Chapter 535 - The Expressions on Their Faces Changed Drastically!

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Chapter 535: The Expressions on Their Faces Changed Drastically!

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After waiting for half a month, Mo Chu’s Spirit Food Restaurant was finally about to officially open for business!

This was simply a piece of good news that everyone could not help but spread!

There were even Mo Chu’s diehard fans who directly posted a post on the Starnet, calling for a group of foodies to go to the Spirit Food Restaurant to get a vote! The replies to the following posts had already exceeded a hundred in just a short ten minutes!

The popularity and fame of this were simply unrivaled…

At District 3’s downtown.

At this moment, there was still a full two hours before the official opening of Mo Chu’s Spirit Food Restaurant. However, there was already a long queue outside, and the people in the queue were all stretching their necks, they were carefully sizing up the design of this restaurant!

Previously, when the shop was being renovated, there was a big tent blocking the outside. On the tent, there was even a conspicuous countdown to the opening time, 15 days, 14 days…

It was because of this that every time they passed by, they could not help but raise their heads to take a look.

However, they could only hear the sounds coming from inside, but they could not see the true appearance inside. This really whetted everyone’s appetite, causing their hearts to itch!

Now that they could finally see it with great difficulty, they naturally could not help but widen their eyes and observe it carefully!

In the end, when they saw it, they let out a few exclamations in their hearts!

When they raised their eyes, this clear and bright overall tone gave them a great impression.

The warm sunlight was slanting through the glass. The gentle sunlight mixed with the log-colored floor, tables, and chairs, instantly created an indescribable sense of leisure and tranquility.

On the bar counter, there were a few pots of jade-green bamboo plants. Just looking at them made one feel comfortable and fresh…

The majority of the existing shops in the Federation walked the path of resplendent gold and jade. In any case, the moment one entered, one would feel that they were high and mighty, with all sorts of high and mighty appearances. Of course, there were also some who walked the path of plain and simple style.

However, this was the first time that everyone had seen Mo Chu’s slightly natural and casual style, and they could not help but take a few more glances at it.

In their hearts, they were still muttering to themselves, ‘This restaurant’s renovation isn’t that good, but why is it so pleasing to the eye? Heh! This is really strange!’

“Aiya! are those normal plants?”

After a few minutes, someone finally calmed down. He stared unblinkingly at the bamboos and clicked his tongue in admiration. “Only Little Chu can be so generous. She can casually take out a few pots of normal plants to make a scene!”

“Exactly! Look at the shape and color of the plants. How delightful!”

Mo Chu was also preparing to set off.

She could not miss such an important day.

She even changed into a light blue dress and put on light makeup to look energetic.

Mo Yang, Song Qingsong, and the others were already waiting in the Drive Machine outside.

Ning Yiyuan would also go directly from the office.

It was unknown what this guy was busy with recently. He usually came back at one or two o’clock in the morning, which made him look a lot more haggard.

After this period of busy work was over, he had to make up for it!

After carefully calculating in his heart, Mo Chu put on a pair of high heels and looked at her outfit again. When she felt that there was no problem, she turned around and walked out.

“Master, are you leaving?”

Sensing Mo Chu’s infrared movement frequency, the domestic robot Mantis Shrimp, which was at the corner of the living room, swayed over. It let out a gentle electronic sound, and the ears of the artificial cat trembled.

“Yes.” Mo Chu squatted down and patted its head with a smile, giving out instructions. “How about this, you clean up the house later.”

“Yes, Master.” Mantis Shrimp nodded its head obediently. With a tick, two small suction mouths protruded from its body and were rapidly rotating on the floor.

This type of device was somewhat similar to the vacuum cleaners of the 21st century, but it was more efficient. It was specially designed to use the principle of high pressure and high speed to clean up the rubbish and dust on the floor.

Upon seeing this, Mo Chu nodded her head in satisfaction and turned around to walk out.

Just as her hand touched the door handle, her back suddenly felt numb, followed by his legs going soft… Mo Chu’s pupils slightly widened, and before he could react, she collapsed…

At the end of her thoughts, she caught a glimpse of the scene from the corner of her eye — Mantis Shrimp that was supposed to be cleaning stopped behind her, and the electric suction cup was raised high. Its pair of electronic pupils was emitting a strange red light…

What was going on? was the machine malfunctioning?

Before Mo Chu could figure it out, she had already fainted..

In the Drive Machine not far away.

Song Qingsong was sitting beside Mo Yang. The two of them did not speak and their gazes did not meet.

However, the atmosphere was inexplicably strange…

“Did you two get into a fight?” Qin Yue, who was sitting in the back seat, suddenly stuck out his head and glanced at the two of them. The more he looked at them, the more he felt that there was something wrong with them.

The two of them denied at the same time. Damn it! The rapport between them was so high that it was shocking!

Just like that, he said that there was nothing fishy?

Qin Yue curled his lips slightly. He didn’t believe the two of them at all. He rolled his eyes and suddenly asked softly, “By the way, Mo Yang, how is your recovery?”

“Is that so?” Qin Yue narrowed his eyes and smiled. His drawl was full of interest as he asked, “I heard that when you were sick, there was someone who confessed to you, right?”

After a few seconds of silence, Mo Yang nodded slightly. However, his eyes subconsciously glanced at Almighty Song beside him.

“And then? And then?” Upon hearing this, Qin Yue immediately became excited. He stretched his neck forward with all his might, and a strong sense of gossip was born. “Did you agree, or what?”

“I…” Hearing Mo Yang’s answer, Song Qingsong’s body also stiffened without a trace, and even his breathing was slightly held.

“I refused!” Mo Yang gave the answer straightforwardly.

“What? Why?” Qin Yue was really in a good spirit now.

“Because…” Mo Yang’s voice sank slightly. “I have someone I like!”

“Who?” Qin Yue’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He patted Mo Yang’s shoulder. “You’re not honest, Kid. How could you hide something like this from your brother? Tell me the truth!”

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Qin Yue tried, he could not get a single word out of Mo Yang’s mouth.

Did you know? People like you who say half the truth and hide half the truth are the most despicable!

However, Qin Yue quickly targeted Song Qingsong. The two of them had a good relationship, so Song Qingsong definitely knew the inside story.

“Almighty song, You must know who Mo Yang likes. Hurry up and tell me!” Qin Yue stared at him with anticipation.

Hearing this, Song Qingsong was stunned.

After a moment of silence, he could not answer. In the end, he could only change the topic stiffly. “Umm… Why hasn’t Little Chu come out yet? It’s been almost half an hour!”

“Sigh, what is this? Women always dress for a long time,” Qin Yue said with an experienced look on his face, he waved his hand at the two of them. “Little Chu is definitely not ordinary. Let’s wait a little longer! While we’re waiting, why don’t you tell me about Mo Yang’s sweetheart?!”

It was not that easy to change the topic!

Mo Yang, on the other hand, felt that something was not right. He had a good understanding of his sister.

Little Chu had never spent much time on her makeup. Usually, she would only be out in about ten minutes, but why was there still no movement after almost half an hour?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. Mo Yang frowned and suddenly pushed open the door of the Drive Machine. He strode home and said to the two people behind him, “I’ll go back and take a look first. Wait here for a moment!”

Song Qingsong and Qin Yue glanced at each other before standing up and following him.

The few of them walked very quickly and arrived at the room in a short while.

“Little Chu, Little Chu!” Qin Yue shouted and urged, “Hurry up and come out, or you won’t be able to make it in time!”

Unfortunately, the response they got was silence.

At this moment, they immediately sensed that something was wrong and their expressions changed drastically!