Chapter 537 - A Bad Premonition

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Chapter 537: A Bad Premonition

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Tell me, he can totally understand you consoling Mo Yang.

But there’s no need to bring him along, right? And you even brought a personal attack? — Ning Yiyuan’s already anxious heart had another dark wound added to it!

“… Oh, you’re here.” Song Qingsong had just finished speaking when he turned his head and saw Ning Yiyuan. His face could not help but reveal a few embarrassed expressions.

This was the first time he had said bad things behind someone’s back, and the person involved had heard it… This could not be any more awkward!

“Ning Yiyuan!” Upon seeing Ning Yiyuan’s upright figure, Mo Yang immediately stood up from the sofa and strode forward. His face was filled with unconcealable anxiety as he asked anxiously, “Have you sent someone to investigate? Do you have any leads now?”

Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly.

Mo Yang had already told him most of the details of this matter through the terminal just now. Ning Yiyuan naturally had his own considerations in mind.

To be able to capture Little Chu at this juncture, there could only be two scenarios.

One was that the Song Family discovered that they were selling weapons, so they made the first move to gain the upper hand!

The other was that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s side was unwilling and decided to make a move on Mo Chu!

Comparing the two, Ning Yiyuan was more inclined to the latter.

To put it bluntly, if the Song Family really had such a strong sense of defense and knew to place an intelligent robot to monitor their house, she would not have been so easily caught!

“I reckon that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s side was the one who made the move.” Ning Yiyuan’s voice sounded calm, but upon closer inspection, his eyes faintly revealed a sense of impending terror!

“They must have taken a liking to Little Chu’s huge benefits. Spirit Food is one thing, but normal plants are another… at least, we don’t have to worry too much about Little Chu’s safety for now.”

“Damn it! It’s that bunch of bastards again!”

Hearing this, Qin Yue could not help but pound on the wall. He was furious with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!

A great country could actually use such a shameless method to kidnap people. This was simply breaking their bottom line!

“Now, we have to seal all the exits immediately,” Mo Yang said coldly. Since they dared to kidnap people in District 3, then they can never leave! “We absolutely can’t let them escape!”

“Don’t worry.” Ning Yiyuan nodded, his eyes showing a bit of dominance and ruthlessness. “I’ve already arranged it!”

All the exits in District 3 had his people lying in ambush. As long as there was the slightest bit of abnormality, they would immediately move out and catch a turtle in a jar!

They even dared to touch his precious Little Chu. Ning Yiyuan narrowed his eyes, and a fierce light flashed across his eyes! He had to let Wisdom Cloud Galaxy have a taste of regret!

“Right, then… What about the Spirit Food Restaurant?”

It was not until all the plans had been settled that Song Qingsong suddenly thought of this matter. He lowered his head to look at the time. Damn it, there were less than 20 minutes left before the ribbon-cutting ceremony opened!

After all, the news of Mo Chu personally cutting the ribbon had long been released, and large waves of fans were waiting eagerly!

Moreover, even Elder Ning, Elder Qin, and Exalted Chen Bai… A group of famous people was there, ready to support Little Chu!

Yet, at this moment, the main character, Mo Chu, had disappeared… what was going on? That huge wave of fans would cause a huge ruckus!

“Why don’t we report that Little Chu has fallen sick first?” They were silent when Qin Yue suddenly gave them a bad idea. “Just say that Little Chu isn’t feeling well and is currently staying at the Medical Center. She won’t be able to attend.”

In any case, they had to muddle through this matter first and then find Mo Chu!

Song Qingsong rubbed his furrowed brows and asked in return, “Are you sure that Little Chu’s fans won’t go to the medical center to visit her?”

They would be exposed, right? Where would they find Little Chu again?

That’s right! Only then did Qin Yue react. He could not help but pat his head. “So… we can only tell the truth?”

“That’s enough.” Ning Yiyuan finally decided. “Qin Yue, go to the Spirit Food Restaurant and handle it!”

