Chapter 554 - A Flash of Inspiration!

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Chapter 554: A Flash of Inspiration!

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Thinking about it, Mo Chu instantly felt bad… Her IQ, which was originally quite high, suddenly fell below the passing mark!

Even a reckless person like Zuo Lin could see through it, but she actually did not notice it at all… Awooo! This world was really too cruel!

Zuo Lin, who had been shot innocently by the side, instantly fell silent. … Brother is also a person with a high IQ, okay? Don’t think that just because he usually smiles mischievously, it means that his IQ is low! You can’t bully people like this!

“Sigh!” Mo Chu, who felt that she had been ‘dumb for three years’, could not help but sigh softly. She felt as if her entire being had received a strong blow… Yet, at this moment, she could not rely on delicacies to solve her problems. Then… she could only have a good sleep!

As the saying went, “The only way to solve your problems is to sleep well”!

As expected, sleepyheads came at a whim. This was probably a patent of pregnant women!

“Do you want to sleep?” Ning Yiyuan asked gently.

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded. In just a short while, her eyes were so sleepy that they could hardly open.

“Okay, then let’s go back to the room and sleep.” Ning Yiyuan picked her up with familiarity and walked back to the room.

Then, he gently placed Little Chu on the bed, covered her with the blanket, and finally planted a light kiss on her forehead.

As soon as Mo Chu touched the blanket on the bed, she was completely asleep. Her mouth was slightly open, and she was snoring softly!

Ning Yiyuan had called for an emergency meeting in the study.

The topic of discussion was — ‘How to solve Little Chu’s pregnancy vomiting?’

“Come, everyone, share your opinions.” Ning Yiyuan sat at the head of the table. His expression was slightly solemn, and he was no longer as gentle as before. “Let’s all talk about it and see what you think!”

“… how about this. First, I’ll tell everyone about Little Chu’s current physical condition.” After a moment of silence, Zhong Wen was the first to stand up. His expression was slightly solemn, and he organized his words before continuing.

“At the start, when Little Chu was discovered to be pregnant, her body statistics were completely normal. However, up till now, after almost a month, according to the normal statistics of pregnant women, Little Chu has gradually started to show signs of being underweight and anemic. If this continues, the consequences will be simply unimaginable!”

Mo Chu was the first ‘pregnant mother’ in the Federation for over a hundred years. She could be considered a national treasure!

Whether their Federation would be able to achieve a normal birth in the future depended entirely on Mo Chu!

Therefore, she absolutely could not have any problems!

Normally, if there were any slight movements, they would be able to immediately activate a level 1 alert, not to mention Mo Chu’s current condition!

“That’s right.” Elder Liu could not help but speak up when he mentioned this. “For this matter, I’ve also asked my old friends from other galaxies to help me find an object that can stop vomiting. However, the effect… is negligible!”

“So, we’re studying the anti-vomiting ingredient in the light yellow fruit. Since it’s effective on Little Chu, we might as well extract it and increase its content. Perhaps we can control Little Chu’s current condition!”

Sigh! This method sounded promising!

Mo Yang’s eyes lit up, and he asked, “Then how far have you guys studied it?”

“Umm… Cough cough.” Elder Liu was really embarrassed to meet Mo Yang’s eyes which were filled with anticipation. He could only cough twice and lower his voice, appearing a little weak. “Based on our current progress, we’ll probably need another three to four months before we can produce any results!”

… Three to four months?

When he heard this, Mo Yang instantly felt discouraged!

If he really waited until then, it would be too late!

With Little Chu’s current state, could he wait for another three to four months? It was a joke, right?

“Can’t you speed up the progress?” Ning Yiyuan could not help but suggest, “Why don’t I ask the higher-ups to send more people to you?”

“This isn’t a problem of having more people,” Elder Liu shook his head in shame, “What I said just now was already the fastest speed!”

If that was really the case, this method… would probably not work!

For a moment, the scene fell silent again..

Just as everyone was deep in thought, Uncle Wang suddenly rushed in, wiped the sweat off his head, and shouted, “Commander Ning, Exalted Chen Bai has come down!”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but be stunned for a moment. Then, he quickly reacted and quickly got up to welcome the guests!

In the living room, Exalted Chen Bai was standing quietly. There were three pots of green plants on the table, which made people feel relaxed and happy…

“Exalted Chen Bai, why are you here?” Ning Yiyuan hurried down from upstairs and said with a gentle face, “Welcome, please take a seat!”

“Okay.” Exalted Chen Bai nodded and sat on the sofa. Without any formalities, he went straight to the point. “I heard that Little Chu has been vomiting a lot recently, so I came over to take a look!”

“This… You Already Know About It?”

Ning Yiyuan was slightly stunned.

White Venerable Chen was a person who was obsessed with the research of the heart demon plant. If even he knew about it, this news would have spread throughout the entire circle!

“How could I not know?”

White Venerable Chen laughed lightly. Not to mention the commotion on Ning Yiyuan’s side, just Elder Ning’s side alone had caused a ruckus! How could he not know?

Ning Yiyuan also reacted. He pursed his lips and nodded. “That’s true.”

Exalted Chen Bai went down and looked at the living room. “Right, where’s Little Chu?”

“Oh! She’s already asleep,” Ning Yiyuan said apologetically. “How about this, I’ll go wake her up…”

“No, there’s no need!” Exalted Chen Bai hurriedly waved his hand. “Since Little Chu is asleep, then don’t wake her up!”

Besides, judging from Ning Yiyuan’s posture, he had no intention of calling for help!

He was just saying it! He probably did not want to wake Little Chu up!

Looking at their affectionate looks, Exalted Chen Bai smiled. Very good! It was good that they were like this!

“By the way,” Exalted Chen Bai pointed at the three pots of normal plants on the table and said with a smile, “I brought this specially for Little Chu. It can calm her heart and calm her breath. It’s perfect for her current situation.”

These three pots of normal plants were worth a lot of money!