Chapter 543 - I Think I’m Pregnant!

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Chapter 543: I Think I’m Pregnant!

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Just like that, one punch after another was thrown at his body!

“You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

Looking at the stubborn man, Ning Yiyuan could not help but chuckle. His faint voice carried a chilling tone, as if he was toying with the sharpest dagger in his hand. Slowly, he cut a living person into thousands of pieces!

“There’s no rush, we can play slowly… I’ll definitely let you have a good taste of our Federation’s methods!”

Following that, Ning Yiyuan was indeed a man of his word!

One had to know that torturing people was a technique.

What was the point of just beating them up?

After letting out a cold laugh, Ning Yiyuan’s fist was aimed specifically at the man’s liver. He punched down one punch after another, and he even controlled the strength of his punches with extreme precision!

Under such force, the man’s liver would not break at once. On the contrary, he could even clearly feel his organs trembling, squirming, and breaking!

The spiritual pressure and the intense pain in his body were the most frightening!

“Is it broken?” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows slightly and answered himself, “It should be broken, right? Then let’s change to the next position, the stomach. What do you think?”

More than ten minutes later, every organ in the man’s body, except his heart, was brutally tortured by Ning Yiyuan!

A good big man was tortured so badly that he did not look like a human being!

At first glance, there was nothing good about his body. He was covered in blood, no different from a bloody man!

At first, the man was quite able to withstand it. Facing Ning Yiyuan’s various methods, he gritted his teeth and did not even cry out in pain…

But later on, Ning Yiyuan directly used his special ability. The sharp wind blades ruthlessly and meticulously cut through every part of his skin and into every blood vessel, stimulating every nerve ending of his… That kind of terrifying feeling was simply enough to drive a person crazy!

Wails echoed in everyone’s ears one after another. That heart-wrenching, shrieking cry was so loud that even the bystanders felt their hair stand on end, and their bodies turned cold!

However, the person who started it had a calm expression on his face as if he was in a beautiful scene. The corners of his mouth even curled up slightly… F*ck! This contrast could not be any clearer!

When the people around them saw this scene, they were so scared that they almost peed their pants, okay?

In the past, when Ning Yiyuan appeared in the public’s field of vision and was together with Little Chu, the impression he gave everyone was that he was a ‘warm man’ and a ‘loyal dog’. After such a long time, everyone seemed to have forgotten his other identity — the Commander-in-chief of the Military District!

They even forgot that he had once stepped out step by step from the rain of bullets and blood!

In terms of ruthlessness, he was definitely not inferior to anyone else!

At this moment, staring at the cold and indifferent Ning Yiyuan, everyone’s hearts could not help but tremble violently!

They could no longer associate this person in front of them with the man who had smiled warmly earlier…

Ning Yiyuan suddenly took a step forward and directly removed the bespectacled man’s chin that had been grabbed by the soldiers. He even smiled like a spring breeze as he said, “Why, are you afraid? Do you want to… end it?”

Can you not match that gentle smile with your sinister words?

This feeling is too strange!

Little Chu! Hurry back and restrain this devil of yours! Mortals like us really can’t accept this!

Without feeling everyone’s heart tremble, Ning Yiyuan smiled even more innocently. His gaze coldly swept over this group of people, “Tsk tsk! That won’t do! All of you must be well before you reveal Little Chu’s whereabouts! Otherwise… how can you continue playing with me?”

One person passed, and another person passed…

Ning Yiyuan did not show any mercy.

The wailing sound was like a rerun of a program, echoing in everyone’s ears at all times. Occasionally, one or two miserable high-pitched voices would come out…

Finally, under the double blow of body and spirit, someone could not take it anymore!

A man collapsed to the ground. Tears and sweat covered his face, and his whole body could not stop trembling. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan regained some of his vitality. He half-squatted and said softly, “Okay, talk!”

“I, we first took her away, and then… injected her with a sleeping agent,” the man said intermittently, his voice trembling. “Then… then we changed her face, put her into the compartment of the box, and tried to sneak into this team and leave…”

“I’m asking you, where is Little Chu?!” Ning Yiyuan suddenly burst out and roared fiercely!

All his patience seemed to have been exhausted at this moment, and his handsome face was also a bit distorted due to excessive anger!

“I, I don’t know…” The man seemed to have been scared silly. He hugged his head tightly with both hands and said repeatedly, “We… We clearly put her into the box, but… I don’t know why, but the moment you opened the box, the person inside disappeared without a trace. It’s gone!”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but close his eyes!

Did Little Chu run out on his own, or was she taken away by another group of people?

If it was according to what they said, Little Chu had been drugged with a sleeping agent… then the possibility of the latter was much higher!

