Chapter 536 - Isn’t It a Gift from You?

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Chapter 536: Isn’t It a Gift from You?

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“Where… is Little Chu?”

Qin Yue frowned as he looked at Song Qingsong. Their gazes met, and there was a hint of solemnity in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Mo Yang had already run upstairs and started to search room by room…

“How is it?” A few minutes later, Qin Yue looked at Mo Yang who came down from upstairs and quickly went up to ask.

Mo Yang did not say anything. He just shook his head slightly, but he could not help but clench his fists under his sleeves!

“Little Chu’s terminal can’t be connected either.” Song Qingsong, who was beside him, also sighed.

“Oh right!” Upon hearing this, Mo Yang’s eyes suddenly lit up! “I previously bound Little Chu’s GPS system to the terminal!”

“Well done!” Qin Yue pat Mo Yang on the shoulder and urged him urgently, “Hurry up and check. What are you still standing there for?”

When Qin Yue said this, Mo Yang had already opened the terminal and was looking for the location with hope, but in the end… Only two eye-catching red words were displayed on it — Signal loss!

Mo Yang’s face instantly darkened!

The silence gradually spread in the room…

“Damn it!” Qin Yue swore and hit the sofa hard. “It seems that the other party came prepared!”

Little Chu’s terminal’s signal was definitely blocked. Otherwise, why would such a situation occur?

“… Little Chu hasn’t been taken away for long.” After taking a few deep breaths, Mo Yang quickly made a judgment, “Let’s search the surroundings first. Maybe we can find some traces! Also, immediately send a message to Ning Yiyuan to ask him to help find the person!”

“Understood!” Qin Yue and Song Qingsong nodded and immediately took action.

The commotion caused by the few of them was not small at all. Roundy, who was still sleeping soundly, was also stirred up.

“Roar roar!” What are you guys doing!

The little guy, who was slightly angry after waking up, did not realize what had happened. At this moment, it was pinching its fair and chubby paws and rubbing its eyes!

Unfortunately, no one had the time to talk to Roundy. The few of them were very anxious.

Humph! If you don’t want to talk to me, I don’t care about you!

The little guy snorted arrogantly and turned around to look for its new pet, ‘Mantis Shrimp’!

Recently, Roundy’s life had been very comfortable. Its daily routine was like an unbreakable trilogy — eating, sleeping, and bullying Mantis Shrimp!

But this time, it searched the entire living room, but there was no sign of the domestic robot!

“Awoo!” Where was Mantis Shrimp?

Roundy widened its eyes in confusion and scratched its head. It was stunned for a long time, and in the end, it could only scamper off to find Mo Yang.

Needless to say, this little guy was quite good at mimicking. It placed his two claws on his ears and mimicked the Mantis Shrimp’s unique cat ears. It cried out, as if saying: Mantis Shrimp is gone, hurry up and help me find it!

Mo Yang and Roundy had lived together for so long, so they had a bit of tacit understanding.

He understood what Roundy meant, but at this moment, how could Mo Yang still have the time to care about Mantis Shrimp?

He directly reached out and pushed Roundy to the side. “Alright, Roundy, stop fooling around! I still have business here. I’ll help you with the domestic robot later…”

“What domestic robot?” Qin Yue happened to walk over and casually said something.

Hearing this, Mo Yang could not help but frown. “It’s the one you sent over earlier!”

When he said this, Qin Yue was instantly dumbfounded. It took him quite a while before he said, “No… No! When have I ever sent you a domestic robot?”

That thing was actually not cheap. If it was just based on his own wealth, he really could not afford a good, intelligent robot! If it was slightly inferior, he would be too embarrassed to give it away!

“… It really wasn’t a gift from you?” Upon hearing this, Mo Yang’s brows instantly twisted into a ball of dough!

“It really wasn’t me!” Qin Yue almost swore to the Heavens, okay?

When he heard this, Mo Yang’s heart suddenly thumped!

No wonder! He was still puzzled in his heart previously!

In just these ten minutes, how could someone take Little Chu away right under their noses?

One had to know that their drives were not far from home. As long as Little Chu made any noise, they would be able to hear it. How could they easily take Little Chu away?

Now, all the doubts could be explained!

What if… It was a domestic robot that they had never been on guard against?

How could Little Chu have expected such a suspect to suddenly make a move? It was completely understandable that she would be attacked when she was caught off guard!

“You’re saying that someone…” Qin Yue was half annoyed and half in disbelief. He swallowed hard before continuing, “Someone took my name and gave you a high-intelligence robot, and even disguised as a domestic robot?”

Although both were robots, the difference was much greater!

The latter’s programming and assembly were only for dealing with family affairs, and their behavior was relatively simple and uniform.

But a high-intelligence robot was different!

It had powerful lethality and judgment, and its chip design could be remotely controlled and tampered with at any time to achieve any of the purposes of the owner behind it.

“Now it seems… that should be the case!” Mo Yang nodded, once again confirming his initial judgment.

Whenever he thought about how they had unknowingly placed such a time bomb at home, Mo Yang wished he could slap himself!

Little Chu did not have a strong understanding of this aspect, so she was not on guard at all!

If he had discovered that something was wrong earlier, perhaps today’s incident would not have happened at all!

“Alright, this is not your fault at all!” Song Qingsong saw through Mo Yang’s self-blame at a glance. He patted Mo Yang’s shoulder lightly and tried to persuade him, “The other party is really too cunning, to think of such a scheme!”

First, he used Qin Yue’s name to send over a domestic robot. Then, the robot stayed in Mo Chu’s house for almost a month without any abnormalities. Only now did it suddenly make a move. This pit was really dug too deep!

“Moreover, even Ning Yiyuan didn’t notice the problem. It’s normal that you didn’t notice it.”

Ning Yiyuan, who had just entered through the door, was just in time to take the blame!