Chapter 555 - More than Just a Trophy Wife!

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Chapter 555: More than Just a Trophy Wife!

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With this thought in mind, the meeting that was interrupted due to Exalted Chen Bai’s sudden arrival continued once again…

Ning Yiyuan casually said his suggestion, instantly shocking Elder Liu and the others!

Holy sh*t! Did they hear wrongly just now?

Otherwise, why would they hear Ning Yiyuan say… that he wanted to use normal plants as Spirit Food?

“You heard right.” Seeing the astonishment in their eyes, Ning Yiyuan calmly nodded, indicating that their hearing was above normal.

Hearing Ning Yiyuan admit this once again, even Elder Liu, who had always seen great storms, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air!

“Commander Ning, are you really going to… use normal plants as Spirit Food?”

That was a normal plant that was priceless! It was not like your family had a bunch of cheap magical plants, okay? This… This was a little too wasteful!

Moreover, this was only a temporary plan. What if it did not work? This large sum of money would be wasted, right?

“You don’t have to worry about money.” Ning Yiyuan waved his hand generously. Then, he slightly poked his head out and asked with a serious expression, “You just need to tell me how high the probability is that this plan will work.”

You rich man, you’re amazing!

Taking a deep breath, Elder Liu suppressed the surprise in his heart and carefully considered the possibility of this plan.

You really should not say that!

Apart from the fact that it was extremely expensive, the other advantages were immediately obvious!

First of all, the energy contained in this normal plant was purer than that of the magical plant. It might even be more suitable for the child in Mo Chu’s stomach to absorb.

Secondly, this normal plant itself had a calming and soothing effect. It might even be able to alleviate Mo Chu’s morning sickness symptoms to a great extent.

From the looks of it, this normal plant might really be able to solve Mo Chu’s problem!

After pondering for a moment, Elder Liu finally voiced his thoughts, “From a theoretical point of view, the feasibility of this plan shouldn’t be less than 70 percent. However, we still have to experiment to know the actual effect…”

70 percent… upon hearing this figure, Ning Yiyuan’s eyes suddenly lit up!

This ratio had already exceeded his previous expectations!

Without any further hesitation, Ning Yiyuan immediately made the decision. “Alright! Then it’s decided. I’ll immediately report it to the higher-ups!”

Ning Yiyuan’s actions were swift and decisive!

Just as he made his decision, he turned his head and reported the situation to the higher-ups.

He really felt sorry for Little Chu. Look, it had only been a short while!

Little Chu’s originally delicate and pretty oval face had turned into a v-shaped face. Although the edges and corners looked more distinct than before, in Ning Yiyuan’s eyes, it was his wife who had suffered!

“…” after hearing Ning Yiyuan’s suggestion, the higher-ups were shocked. They could not speak for a long time!

This Kid is just awesome!

They had just produced a little bit of research results on normal plants, and it was all snatched away by you, Kid? You’re really bold!

“This… are you guys going to continue researching?”

The higher-ups of the government were also reluctant to part with it! Their hearts ached!

Don’t look at how many normal plants they had produced now, but their initial costs were also quite a lot! In this way, every normal plant could be said to be sky-high in price!

Moreover, this thing did not seem like a recyclable resource. If they used one, they would lose one. If it did not work on Mo Chu, they would suffer a great loss!

“I’ve already communicated with the team of medical experts responsible for Little Chu’s condition.” Ning Yiyuan also knew that he would not be able to get the government to approve this plan with just his words. “They also agree with this idea, and they feel that it’s more than 70 percent feasible.”

“Really?” As soon as this solid figure was revealed, the government’s side instantly wavered.

Actually, they had been closely monitoring Mo Chu’s condition. The government was also very anxious about her intense morning sickness reaction!

Originally, they had thought that if Elder Liu and the others still could not come up with an effective plan, they would be prepared to join forces with other galaxies to discuss and solve Mo Chu’s problem!

But now, since they had come up with this method, they might as well give it a try! It was better than doing nothing, right?

That was the logic, but the relationship between normal plants was extensive. It might not be approved in a short time!

