Chapter 541 - What a Mess!

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Chapter 541: What a Mess!

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What the hell? This dress is the only one in the entire galaxy?

How come he did not know that Song Qingsong had turned into a fashion designer?!

“Commander Ning, look… This must be a misunderstanding…”

The man was about to struggle again, but Ning Yiyuan did not give him the chance. He took a step forward and tightened his collar with both hands. He asked in a deep voice, “Where… is… Little… Chu…?!”

“I… I really don’t know, Commander… Ning.” The man struggled with all his might, and even his voice was intermittent. “You see, I can’t be sentenced to death just because of this piece of cloth…”

Ning Yiyuan was not in the mood to listen to the man’s explanation. His face darkened, and he clenched his hands tightly!

The man’s collar was pulled up fiercely, and his throat was immediately caught!

In just a few minutes, his face turned purple and his breathing became rapid. Both of his hands were patting Ning Yiyuan’s shoulders with all their might. “Uh… Uh! Let… Let go! Help! Help… Help!”

Looking at this pitiful look, he was about to roll his eyes!

“Let me tell you, I don’t have the time to play with you here.” Ning Yiyuan’s voice rang in the man’s ears, like a malicious spirit that had crawled out of Hell. There was a hint of blood in the dark, “If you can’t behave yourself, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

As he spoke, a trace of viciousness couldn’t help but flash across Ning Yiyuan’s deep eyes. He turned his head slightly and nodded at the soldiers beside him.

The soldiers beside him immediately understood what their Commander meant. They did not even need him to give any orders. They directly went forward and used force to suppress this group of people, surrounding them!

Seeing this, the Song Family’s people immediately stopped! Were they so easy to bully?

“What are you doing? Get out of the way!”

“That’s right! We’re also military relatives, and we have a pass here! What right do you have to detain us?”

“Damn! Commander Ning’s soldiers are amazing, aren’t they?”

When the two sides started to argue, the commotion became even bigger!

The exit that Ning Yiyuan and the others were guarding was originally a transportation fortress. There were people coming and going, and it was certain that there would be an endless stream of people.

As such, their ‘battle’ naturally attracted the attention of many people.

Especially with Ning Yiyuan’s appearance, it was like a bright lighthouse. It immediately reminded everyone of the ‘Mo Chu’s disappearance’ incident, and they started discussing it!

“Aiyo! Did they find her?”

“I think there’s an 80 percent chance. Otherwise, why would Ning Yiyuan be so anxious? Look, his eyes are bloodshot!”

“That must have something to do with this group of people! Otherwise, why would he hold onto them so tightly?”

Gossip was a quality that was deeply embedded in human nature. No matter how the times changed, this would never change.

The passengers, who had not even reached the boarding time, were sitting by the side, watching and chatting with great interest. Looking at this leisurely posture, they were just short of a bag of melon seeds and a bottle of drink!

Just when everyone thought that Commander Ning would be able to take down this group of people smoothly, the situation suddenly reversed…

“Ning Yiyuan! How dare you!” A stern shout suddenly rang out!

Everyone turned their heads and looked over. A group of people walked over in a majestic manner. The words just now were shouted by the old man at the front.

Ouch! They could not tell that this old man was already so old, yet he was still so energetic!

“Family Head Song, do you have any advice?” Ning Yiyuan turned his head and glanced at him indifferently. His voice was still quite normal, but the actions of his subordinates were still not relaxed, the man who was held tightly by his neck was now breathing less and venting more.

“How would I dare to have any advice?” Song Tiancheng Sstrode over and snorted. His words were full of mockery. “If I have any advice, I might be the next person to be strangled by you!”

Ning Yiyuan’s lips curled. “That depends on what you say!”

If he did not like what he heard, then they could not blame him, right?

“You!” Song Tiancheng naturally heard the hidden meaning in Ning Yiyuan’s words. He was so angry that blue veins were popping out!

“Good, good, good. You’re amazing!” Song Tiancheng held back his anger and glanced at the surrounding military families. Then, he questioned them as if he was in a pickle, “What? Are there any problems with my military family? How dare you detain them!”