Moreover, he had already been delayed here for so long. Perhaps the other party had already used other methods to send Little Chu away!

When he thought of this, the pain and fury that filled the sky were like rolling waves that quickly drowned Ning Yiyuan!

He stood there silently the entire time.

However, it was like the calm before a storm. The quieter it was, the more frightening it was!

Those who were close to him could even see Ning Yiyuan’s bloodshot eyes, and their legs instantly went soft.

It’s over… It’s over…

Everyone’s hearts could not help but thump!

It looked like Ning Yiyuan was going to turn completely dark!

That big devil’s appearance just now was already scary enough, okay?

If he were to be a little more ruthless now… Oh my God! They simply did not dare to think about it anymore! It was better to pack up and hurry back! They could not stay in this place anymore.

Just as everyone was secretly preparing to pack up and retreat, a soft cry was especially obvious in the silent space.

In an instant, ning Yiyuan’s slender and muscular body trembled!

Turning his head, he saw a woman slowly walking towards him. Her footsteps were a little unsteady, as if she was completely exhausted…

“Eh? Who Is this woman?”

“F*ck! She still dares to call Commander Ning at this time. She sure has guts!”

“Hmm, that’s not right. Why do I feel that this person’s facial features are so familiar?”

“That’s right. Now that you mention it, I also feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before.”

Before everyone could figure out what was going on, Ning Yiyuan suddenly sprinted over. In the blink of an eye, he tightly grabbed the woman’s arm and pulled her into his embrace!

“Little Chu!” Ning Yiyuan’s wild cry of joy seemed to contain a hint of sobs.

After a long while, everyone finally reacted! It turned out that this woman with familiar features was Mo Chu!

Those men said earlier that they had changed little Chu’s appearance as well, right?

No wonder they could not recognize her… but Ning Yiyuan recognized her at a glance. It was true love indeed!

Everyone clicked their tongues and sighed!

Look at Ning Yiyuan, who had a gloomy and terrifying look just a moment ago. Now that he saw Mo Chu, he immediately restrained his murderous aura and became much gentler!

This speed was even faster than flipping through a book!

At this moment, Mo Chu suddenly retched and her face turned pale!

Everyone’s tormented little hearts also trembled. Aiyo, don’t let anything happen again. Their fragile nerves really could not take it anymore..

Ning Yiyuan was also scared out of his wits. He hurriedly asked, extremely nervous, “Little Chu, are you feeling unwell? Or is there something wrong with the sleeping potion they injected you with? Wait! I’ll call Zhong Wen over immediately!”

“It’s nothing.” Mo Chu quickly reached out to stop Ning Yiyuan who was about to leave and shook her head. “I just feel a little nauseous… The smell of blood on your body is too strong…”

When Ning Yiyuan tortured people just now, his body was inevitably stained with their blood..

Lowering his head to look at the sticky blood stains on his clothes, Ning Yiyuan could not help but frown. He thought to himself, ‘Why was I not careful back then! Otherwise, I would not have made Little Chu feel so uncomfortable and nauseous…’

Stretching out his hands, Ning Yiyuan immediately took off his clothes, revealing his strong and sturdy upper body. He asked gently, “Is this better? Do you still want to vomit?”

Meeting Ning Yiyuan’s uneasy eyes, although Mo Chu still felt nauseous, she still shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m much better.”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan let out a sigh of relief.

Mo Chu smiled and raised her head. Her eyes inadvertently glanced behind him…

Then, he saw the few ‘bloody people’ not far away. Their bodies were covered in blood, and they looked miserable!

“Little Chu, don’t Look!” Ning Yiyuan’s expression changed slightly and he quickly covered Mo Chu’s eyes with his hands.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Mo Chu had already taken in the scene.

Her eyes were red, and she could smell the strong smell of blood!

For a moment, even her stomach began to churn violently.

Mo Chu lowered her head and began to retch again and again.

Ning Yiyuan carefully patted her back and said with both annoyance and worry, “I’ll get Zhong Wen to come over and check on you right away. You’ve never vomited so much before…”

Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned!

Could it be that she… she…

Lowering her head to look at the bloodstains on Ning Yiyuan’s clothes, Mo Chu suddenly realized that she… she had not had her period for two months!

Her pupils suddenly widened!

The seed of doubt in her heart instantly grew into a young sprout!

“Little Chu, what’s wrong?” Ning Yiyuan naturally noticed Mo Chu’s strange behavior and approached her with concern. “Why, other than feeling nauseous, is there anything else that’s uncomfortable? Don’t hold it in, tell me everything.”

“Umm…” After pondering for a long while, Mo Chu opened his mouth in a daze, looking a little dazed. “Ning Yiyuan, I think… maybe… I’m pregnant!”