Chapter 2379 - Fierce Battle with the Aliens

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Chapter 2379: Fierce Battle with the Aliens

The moment three demonic creatures of the Sky Opening realm appeared in a row, Han Fei knew that he had been ambushed.

When he realized that there were as many as six Sky Opening Realm demons ambushing him, he actually felt a little uncomfortable.

According to his previous experience, he had stayed in this area long enough. Now six of them suddenly came to ambush him. This was more like a premeditated and planned ambush.

In the swamp under Han Fei, a treeman suddenly appeared. This treeman stretched out billions of tentacles, seeming to want to control Han Fei. The greatest characteristic of demonic plants was control.

Han Fei could feel that weird patterns were forming on every tree vine, as if they were the Dao Pattern of Heaven and Earth in this ominous world.

Apart from the hundreds of millions of vine tentacles, all the demonic plants and demonic creatures within a million kilometers exploded. Without needing Han Fei to eradicate them, all the non-Sky Opening realm creatures here self-destructed and turned into clouds of myriad colors.

Of course, if only they were just clouds. But in fact, they were densely packed spores and poisons. And they were all active. More importantly, some undetectable Dao patterns would be imprinted on the tiny and even undetectable spore particles.

This tree demon alone had many strange abilities, such as control, Dao Pattern curse techniques, parasitic spores, poisonous fog corrosion, and so on. It wasn’t that it was very strong, but these methods were too insidious.

At this moment, Han Fei felt that he needed a sea of fire.

Two sledgehammers appeared in Han Fei’s hands. He was not a sword cultivator. He could use any weapon. These double sledgehammers were forging hammers.

As for the usage of combat techniques, Han Fei activated the Void Fire Technique and supplemented it with the Hundred War Divine Hammer. In an instant, the Immortal Qi on the two hammers turned into fire.

It was not enough to just use fire. Wouldn’t it be a waste if he didn’t use the Dao Pattern of Heaven and Earth?

In the void, tens of thousands of twisted patterns were branded all over his body, including the double hammers.

As soon as these Dao patterns appeared, coupled with the fire turned into from Immortal Qi, the flames of anger spread out for 100,000 kilometers.

Countless demonic vines lingered in midair, and in fact, half of them were immediately burned.

But Han Fei had no time to pay attention to the Tree Demon, because two extremely fast demonic creatures of the Sky Opening realm, the eagle and the cheetah, had already attacked.

The eagle approached and spread its big wings, filling the sky with flying feathers. This was more like the essence of spores that filled the sky, trying to take advantage of the wind to blow at Han Fei.

“Triple Hammer Technique!”

In the void, there were endless ripples of hammer strikes. In the blink of an eye, more than 200 ripples exploded in the void. Every ripple followed a new one after bursting out in the void. In the end, the ripples formed a cone, piercing through the void, piercing through the spore rain that filled the sky, and suppressing the eagle that was flapping its wings desperately.

At the moment Han Fei hammered the void, a golden figure ten thousand feet tall rose from the ground. If it wasn’t his Dharma Idol, what was it?

At this moment, two hands stretched out from the back of the Dharma Idol. He punched out faster than the speed of light, and a series of explosions seemed to happen in the direction where the cheetah ran.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blink of an eye, the attacks of the three Sky Opening realm demonic plants were blocked by Han Fei alone.

However, Han Fei wouldn’t forget that there were still three demonic plants in the Sky Opening realm.

At this moment, the python had already soared into the sky. Before it arrived, it whipped at Han Fei with its tail.

Han Fei, who seemed to have no time to be distracted, was sent flying into the swamp. The terrifying ripples of the explosion spread hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Then, the swamp exploded, and a Blade Storm swept out. The vines were minced into spore pollen, but the immortal fire was still burning, so the treeman couldn’t do anything to Han Fei.

With a thought, Han Fei transformed into Nezha who had three heads and six arms. He held two hammers with two hands, put gloves on two other fists, and held double knives with the remaining two fists.

For a time, fierce battles broke out here. The centipedes that were moving underground couldn’t help but attack too. Chain-like hooks appeared all over the sky.

Han Fei realized that as long as he was caught by one of the hooks, billions of hooks would fall on him in the next moment.

Those were all centipede claws. If he was caught by them, coupled with the tree demon, he would fall into a passive state. It wasn’t that these demonic plants were very strong. In fact, they weren’t very strong themselves, but they had borrowed too much external power. For example, a demonic creature in the Sky Opening realm could almost absorb the power of all ordinary demonic plants within a million kilometers. Then would it still be an ordinary Sky Opener?

