Chapter 2382 - Dance with the Demon

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Chapter 2382: Dance with the Demon

Hearing the demonic source’s words, Han Fei sneered in his heart.

As expected of the most intelligent creature in the Demon Domain. This plan was very well thought out. If he wanted to destroy the territory of a demonic source, he might have to kill at least dozens of Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures in the other party’s territory.

If the demonic sources fought each other, it would be difficult. However, Han Fei was a power beyond them. This demonic source felt that with Han Fei’s strength, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to destroy a demonic source’s territory. After all, this was how it was beaten through.

If you lost, you had to admit defeat. Sometimes, losing didn’t mean you would definitely die.

Although Han Fei sneered in his heart when he heard the demonic source’s words, he had to consider the demonic source’s words because its offer was too damn attractive.

He had already obtained a lot of benefits after conquering a demonic source’s territory. If he conquered a dozen of them, Han Fei felt that his Origin Star might be full of vitality.

However, compared to his goal, the demonic source’s goal was actually more terrifying.

This was because Han Fei knew that even if he killed this demonic source now, she wasn’t truly dead. She could parasitize other creatures, so she didn’t die.

For the demonic source, she just changed her body and slowly hid there. In the future, she would grow into a new demonic source.

Therefore, this demonic source was very confident. She dared to make a deal with Han Fei and also dared to reject Han Fei’s deal. To her, even if she was killed, it was not a big deal. Demonic plants had a long lifespan, and it was impossible for Han Fei to guard her.

Han Fei was thinking. The demonic source itself didn’t have much strength. They only relied on the demonic creatures attached to them. They controlled their territory and collected ominous power, and their ultimate goal was to condense their true bodies.

Once this demonic source’s true body was condensed, the demonic source, which had reached the perfected Star Transformation Realm, would be very powerful. It might even directly become a Monarch.

The key to condensing a true body should still be the ominous power. It should be extremely difficult to obtain this power. As the saying went, gain and lose. This demonic source would give out some ominous power but then take it back without a trace.

Han Fei didn’t know what would happen if one demonic source swallowed the other.

On one hand, he wanted the huge amount of resources that the demonic source mentioned, and on the other hand, he was worried that if the two demonic sources fused, the other party’s ominous power would suddenly multiply, and there might be a problem.

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For a moment, Han Fei didn’t know how to answer.

After a moment of silence, Han Fei said casually, “You should know that since I can find you, I can find all the resources and treasures under your territory. I can take my time to get the vitality. However, if you want to swallow other demonic sources and use me as a thug, do you really think you’re very smart?”

The demonic source responded, This is a fair deal. What I can give is worthy of what I want.

Han Fei dealt with the demonic source while thinking quickly.

He had to be careful in this cooperation. If he created a Monarch, he would be doomed. How could he do such a thing casually?

He was thinking that he could make this demonic source into a puppet, but then he thought that it was an ominous power. The essence of the ominous power was pollution. The soul that was separated would also be inextricably related to the original body.

For example, Blood Fiend was also a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator. Before he died, he was also very crazy and used his murderous aura to cultivate into the Star Transformation Realm. However, his soul was completely annihilated. Although he refined him into a puppet, the murderous aura wasn’t enough to make him lose himself. Nothing would happen to him even if he controlled the Blood Fiend puppet.

However, the demonic source was different. If he made them into puppets, once his soul were polluted, it wouldn’t be a matter of resources.

Han Fei thought for a moment. “Interesting. Give me all your resources first, and I’ll help you destroy another demonic source.”

The demonic source shook its head slightly. “The deal shouldn’t be like this. After you destroy another demonic source, I’ll give you the resources.”

Han Fei said, “What if you take the opportunity to swallow the other party and have the power to contend with me after I annihilate another demonic source? Do you think I’m stupid? I’ll help you kill no more than six Sky Opening realm demonic creatures in the other party’s territory as a token of loyalty. Then, you have to give me all the resources in your territory. Only then will we have a real basis for cooperation.”

The demonic origin thought for a moment. “If you kill half of the other party’s Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures, I’ll give you half of the resources and treasures in my territory.”

Han Fei sneered. “Your territory has basically been hollowed out by me, right? Let me tell you, don’t go too far. I can cooperate with you, and I can also cooperate with other demonic sources. So, you’d better give me all your resources. Otherwise, we won’t be able to make this deal. I’ll just kill you.”

