Chapter 534 - The Number Increased Rapidly!

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Chapter 534: The Number Increased Rapidly!

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More than a dozen well-trained security personnel had successfully taken up their positions. They were scattered among the crowd in an orderly manner. All of them were on high alert, holding their breaths as they waited…

Once there was any problem, they would immediately sense the signs of trouble. Then, they would carry out reasonable evacuation and control. They would definitely nip any crisis in the bud…

“Come, have a taste. How does it taste?”

On the other side, Mo Chu brought the seafood wontons to the fans who had ordered the dishes and added with a smile, “If there are any deficiencies, please feel free to give us your suggestions!”

Smelling the rich fragrance and looking at the smiling Little Chu, the fans were so excited that their eyes turned red. They kept nodding their heads and only managed to squeeze out a sentence after a long time, “Good… This, this wonton will definitely be very delicious!”

The other fans beside her were so envious of her!

Staring at the wonton in front of her, they were frustrated. Why were they not the first ones to order the dishes?

Otherwise, if she were to talk to Little Chu now, she would be the one who would be able to eat the Spirit Food that Little Chu personally made!

This fan also felt the burning gaze from the side and subconsciously reached out to protect the seafood wontons in front of her. Hmph! There would always be people who wanted to snatch the wontons that Little Chu made for her!

“Hurry up and eat it while it’s hot!” Seeing the reluctance of the fan, Mo Chu smiled and said, “If it gets cold, the taste won’t be as good as before.”

After hearing this, the fan picked up her chopsticks and picked one up lightly.

Everyone looked over and felt that their taste buds were stirring!

The tender wontons were still emitting steam. Through the almost transparent outer skin, one could almost see the filling inside, and a faint fragrance was coming out…

The fan subconsciously licked her lips. Under everyone’s burning gaze, she slowly fed the seafood wontons into her mouth. She bit down lightly, and soon, the skin was broken.

Then, the thick soup quickly overflowed to the tip of her tongue, gathering the fresh and sweet taste of the shrimp and the fresh and tender taste of the pork. Soon, it spread to her entire taste buds. Before she could taste it, she was completely conquered…

She then took a bite of the stuffing mixed with the skin and chewed carefully.

The wonton skin had a refreshing taste like sunshine wheat, and the texture of the meat was tender and bouncy! The taste of the wonton was just right, perfectly matching the advantages of pork and shrimp. It was delicate with a hint of sweetness, so beautiful that he could not help but squint his eyes…

The sound of swallowing saliva came one after another!

Everyone’s eyes lit up, wishing that they were the ones tasting the delicious food now!

The most torturous thing was still the security guard next to her. She was the closest, and the fresh fragrance of the wonton kept drilling into his nose. However, he still had to be vigilant and pay attention to the situation around him at all times. He could only fight against his own senses and restlessness. The taste was truly bitter!

Of course, the fans who were immersed in the delicious food did not know about all of this.

After taking a bite of the wontons, it was as if she had turned on some kind of mechanism. She ate, drank, and ate one after another.

In less than ten minutes, a big bowl of seafood wontons was completely wiped out by her. There was not even a bit of soup left…

She was still not satisfied.

“That’s it?” She had not eaten enough!

The fresh and tender taste of the seafood wontons was still echoing in her mouth. The fan muttered with some resentment!

These words made the fans beside her glare at her angrily!

One should learn to be content, okay? If you still felt that it was not enough after eating an entire bowl, then what should the rest of the people do?

That’s right, they were just envious and jealous! Hmph!

“Today is suitable, so I won’t charge you.” Mo Chu chuckled at this fan.

Instantly, the fan felt a sense of excitement. Her brain twitched and she said something stupid, “Do I have to pay for it?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she wanted to give herself a tight slap!

What was she saying? How could they not pay for Spirit Food? Her face was slightly hot, and she immediately tried to make up for it. “I’m sorry, Little Chu, just now… I, I misspoke!”

“It’s fine.” Mo Chu smiled faintly and directly brushed this matter aside.

Very quickly, a keen fan made inferences. “Then when will it officially start?”

“It should be in half a month.” Mo Chu gave a rough time.

She had discussed it with will previously. Adding up the miscellaneous matters such as redecorating and arranging personnel, the time taken was not considered short.

However, compared to the 21st century, it was much easier!

Not to mention other things, in the 21st century, it was already troublesome enough just to apply for this and that certificate. It was enough to shave off a layer of your skin!

She probably could not obtain it in less than half a month! Of course, if you knew someone in the relevant units, that was another matter. If not, hehe, then you could just wait!

However, in the Federation, this process was much simpler. You just needed to fill in all the information it prompted, upload it to the review board, and it would be approved within three days. The speed was much faster than in the 21st century!

But even so, the fans still felt that the time was too long. One by one, they cried out.

“What? It’ll still take half a month!”

“No, I’m already about to vomit blood. Hurry up and hold me!”

“Little Chu, do you still lack staff? The kind who can act cute and have strong working abilities? You don’t have to give me too high a salary, just three meals will do!”

“Right, I want to sign up too!”

Seeing the enthusiastic crowd, Will, who was standing at the side, rubbed his chin and could not help but laugh. Hmm, very good, there would not be a lack of candidates for restaurant executives in the future..,

In the end, when Mo Chu and will left, they caused a commotion.

The fans’ emotions were surging, and their eyes were red.

If Mo Chu had not given them a warning beforehand, coupled with the company of these professional security personnel, the two of them might not have been able to escape!

Sitting on the drive next to them and watching the fans leave safely under the evacuation of the security personnel, Mo Chu heaved a sigh of relief, turned around, and rushed home…

At the same time, the internet was in an uproar!

Previously in the shop, someone had turned on the terminal recording and recorded a series of videos of Mo Chu making wontons. Furthermore, they had uploaded them to the starnet in real time, the views soared from the initial tens to millions of views in less than ten minutes!

Furthermore, while watching this video, there were also people who deliberately ran outside the shop, wanting to see Mo Chu’s appearance!

Moreover, there were many people who had such thoughts and methods. In less than ten minutes, nearly a hundred people had swarmed over!

Fortunately, the security guards that will had found were strong enough to stop and evacuate this group of people in time. Otherwise, something might have happened!

Although they could not enter the shop or get close to Lucky Star, the enthusiasm of many fans did not diminish!