Chapter 549 - Anxious and Uneasy!

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Chapter 549: Anxious and Uneasy!

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Upon hearing this, Song Tiancheng’s face could not help but twitch violently. Could it be that they felt that even if Mo Chu was pregnant, whether she could successfully give birth to a child in the future was a completely different matter?!

Even without thinking, he knew that if these words were really said, Ning Yiyuan might even want to skin him alive!

Did you not see the outcome of the few Wisdom Cloud Galaxy people who kidnapped Mo Chu?

They could not live, they could not die. These words were probably the most realistic portrayal of them!

“Ahem, that… Commander Ning might have heard wrongly, right?” Song Tiancheng laughed embarrassedly and did not dare to bring up that matter again. “Aren’t we just chatting with a few people at home? What else can we say?”

Ning Yiyuan looked at him coldly.

His eyes were like X-rays, seeing him clearly from the inside out! Even Song Tiancheng, who had a lot of experience, could not help but feel a little scared when he met Ning Yiyuan’s eyes!

After a moment of silence, Ning Yiyuan suddenly curled the corners of his mouth, but there was a hint of blood in his smile. “Could it be that I… Misheard… You?”

Ning Yiyuan’s simple words were spoken with deep meaning. Each word was like a warning bell, fiercely striking their hearts!

For a moment, Song Tiancheng was unable to respond.

Ignoring their unsightly expressions, Ning Yiyuan sneered and directly walked to the head of the living room, openly occupying Song Tiancheng’s seat!

If it were anyone else, they would definitely have exclaimed in admiration!

However, this scene completely changed in the eyes of the Song Family!

Ning Yiyuan was blatantly provoking them!

Ever since he came here uninvited, this person had not taken the Song Family’s authority seriously. Even if he wanted to show off, he had to see whose territory he was stepping on!

“Commander Ning,” Song Tiancheng’s expression was extremely ugly, “Why did you come here at this time?”

“Take a guess.” Ning Yiyuan said these three words indifferently, but the result almost made Song Tiancheng’s brain bleed from anger!

So Ning Yiyuan was putting on such an imposing manner just to let them guess his purpose of coming here today?

He took two deep breaths. Relying on the strong endurance that he had developed over the years, Song Tiancheng finally suppressed the anger in his heart!

Otherwise, he would have asked someone to chase this arrogant kid away!

Looking at the Song Family members who looked like they swallowed sh*t but did not dare to spit it out, Ning Yiyuan’s face turned solemn and he said coldly, “I came here today to… give you guys a reminder!”

Song Tiancheng frowned slightly and looked at Ning Yiyuan in confusion.

“What?” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows and said with interest, “Have you forgotten what I told you this morning?”

Lowering his head to think for a moment, Song Tiancheng’s face suddenly froze!

He suddenly remembered… When Ning Yiyuan was investigating the military families, he accused him of knowing the law and breaking the law. At that time, Ning Yiyuan replied: ‘This crime is much lighter than selling arms!’

Song Tiancheng’s body suddenly trembled!

His face turned pale!

Could it be that this guy… really had some evidence?

No! It was impossible!

They had done it so covertly!

How could Ning Yiyuan find the evidence so quickly? Maybe this guy was bluffing him?

At the thought of this, Song Tiancheng could not help but restrain his emotions. He calmed himself down, squeezed out a smile, and joked, “Commander Ning is really interesting! We’ve talked so much this morning. As an old man, how could I remember so clearly?”

“Ha! It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember clearly.” Ning Yiyuan leaned forward slightly and said with a hint, “Don’t accidentally do something wrong and take the wrong path. There’s no turning back!”

Being stared at by Ning Yiyuan like this, Song Tiancheng broke out in a cold sweat…

“What does Commander Ning Mean? Why don’t you just say it? Let’s not beat around the bush!”

“Sure!” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows and said with a light smile, “Since Elder Song is so direct, I’ll just say it! You… should hurry up and clean up the things at home, okay?”

Hearing this, Song Tiancheng was even more confused.

Ning Yiyuan came here today just to talk to him about this? Impossible!

“Yes!” Seeing Song Tiancheng’s puzzled look, the smile on Ning Yiyuan’s face became more obvious. His voice was calm, but it sounded like thunder. He beat everyone in the living room into a fool!

“Your Song Family is suspected of selling weapons! They’re all going to jail! Don’t you have to hurry up and clean it up?”

“Otherwise, when the people who are being arrested arrive, how flustered will you be?”

Ning Yiyuan put on a considerate look, but the coldness in his eyes was clearly seen by others!