“How about this… The Ning Family will buy the normal amount of plants for the past few days!” Ning Yiyuan was also aware of the government’s concerns, but he did not have time to wait!

If he waited another day, Little Chu would have to suffer another day of hunger!

“If it’s effective,” Ning Yiyuan continued, “The government will provide the appropriate amount for the later use. What do you think?”

“Okay! This method is good!” When Ning Yiyuan said this, the eyes of the high-ranking officials instantly lit up!

This was the problem he was worried about, right?

If he gave this normal plant to Mo Chu without permission, it would inevitably cause a dispute. However, if the Ning Family took the initiative to buy it, it would be a different matter!

If the others also wanted it, it was very simple. They would also pay for it!

“Then when do you think… You can approve it?” Ning Yiyuan asked persistently.

“Approve! Approve!” The higher-ups nodded with a smile. “I’ll give the order right away. When the time comes, you can come over and take it directly!”

“Alright.” Ning Yiyuan nodded excitedly and immediately took action.

In less than an hour, the normal plant was brought back.

At the same time, this news quickly spread throughout the entire Federation!

“Special announcement! Special announcement! It’s said that in order to prevent Little Chu from vomiting, Commander Ning spared no expense to buy a normal plant and is preparing to make Spirit Food for Little Chu!”

This post had just been released, and it instantly attracted a lot of netizens’ attention. The discussion became even more heated!

“F*ck! Did I hear it wrong? Normal plants to make Spirit Food? F*ck! This is way too generous!”

“I really didn’t see the wrong person! Commander Ning spent a lot of money just to stop a beauty from vomiting. Well done, I like you!”

“That’s right, I’ll send you a good man card!”

“When you marry someone, you should marry Ning Yiyuan…”

“I suddenly feel that the Spirit Food I eat is so cheap. Where did this confidence come from? I’m laughing and crying…”

“Wait! I’m only focusing on one question right now — What exactly is the taste of Spirit Food made from normal plants? ! awoo! I can’t think about it anymore, I can’t stop my saliva!”

“I also want to know… It will definitely taste delicious…”

“I beg for Little Chu to livestream!”

“I beg for a livestream!”

The comments were originally all sorts of comments, but at the end, they were all lined up in a neat line, all begging for a livestream!

Seeing this, Mo Chu, who had just woken up, was stunned!

What the Hell was this?

She clicked on the link below this hot topic and watched the whole thing from beginning to end. After digesting the news, Mo Chu could not help but swallow her saliva in surprise! She felt like she was a Spartan!

Ning Yiyuan actually bought normal plants to make Spirit Food for her, what the f*ck! This was a little too rich, right?

It was only now that Mo Chu felt like she had ‘married into a rich family’ once again…

Previously, Ning Yiyuan had taken the initiative to transfer all of his assets to Mo Chu’s account. Thinking back to that time, she seemed to be oblivious to his wealth…

After carefully reading the contents of the news, the corners of Mo Chu’s mouth could not help but curl up, and her heart was filled with joy..

From a certain point of view, if a man was willing to spend money for you, it was enough to represent your position in his heart… Clearly, her position in Ning Yiyuan’s heart was more than just a trophy wife!

After tidying up a little, Mo Chu got up and left. She was ready to praise Ning Yiyuan’s actions and encourage him to continue working hard in the future… However, just as she walked into the living room, she saw Zhong Wen and the others standing in front of a few normal plants with distressed expressions!

They looked extremely distressed!

Among the few of them, Mo Chu’s gaze was instantly attracted by Ning Yiyuan!

How should he put it?

This fellow was currently half-squatting on the ground, looking at these normal plants with eager eyes… He looked like a simple and honest big dog, the corners of his mouth slightly drooping. His ears, which had always been energetic, also drooped down… This formed a stark contrast with his usual cold and aloof image!

Moreover, for some reason, Mo Chu felt that there was indescribable cuteness about him when he looked at him like this.

“You guys… What’s going on?” After looking at it for a while, Mo Chu finally could not help but ask.