strange creature that was half human, half flower. It looked like a human because the fused plants and black water formed the upper half of its body, and this creature had a pair of arms made of tens of thousands of demonic plants, and a head made of spiritual plants. It was indeed quite different from humans.

However, her face was that of a human woman. It was not the kind of face that was made of colorful colors, but quite good-looking.

On the head of this weirdo, a python crawled out of her head. The python stuck out its tongue, and soon, around the woman, vines spontaneously formed six different demonic creatures.

A total of six masses of black unknown matter condensed in the hands of this strange person. After this thing appeared, the six demonic creatures were all excited. It seemed that they were afraid of something, or they would have rushed up to snatch it.

Suddenly, one of the six demonic creatures turned into an eagle, grabbed a mass of black water, and flew away.

The others had the same reaction. One of the frogs stuck out its tongue and took away his share of the black water.

A treeman extended its tentacles and grabbed the black water. A centipede crawled to the purple crystal, rose, and took it away.

A cheetah and a python also left with the black water mass.

They were not just one species, but they all had the same characteristics, which was that they were all simulated plants. Essentially, they were still plants.

However, unlike ordinary demonic plants, they seemed to have developed consciousness and were very aggressive. If the female demon in the purple crystal flower didn’t give them any benefits, they didn’t seem to be obedient.

‘Support us at novel’

Along the way, Han Fei felt a little strange. This swamp was not right. He had met some normal Sea Establisher creatures just now.

However, it was as if there were fewer demonic plants and demonic creatures here all of a sudden.

Was this the territory of a powerful existence? Was that why there were fewer demonic plants around?

But Han Fei didn’t seem to care. Even if it was a powerful demonic plant, so what? No matter how strong it was, it couldn’t be a Monarch. Otherwise, the Divine Capital Dynasty wouldn’t have sent so many people here to complete the mission.

As long as it wasn’t a Monarch, Han Fei was confident that he could escape even if he couldn’t beat it. Or at least, only someone at Zhao Qinglong’s level could hold him back.

Han Fei seemed to have thought of something and fished out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler from the void.

Han Fei felt that he might have found the demonic source. Otherwise, there was no reason to explain the strange silence now, which was like the calm before a storm.

Sure enough, when the Nine Palace Luck Ruler’s marker began to move, it landed on the “Greatly Ominous”.

“Oh, the difficulty is actually quite high.”

Han Fei wasn’t surprised. Logically speaking, there should be many demonic sources in this world, probably hundreds of thousands. With so many demonic sources, wasn’t it normal for him to encounter one?

If it wasn’t for the demonic source, how could the demonic plants and demonic creatures here have caused him to fall into a “Greatly Ominous” situation?

Han Fei walked for a moment more and found that the swamp began to slowly become shallower. Small areas of land often appeared around him. And the surrounding demonic plants and demonic creatures became unusually dense again.

“Huh? That’s not right! Why are the demonic creatures so dense again?”

Suddenly, Han Fei frowned and looked into the distant sky. In the sky, a figure flew over in an instant.

Han Fei was taken aback at first, but then he realized that there was no hawk here. Sure enough, what appeared in his eyes was only an eagle-like flying plant. Han Fei also saw that there were many mushrooms on the wings of the eagle. The eagle flew past, leaving a long spore mark behind as if it was sowing seeds.

In the next moment, Han Fei saw creatures moving towards him from underground far away as fast as using the light escape technique in the soil.

On the ground, a cheetah plant was sprinting as fast as the eagle.

In the swamp, Han Fei saw a long dragon cruising over, and a mountain rising from the ground on the other side. In the next moment, the mountain actually jumped.

Under Han Fei, billions of tentacles that were emitting blue light rose to the sky and attacked first.

“Oh! You’ve learned your lesson, so you’re ambushing me together?”