“If anyone asks, just tell them the truth! I don’t think this news can be kept secret for long.” Ning Yiyuan thought for a moment. Little Chu’s fans spanned across a wide range, from high-ranking officials to commoners! “So, it’s better to say it from the beginning. At the same time, ask the people to pay attention to see if there’s any movement from Little Chu!”

“Me?” Qin Yue, who had accepted the task at the critical moment, looked a little terrified. “That… why don’t we let Almighty Song go instead!”

“Alright, stop whining!” Ning Yiyuan waved at Qin Yue and turned to look at Mo Yang and the other two, “Leave from District 3. There are a total of five exits that lead directly to Wisdom Cloud Galaxy. The three of us, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin, keep an eye on one of them! We absolutely can’t let them escape!”

As for the other exits, Ning Yiyuan had already sent people to guard them tightly. However, these five exits were more critical, and there was no room for any mistakes.

“Understood!” The two of them nodded and immediately turned around to set off.

In the blink of an eye, only Qin Yue was left in the room, still scratching his head and wandering around!

How did he get assigned this mission? It was not his forte at all, okay?

Although he was complaining, Qin Yue still drove the drive to the city center in the end. After all, there was still a big stall to deal with!

In front of the Spirit Food Restaurant, it was densely packed with people!

It was enough to see how popular Mo Chu was!

“Why isn’t Little Chu here yet? It’s almost time, right?”

Many fans had lined up here a few hours ago in order to get to the front row. Seeing that it was almost time for the ribbon cutting, they could not help but feel more anxious. It felt like seconds were passing like years!

“Aiya, why are you so anxious? Aren’t we still five minutes away?”

“What!” Hearing that, the girl widened her eyes and cry out somewhat dejectedly, “Why are we still five minutes away?!”

“Alright, stop complaining.” Another girl ran her fingers through her hair and asked nervously, “Hurry up and help me check if my makeup and hair are messy?”

No matter what, she had to leave a good impression in front of Little Chu!

“Hmm… your lipstick seems to be a little light…”

“Is that so?” Hearing this, the girl immediately became anxious. She quickly took out the lipstick from her makeup bag and said, “Then I’ll hurry up and fix it!”

Similar conversations happened one after another in the entire team. It was simply too lively.

Everyone’s faces were filled with enthusiasm and anticipation. Their eyes occasionally glanced out, afraid that they would miss the scene when Mo Chu arrived.

The moment Qin Yue walked over, he saw such a situation.

His heart felt stifled!

It’s over, it’s over… If he were to tell the truth later, would this group of indignant fans beat him up? After all, they were looking forward to it so much, so how disappointed would they be later?!

Thinking of that scene, Qin Yue’s hatred towards Wisdom Cloud Galaxy deepened even more! If they had not done such a shameless thing, would he have to go through so much trouble?

Beside them, Will had sharp eyes and quickly spotted Qin Yue. He finally let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly pulled him to an inconspicuous corner, sighing. “Aiyo! You guys are finally here. If you guys didn’t come, we would be out of ideas!”

As he spoke, Will peeked behind Qin Yue and started to look for Mo Chu’s figure. He could not stop muttering, “You don’t know. Just now, I called Little Chu a few times, but no one picked up. It scared me! I was afraid that something would happen to her. Fortunately, you guys are finally here… Oh right, where is Little Chu? Why isn’t she with you?”

Qin Yue did not speak, but just looked straight into Will’s eyes…

Seeing this, a bad premonition instantly rose in Will’s heart, and his face trembled slightly. “You… Don’t tease me! There are still so many fans standing outside! If Little Chu didn’t come today, perhaps both of us would have been torn apart by these fans!”

“…” Qin Yue sighed heavily and looked helpless. He reached out and patted Will’s shoulder. “Brother, we probably have a long way to go today. We have to hold it together!”

“Don’t!” Will was really about to cry. “What on Earth is going on?”

“It’s all because of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s shamelessness! You don’t know, they…” At the mention of this, Qin Yue was furious!

If Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s people were in front of him now, Qin Yue would really tear their hearts out with his hands!

Hearing Qin Yue’s words, Will’s expression gradually became grave…