Chapter 1555

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Chapter 1555: The Phantom that Resembles the Mother of Bloodbath!

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Why did so many spirit qi professionals die at the lava zone?

As the Remembrance Soul Whale continued to search, Lin Yuan figured out the reason.

The Remembrance Soul Whale found the soul of an abyss demon.

In fact, there were so many souls of abyss demons here that Lin Yuan could not find the souls of any other lifeforms.

It was likely that an adventurer had set off from the Bronze Furnace City or was on the way back and happened to encounter the abyss dimensional rift.

The abyss demon had killed many spirit qi professionals.

Soon, Lin Yuan and the Mother of Bloodbath walked into the inner sanctum of the lava zone.

There, Lin Yuan found that many of the fire-type feys had mutated, and their bloodlines had been purified.

The most obvious mutation had happened to the spider-species feys.

Lin Yuan even saw a Diamond X/Fantasy V fire-type spider-species fey.

This was the first time that Lin Yuan had seen a fey that had evolved to Fantasy Breed and comprehended a Willpower Rune in the wild.

Such a fey was a gift to the world.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the fire-type spider-species fey and saw that it was called the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider.

It mainly used elemental and physical attacks and excelled at assassination.

Although the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider had reached Diamond/Fantasy, it was still as small as a bottle cap. If it was kept hidden, it would be a natural killer.

From the moment that the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider saw the Mother of Bloodbath, it started acting exceptionally affectionately toward it.

Diamond/Fantasy spider-species feys had gained intelligence, albeit a low level.

The Ghost Fire Pierce Spider was acting so affectionately toward the Mother of Bloodbath because it had been absorbing the fire-elemental energy in the area that was also the Mother of Bloodbath’s source.

Ever since the Mother of Bloodbath evolved to a Heavenly Family Fey, it had been nurturing the Blood Brew Grapevine.

It even fed the small portion of the Crimson Tentacle Algae’s body that could not be turned into an instrument to the Blood Brew Grapevine.

As the Mother of Bloodbath continuously used the Blood Law to guide it, the Blood Brew Grapevine managed to comprehend a Willpower Rune that was related to blood. It could be said that it was the Mother of Bloodbath’s best disciple.

When the Mother of Bloodbath glanced at the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider, it placed the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider in its palm and said, “Your life changed here. I will give you an opportunity too. If you’re willing, I will keep you by my side from now on. I will help you to grow.”

When the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider heard what the Mother of Bloodbath said, it disappeared into the Mother of Bloodbath’s hair.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath had not said that it was going to accept the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider as its disciple, it was evident that this was what had just happened.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider to be able to become the Mother of Bloodbath’s disciple.

From now on, the spider’s life would be transformed.

Just as they were about to enter the center of the lava zone, Lin Yuan noticed that the Remembrance Soul Whale was finding just as many souls.

However, it was no longer finding any weak lifeforms.

At that moment, Lin Yuan spotted a heavily injured spirit qi professional supporting a three-meter-tall gorilla-species fey walking toward them from a distance.

When the expert saw Lin Yuan and the Mother of Bloodbath, he immediately shouted, “There’s a gathering of strange beasts up ahead! It looks like a fire-type treasure has appeared! Run! The feys that dug out the treasure encountered the feys that did not manage to obtain the treasure. Those that missed out will probably start venting their anger!”

The man walking over was a king-class expert. The gorilla-species fey next to him was the Diamond IV/Fantasy II Fire Tattoo Combat Gorilla.

Spirit qi professionals who contracted fire-type feys would always head to the lava zone to find treasures that they could use to increase their power.

Most fire-species feys had extremely violent tempers. It was very normal for them to attack people on sight.

Although the lava zone did not have a large area, fire-type feys could increase their power extremely quickly here.

Hence, every powerful fire-type fey could not find it in themselves to coexist.

As such, feys were very territorial.

Any lifeform that steps into another fey’s territory would be seen as an invader and promptly attacked.

The king-class expert had been kind enough to warm Lin Yuan and the Mother of Bloodbath. This indicated that he was a decent person.

With a wave of his hand, a beam of green light extended from Lin Yuan’s hand to the middle-aged man and the Fire Tattoo Combat Gorilla.

The middle-aged man and Fire Tattoo Combat Gorilla’s injuries were immediately healed.

Lin Yuan’s action made the middle-aged man immediately aware that Lin Yuan was truly capable and able to traverse the center of the lava zone.

Hence, the middle-aged man did not give out any more warnings.

He thought of the scene that he just saw and said, “There is at least one Myth Breed fey in human form in there. It seems that it’s guarding a fire-red stone. From afar, the stone looks like spider legs. But I’m not sure if I saw it right.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up when he heard what the middle-aged man said.

He said to the Mother of Bloodbath, “Let’s go and take a look at the center of the lava zone now. Before the lava zone was formed, it used to be a forest. There’s no way that there are fire-type treasures here. Hence, all the fire-type treasures here are definitely related to the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s corpse. If the red stone is truly formed from the body of the Sky Sundial Jade Spider, it must contain a part of its soul.

“No matter how little the soul fragment it contains is, the Remembrance Soul Whale only needs to absorb a bit of it to use Burning Soul New Life and spiritual ingredients full of soul power to direct the pure energy into the soul. The soul energy will do its best to replenish the broken soul and make it whole again.”

The Mother of Bloodbath was so excited that it did not know what to do.

It had been slightly dispirited. But now, it was filled with limitless hope.

The Mother of Bloodbath immediately rushed to the center of the lava zone with Lin Yuan.

The Mother of Bloodbath revealed its Heavenly Family Fey prowess at that moment.

The moment it tapped into its Sky Sundial Jade Spider bloodline, a sun appeared above its head.

Flames licked the Mother of Bloodbath’s skirt, and it was bathed in sunlight.

It resembled a sun goddess.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath unleashed its killer instinct.

It was set on fighting for the stone that could be its mother’s leg, no matter what it took.

When the Mother of Bloodbath triggered its Sky Sundial Jade Spider bloodline, all the fire elements in the lava zone started to seethe.

Soon, the fire-elemental energy started to solidify and slowly formed the phantom of a woman.

The woman’s image was blurry, but no one could refute that she looked exceedingly similar to the Mother of Bloodbath.

She had the same sun crowning her head.

When the fire elements solidified into the phantom of a woman, a gust of wind finally blew into the lava zone.

With the gust of wind came clouds and rain that had not fallen in years.

As the breeze and wind intermingled, yearning perforated the entire area.