If there was only one, it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with it. But if there were six in a row, it would be a big problem.

Han Fei didn’t think that an ordinary person would fight unscrupulously in the same territory and wait to be ambushed by the other party as him.

Han Fei gave a self-mocking smile. He didn’t use the Void Stealing Technique immediately. He was waiting for the six Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures to surround him. Then, he would have a good opportunity to use the God Sealing Spears and kill them all in one fell swoop.

Otherwise, with the nature of these demonic creatures in the Sky Opening realm, they could transform into countless demonic plants and escape.

Han Fei was hit again, this time by the cheetah. At that moment, Han Fei’s body was caught by the centipede’s Void Hook.

It was at this moment that the six cultivators knew that their chance had come. The Tree Demon hurriedly sealed the surroundings of Han Fei, and the vines had already tied him up.

At this moment, the last toad that hadn’t taken action for a long time and seemed to be waiting for an opportunity suddenly took action. The big toad opened its mouth, and a long tongue composed of demonic plants wrapped around Han Fei’s body at almost ten times the speed of light.

Only at this moment did Han Fei clearly know that three of the six Sky Openers were control-type. This confirmed a fact. demonic plants were best at control. No matter how they simulated other creatures, their characteristics couldn’t be erased.

The moment the sixth toad appeared, hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, a figure appeared holding the God Sealing Spear.

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The God Sealing Spear itself might have to pierce through their bodies to seal these demonic creatures. But the spear array was different. It was a large-scale sealing field.

However, there was no telling if it was because these six demonic creatures had mastered too much power, but Han Fei felt that the situation was not good as soon as the God Sealing Spear fell. The God Sealing Spear was shaking.

Not good. They have borrowed all the power of all the creatures within a million kilometers to resist the sealing power of the God Sealing Spear. I have to nail them through with the spear.

In the void, Han Fei’s figure appeared out of thin air. As early as the first time he was blasted into the swamp, he had already used the Twin Divine Technique. Although he had fused his twin bodies in advance, fortunately, the six Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures had already appeared, so he could take action now.

“Steal his consciousness.”

The first thing Han Fei did was to steal the consciousness of the python, because in his opinion, this thing was closest, huge, and not fast enough. It was the easiest to kill.

However, as soon as he activated the Void Stealing Technique, he found that the python had no reaction at all.

Han Fei’s expression suddenly changed. Only then did he realize that there were countless sensory systems of these demonic plants. Did the other party not even notice that he had stolen its consciousness?

The stealing power was useless too, and Han Fei only felt a little power replenishing him. His heart immediately became heavy. This kind of Sky Opening realm demonic creature couldn’t be considered as one creature but a strange combination of countless independent demonic plants. They might have a unified consciousness, but Han Fei couldn’t steal this consciousness.

Therefore, it knew that it had lost consciousness and power.

However, in the next moment, it found that time around it suddenly stopped. Creatures in the Sky Opening realm could sense time stopping. They could even enter the river of time.

However, time was still. This was a state of law. This python could resist the power of time, but then he found that the energy in the void, including the energy in his body, was rapidly draining.

As for Han Fei, his strength soared instantly, and cracks appeared on his body.

Looking closely, the God’s Prayer Bead was no longer on his chest, the God Slaying Boxing Gloves were no longer on his hands, and he had even abandoned his Dharma Idol.

This time, he stole all the energy in this place where time was frozen. He didn’t know if this would work, but he was obviously disappointed.

Without a main body, the stealing wasn’t very effective. The natural energy within the range of time had been stolen by Han Fei, but the python’s Great Dao was instinctively protecting the python. Although it was losing energy, Han Fei discovered that the power he stole was less than 10%.

Fortunately, Han Fei didn’t completely count on the Void Stealing Technique. He held a God Sealing Spear in his hand and at the moment of time freeze, he had already nailed the python’s vitals.

With a furious roar, the other parts of the python’s body wanted to run, but how could it run when its tail was nailed? The only thing that surprised Han Fei was that the vital part of the snake-shaped demonic plant’s body wasn’t that important.

The python was about to break free from the time and disband its body.

But during the frozen time, Han Fei nailed the python from head to tail with seven consecutive God Sealing Spears.

“Humph! No matter how many tricks you have, your defense power is only average.”