“Ning… Ning Yiyuan, you… You’re slandering me! You’re slandering me!”

Song Tiancheng did not expect Ning Yiyuan to be so straightforward. He felt both guilty and angry, and even his body began to tremble!

“Hehe!” Ning Yiyuan sneered, and then his eyes suddenly widened. His right hand angrily patted the edge of the chair, making a crisp sound!

“You can open your eyes and see if I’m… Slandering you!”

After saying this, Ning Yiyuan left with Zuo Lin.

Only Song Tiancheng and the others were still standing in the living room in a daze

After a long while, Song Tiancheng finally collapsed on the sofa…

Looking at Ning Yiyuan, he must have solid evidence in his hands!

Otherwise, how could he dare to declare war on the Song Family?

“Family Head…” The others were clearly dumbfounded by this scene. At this moment, they were in a daze. “Umm… What should we do?”

One had to know that in the Federation, the crime of trafficking in firearms was extremely serious!

After all, firearms were the foundation of a country’s government. Once someone dared to touch this taboo, they would definitely suffer a strong counterattack and punishment!

Simply put, just this crime alone was enough to wipe out the accumulation and hard work of generations of the Song Family in the blink of an eye.

Of course, under this huge risk, huge benefits were hidden.

Think about it, how long had it been since the Song Family came into contact with firearms, and they had already gone from that unworthy third-rate aristocratic family to their current position!

The huge profits contained within were like drugs that could not be touched. Once they came into contact with them, they would not be able to stop!

It was because of this that they had taken the risk again and again. However, they had never expected that they would end up being pecked in the eye by an eagle!

“How about… We immediately find someone to wipe out all the information related to our Song Family?” Finally, someone could not help but speak up. Who could give up the power in their hands so easily?

“Humph!” Song Tiancheng sneered. “Isn’t it too late to wipe out all the evidence?

“Not to mention that Ning Yiyuan already had the evidence, even if they did not have it, could they really prevent people from investigating?

“Then… why don’t we send someone to destroy the evidence in Ning Yiyuan’s hands?”

Hearing Ning Yiyuan’s words just now, he did not hand over all the evidence yet. Since that was the case, they still had room to make a move!

“Destroy the evidence in Ning Yiyuan’s hands? Do you think it’s that easy?” Song Tiancheng rubbed his furrowed brows, he sighed softly. “Right now, everyone’s focus is on Mo Chu. Once we make a move against Ning Yiyuan, how many people’s eyes will we attract? Won’t that be like a confession? We’ll just confess without fighting?”

Besides, if they were to find someone else to make a move against, would they be able to easily find someone who could suppress Ning Yiyuan in terms of physical strength? By the time they finally found him, the Song Family would have already been convicted of the crime!

The two proposals that they had proposed were rejected by Song Tiancheng. The others could not help but worry in their hearts. This… They could not just sit and wait for death!

When they thought about how Ning Yiyuan was planning to send their Song Family to prison, they were so worried that they could not sit still!

To put it bluntly, Ning Yiyuan’s words were like throwing a shoe on the roof, but they did not know when the other shoe would fall!

The anxiety in their hearts could not be mentioned anymore!

It was practically torturing them to death!

Of course, this was also the purpose of Ning Yiyuan’s visit!

Since the Song Family dared to make a move on Little Chu, it was just a small interest to make them restless!

The highlight of the show was still to come…

“How about…” The group of Song Family members was still discussing in the living room, looking anxious and uneasy. Suddenly, someone suggested, “How about we go find Song Qingsong?”

When this long-awaited name was mentioned, everyone was stunned!

“Yes!” The man who suggested this nodded affirmatively. “We can totally ask Song Qingsong for help!”

In the Federation, who did not know that Ning Yiyuan had always been obedient to Mo Chu? Not to mention that she was pregnant now. Ning Yiyuan probably wanted to hold her in his hands, so he would not go against her wishes!

Song Qingsong was their best friend. It was rumored that his relationship with Mo Chu was ironclad. If Song Qingsong said something, how could Mo Chu not care?

If Mo Chu cared, would Ning Yiyuan still attack them?

No matter how they thought about it, this was a good idea!

Right! Perhaps this path would really work!

Thinking of this, their eyes lit up. They looked up at Family Head Song, ready to ask for his opinion.

Song Tiancheng lowered his head and pondered for a moment. In the end, he nodded. “Alright, then let’s get someone to beg him! We must make Song Qingsong change his mind!”

Although the Song Family had given up on Song Qingsong due to the genetic collapse disease, he still had the surname of the Song Family on his head. At this time, how could he stay out of this? He should also contribute to the family!