The demonic source: “I am not afraid of death.”

Han Fei sneered. “Are you trying to say that there are still many creatures in your territory that you have parasitized, and they are all your clones? So I can only kill your current body but can’t kill your real body, right?”

At this moment, the demonic source finally looked at Han Fei solemnly.

Han Fei had revealed her secret, which surprised her. How did Han Fei know?

Han Fei chuckled. “Your territory is only this big. Beyond your territory, it must be the territory of other demonic sources. Do you think they can find you and kill you if I tell the demonic sources in other territories that your territory has been penetrated by me?”

At this moment, the ripples in the purple crystal flower shook, and the demonic source was silent for a while. “After you kill half of the other party’s Sky Opening realm demonic creatures, I can give you all the resources and treasures in my territory.”

However, Han Fei, who had thought it through, shook his head slightly. “No, you didn’t agree just now, so it’s too late now. As a plant, you shouldn’t give a pure-blooded human time to think. Now, give me all the resources in your territory to prove your sincerity for our cooperation.”

The demonic source was silent for a while. “Do we still have a chance to cooperate?”

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Han Fei said, “Yes! But you have to follow my cooperation method. I’ll penetrate two demonic sources’ territories. Then you find the resources in both places for me, and I’ll give you a chance to devour a demonic source.”

At this moment, this demonic source had no choice. The battle between the demonic creatures was actually more intense than expected. In the Demon Domain, except for the demonic sources, the so-called Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures were actually chess pieces, chess pieces of demonic sources. Now that it had lost all its chess pieces, it had already lost. And once the other demonic sources knew that it was not dead, the consequences might be that they would send overwhelming demonic creatures to search for it.

The demonic source agreed and said to Han Fei, “It will take a day to gather the resources.”

Han Fei saw countless demonic plants and demonic creatures heading to the location of the demonic source to offer sacrifices, most of them were in the Sea Establishment realm.

After all, the territory possessed by this demonic source wasn’t small. If it were Venerables to deliver resources, it would take forever.

However, none of this was important. Han Fei saw a tremendous amount of resources. The Mystic Yellow Soil was piled up into a mountain. There were three pieces of Chaotic Treasure Soils, but two of them were of inferior quality and the other was of ordinary quality.

There were more than two million ordinary spiritual fruits.

To be honest, this was the first time Han Fei had seen so many spiritual fruits. It wasn’t until today that he realized how abundant the resources of a powerful Origin Ground were. If infinite resources belonged to one person, how strong would this person be?

There were more than 13,000 types of mineral veins here, and the vitality here gathered into large life origin crystals. There were 16 of them, which were equivalent to 16 life origin crystals in the Sky Opening realm.

At this moment, the demonic source said, “I can only take out so many resources in my territory. If you kill all the demonic creatures in my territory, the surrounding demonic sources will know that something happened to me and will provoke and explore my territory.”

Han Fei roughly estimated that in terms of the number of resources, all the resources here added up to probably 500,000 kilometers.

This was because most of the resources of the Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures had already been taken by him. These 500,000 kilometers of resources were additional. Therefore, in fact, if all of them were included, there would be about 700,000 to 800,000 kilometers of resources in a demonic source’s territory, not including the Mystic Yellow Soil.

Han Fei’s heart surged. Conservatively speaking, there were more than 100,000 demonic sources in this demonic domain. If there were so many resources in every demonic source’s territory, it would be a terrifying number.

At this moment, after seeing so many resources, Han Fei was considering whether to kill this demonic source or not. Anyway, he had already gotten what he needed. Did he really have to cooperate with this demonic source?

Han Fei thought for a moment. He wasn’t sure about this matter. It involved the ominous, so he had to ask.

Who should he ask? Eldest Senior Brother… It seemed that the purpose of the Void Temple was to deal with the ominous. If he created an ominous Monarch, would Eldest Senior Brother kill him?

It was better to ask the God of War! Anyway, the God of War was far away and couldn’t control this place. Besides, if he asked the old man for advice on such an important matter, this was called trust.

Han Fei accepted the resources and then glanced at the demonic source. “Let’s talk about it after I finish my cultivation.”