Chapter 1554

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Chapter 1554: Lava Zone

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The Mother of Bloodbath felt the bloodline in its body pulsing slightly.

The fire elements in the lava zone were extremely saturated.

These fire elements felt extremely warm to the Mother of Bloodbath. It felt completely different from the fire elements that it was familiar with.

These fire elements embraced the Mother of Bloodbath, and the Mother of Bloodbath felt the same emotion it felt when it saw Blood New Moon.

The Mother of Bloodbath knew that the fire elements were responding to its bloodline.

The Mother of Bloodbath was not one who liked to wallow in sadness. The few tears that it shed in its life were all for Lin Yuan’s sake.

The Mother of Bloodbath had even managed to prevent itself from crying when it saw its father.

But now, the feelings that the Mother of Bloodbath felt from the fire elements caused it to start to sob uncontrollably.

When the Mother of Bloodbath fell to its knees and started to tremble with large tears flowing down its face, Lin Yuan did not instruct the Kill Food Sky Butterfly to land. Instead, he squatted down and used his thumb pad to wipe the tears away.

Lin Yuan had already guessed that the fire elements affected the Mother of Bloodbath.

Jade Sundial’s body had turned into the lava zone, and the fire elements remained there. This meant that there was definitely something special about the fire elements formed from Sky Sundial Jade Spider.

This was what made the lava zone special.

Lin Yuan felt that it was highly likely that using the Remembrance Soul Whale to gather the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s soul would be a success.

The fire elements from the lava zone were gathering toward the Mother of Bloodbath.

The Mother of Bloodbath would definitely be able to recover memories through its bloodline.

The Mother of Bloodbath looked up, and its eyes met Lin Yuan’s concerned ones.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath could not hold it back anymore and wrapped its arms around Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan gently patted the Mother of Bloodbath’s back to comfort it. He did not say anything even as the tears dampened his shoulder.

The Kill Food Sky Butterfly thought, The Mother of Bloodbath has always been suppressing and hiding its feelings for Lin Yuan. However, now that it could sense its mother, all of its walls fell, and it was acting so intimately. But looking at Lin Yuan, it seems that he doesn’t understand the Mother of Bloodbath’s feelings. He is purely comforting the Mother of Bloodbath.

The Kill Food Sky Butterfly did not mind that its father-in-law was obtuse because its relationship with Purple Afterglow was great.

Although the Nirvana Blaze Butterfly had been spending all day and night with Purple Afterglow, it was also male. Thus, the Kill Food Sky Butterfly could rest its mind.

Otherwise, the Kill Food Sky Butterfly would be absolutely depressed at that moment.

Having one-sided feelings for someone was better than being cheated on.

A moment later, the Mother of Bloodbath removed itself from the hug and said softly, “Lin Yuan, let’s go down and take a look.”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s face turned suspiciously red.

When the Kill Food Sky Butterfly landed, Lin Yuan returned it to the Spirit Lock spatial zone and summoned the Remembrance Soul Whale with a wave of his hand.

The Remembrance Soul Whale was currently Bronze X/Legend.

Before Lin Yuan comprehended a Willpower Rune that was related to the soul, this would be the limit for the Remembrance Soul Whale.

Lin Yuan instructed the Remembrance Soul Whale, “Remembrance Soul Whale, use Soul Knot and search for remnants of souls in this area.”

The Remembrance Soul Whale let out a cry and immediately started to sweep the area for souls.

After searching, it turned up the souls of feys like the Sharp-Eared Fire Fox, Fire Source Wolf, and Ring Tail Flame Python.

There were also some souls of adventurers mixed in with the souls of these feys. Evidently, some adventurers had died here.

There were also an uncountable number of souls of plant-type feys.

The lava zone was a complete ecological environment.

At every moment, there were feys killing and hunting each other. This was the natural law of the jungle.

Although the souls of the weak lifeforms quickly dissipated after they died, too many feys had died in the past few days.

The Remembrance Soul Whale needed pieces of a soul to use Soul Knot to pick and sort through them.

The Sky Sundial Jade Spider had died too long ago. Even if any of its soul was left, it would be extremely weak.

It was almost impossible to find the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s soul using this method.

Even if Lin Yuan and the Remembrance Soul Whale stayed here every day to sort through the souls, it might take them decades to find the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s soul if they were unlucky.

No matter how strong Lin Yuan was, he could not prevent the feys from ever dying or falling sick.

Lin Yuan said to the Mother of Bloodbath that had eyes full of hope, “We are on the border of Bronze Furnace City. The deeper we walk into the lava zone, the more concentrated the fire elements become and the more likely we’ll be able to find the soul.

“Let’s head toward the center of the lava zone, and the Remembrance Soul Whale will continue to search while we travel.”

The Mother of Bloodbath nodded.

It fell silent for a moment before it said, “Lin Yuan, once we reach the lava zone, let’s search until it’s time for dinner. If we can’t find anything, we’ll continue for another day after the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection. If we still can’t find anything, then perhaps Mother’s soul is really gone.”

The Mother of Bloodbath knew that time was precious to Lin Yuan.

It was already a guarantee that Lin Yuan would be able to become a Radiance Envoy.

There was also going to be an earth-shattering bet between the Radiance Federation and Freedom Federation taking place two years later.

The next two years would be the most crucial period for Lin Yuan to increase his power.

Hence, the Mother of Bloodbath did not want to waste Lin Yuan’s time.

Furthermore, the Mother of Bloodbath was certain that the center of the zone where the fire elements were the most concentrated was where its mother’s soul would be most likely to be found. If its mother’s soul could not be found there, it was practically certain that its mother’s soul was already gone.

They had only walked a few thousand meters, yet the fire elements were already much more concentrated!

Only the most powerful feys could survive at the center of the lava zone.

Hence, there could not be many other souls at the center of the lava zone.

It should not be difficult to search.

As they walked, Lin Yuan noticed that the Remembrance Soul Whale was gathering more and more souls of spirit qi professionals.

The souls of spirit qi professionals were the easiest to dissipate.

If their souls were still being picked up, it meant that they had only died recently.

As such, Lin Yuan sensed that something was wrong.