“… They are suspected of kidnapping Mo Chu.” Ning Yiyuan held the broken cloth in his hand tightly and continued, “So, they must be interrogated!”

“Ha! Your words are too interesting!” Song Tiancheng laughed gloomily, “When you reported earlier, you said that the person who kidnapped Mo Chu was very likely from Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s side. How long has it been since you changed your tone!? You said that the person who kidnapped her is from our Song Family!”

“Let me tell you, even if you excluded the dissidents, you weren’t the one who did it! Our Song Family isn’t easy to bully either!” Song Tiancheng had a righteous look on his face as he spoke with conviction!

However, his words revealed too much information. The crowd at the side expressed that the amount of information was too large and they were already unable to receive it…

Little Chu was kidnapped by Wisdom Cloud Galaxy?

Damn! They were indeed thick-skinned and invincible!

Facing such a huge enemy, it was no wonder that Commander Ning was so nervous. It was understandable!

That was not right. Since it was Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s doing, then why was Ning Yiyuan holding onto the Song Family’s people?

The confused onlookers could only sigh, “The noble circle is really chaotic!”!

“Ning Yiyuan, let me tell you! If you do this, I can sue you for slander!” Song Tiancheng continued to exert his strength. “Falsely accusing soldiers and military families, do you know what the charges are?”

Just a piece of cloth was enough to implicate the Song Family. It was too whimsical!

Song Tiancheng tried his best to control the expression on his face that made him want to laugh maniacally. He angrily scolded Ning Yiyuan, “Hurry up and let them go!”

After a long while, Ning Yiyuan finally opened his mouth. “Let them…”

Look, even the Commander was about to give up in the end!

Song Tiancheng could not help but feel smug. Even the corners of his mouth curled up!

“… Arrest them all! One by one, carefully interrogate them! Do you understand?”

Ning Yiyuan’s resolute and decisive words caused the smile on song Tiancheng’s lips to instantly freeze! His eyes instantly widened!

This, this fellow… How dare he?!

Not only that, when the soldiers who rushed over to support him heard this, they even shouted in unison, “Understood! I guarantee to complete the mission!”

They shouted in a neat and orderly manner! Song Tiancheng was so angry that he was trembling!

The crowd who were watching from the side could not bear it any longer. Aiyo!

Look at this old man’s trembling appearance. He was already so old. What if something happened?

Fortunately, he did not know what these people were thinking. Otherwise, Song Tiancheng would really vomit a mouthful of blood!

Staring at Ning Yiyuan, Song Tiancheng took a few deep breaths before forcefully suppressing his anger.

This kid was too arrogant!

If he did not teach this kid a lesson, this kid would really think that he was amazing!

Song Tiancheng snorted coldly. He swiped the terminal and sent a video message to the higher-ups he had connections with. With his wrinkled and bitter face, he ruthlessly accused Ning Yiyuan!

“Minister Li, Look, I gave them my pass too. They said they wanted to check, and we cooperated with them. But now, we’re still stuck here by Ning Yiyuan. They even said they want to take us back for further investigation!Tell me, what should we do? We can’t let Ning Yiyuan do whatever he wants… are our military families letting him do this to us? I have no other choice, so I’m calling you…”

Ning Yiyuan did not care about what he said, and he did not want to waste any more time here. He turned his head and ordered the soldiers behind him, “Interrogate them here! Immediately pull out all the files in the database, verify their identities one by one, and interrogate them!”

“Yes!” Hearing the order, the soldiers behind him immediately got busy.

One had to know that those who could work under Ning Yiyuan were not ordinary people. In just three to five minutes, they were already in their positions! They were really here, interrogating one after another!

Song Tiancheng had just hung up the video call when he raised his head and saw Ning Yiyuan’s actions. He was really furious! He stretched out his hand and pointed at him, trembling slightly. “Ning Yiyuan, you… you know the law and are breaking the law. Your crime is one level higher!”

Song Tiancheng was furious, but he could not help but feel a little guilty. He knew that some of them could not be investigated. If something went wrong, it would be over…

Now he could only hope that the higher-ups could control him!

Sure enough, a few minutes later.

Ning Yiyuan’s terminal rang as promised..