Chapter 1557

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Chapter 1557: All Lifeforms Melt and Boil!

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Although this fey had only just evolved from Fantasy V to Myth Breed, its life rank had been advanced from the moment it overcame the World Cleansing. This was a bridge that would be difficult for one to use talent to cross.

Moreover, most of the fire-type feys in the lava zone had evolved their bloodlines and had strong natural talents.

Thus, when the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider started fighting with the Myth I Lava Scary Clawed Bear, the red and blue flames burned the Lava Scary Clawed Bear to the point that it could not stop howling in pain.

All the fur on its body was scorched black.

Nonetheless, no actual damage could be done to it.

At that moment, the Lava Scary Clawed Bear opened its mouth and let out a roar.

It was about to tap into the fire elements floating in the air when it realized that all the fire-type energy in the area had been drained by the phantom image of a woman with a crown on her head.

The Lava Scary Clawed Bear could only make use of the fire-elemental energy in its roots to use the attack Bear King Claw Attack.

The Lava Scary Clawed Bear’s claws were agile as they ripped through the air and violent fire power sailed through the air.

If they hit the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider that did not have strong defense abilities, it would be torn apart.

The Lava Scary Clawed Bear had been certain that it was about to kill the Ghost Fire Pierce Spider when a ferocious cry filled the air.

Soon, the Mother of Bloodbath shook its hand, and a ribbon of light wrapped around the Lava Scary Clawed Bear. The Lava Scary Clawed Bear instantly lost control of its movements.

All the blood in its body had been locked.

Soon, the Lava Scary Clawed Bear realized with shock that three large hornless dragons with red bodies and red horns had slithered from under the girl’s skirt. Each of the dragons was almost 100 meters long.

One of the dragons charged toward the Lava Scary Clawed Bear, and its horns pierced the Lava Scary Clawed Bear’s chest.

The Lava Scary Clawed Bear immediately lost consciousness.

But this was just the beginning.

The Mother of Bloodbath used Funeral of Light and took control of the Lava Scary Clawed Bear using light energy.

Before the Lava Scary Clawed Bear was scorched dry by the light energy, it would become the Mother of Bloodbath’s puppet.

The Mother of Bloodbath was unsure if the Remembrance Soul Whale would be able to find its mother’s soul. Yet, the short period of time that it could enjoy its mother’s love had been cut short.

All the fire-type feys that had come to this place were looking enviously at the phantom of the Mother of Bloodbath’s mother. Evidently, they wanted to absorb the phantom’s fire elements.

This enraged the Mother of Bloodbath.

All of you have been benefiting from my mother. Forget the fact that you have no intention of thanking her, but you’re even trying to devour her!?

The Mother of Bloodbath’s emotions exploded, and a long spear appeared in its hand.

At that moment, it heard a gentle voice say, “Leave this to me.”

Soon, a middle-aged woman wearing a red skirt appeared in front of the Mother of Bloodbath.

She first bowed toward the woman’s phantom image before plucking a red hairpin from her hair.

She held the hairpin and shouted, “Spirit Return! All Lifeforms Melt and Boil!”

Triangle-shaped scales surfaced on her face.

There was no doubt that they were snake scales.

A roar was released from her mouth, and colorless fumes spewed out.

The woman pushed her hairpin into the venomous fumes, and it quickly dissolved, staining the fog red.

Soon, the fumes spread out, and all the feys that were Myth II and below started to melt like candles when they came into contact with the venomous fumes.

In an instant, all their strong bodies liquefied.

The middle-aged woman cleared out all the feys that had been eyeing the phantom image of the woman.

This was the second time that Lin Yuan saw a Myth III fey use Spirit Return through Body Weaponization.

After the middle-aged woman unleashed her killing move, she recalled her aura.

She bowed to the Mother of Bloodbath and said, “Greetings.”

The Mother of Bloodbath did not lower its aura.

When the middle-aged woman sensed the Mother of Bloodbath’s enmity, she hurriedly explained, “Miss, I’m a Venomous Fire Viper with a normal bloodline. You happened to land when I broke out of my shell.”

The middle-aged woman looked at the phantom image of the woman with a child-like gaze before saying, “I have been benefiting from her ever since I was young. I managed to mutate and quickly increase my power. Now, I have reached Myth III. I cannot repay everything that she has done for me. If you don’t mind, please allow me to stay by your side so I can repay her and be of some help to you through my service.”

The middle-aged woman shot a look of disgust at the melted feys and said, “Miss, there are two groups of feys here. The first group is natives that have been benefiting from the lava. The other group is fire-type feys that moved to the lava zone for the environment. They only consider the lava zone as a treasure trove and only want to drain all of its resources.

“I came over because people were trying to steal the precious rock. We have always regarded the precious stone as the remnant of her body. However, a few foreign feys found help with the intention of stealing the precious stone together. Although it ended with us suffering grievous injuries, we managed to keep the foreign feys away. We killed the leader of those feys. They probably won’t be coming here again anytime soon.

“Would you like to take a look at the precious rock? From the moment we sensed your aura, we decided to follow you from now on.”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s heart skipped a beat.

The Mother of Bloodbath did not like the feys that had transformed by being nourished by its mother because it saw this as them eating its mother’s flesh.

But the Mother of Bloodbath could not bring itself to be angered by the middle-aged woman’s words. Rather, it was very touched.

Lin Yuan studied the middle-aged woman’s sincere expression.

He thought about the feys at the center of the zone that were protecting the precious rock.

He now had a better understanding of how much feys prioritized kindness.

It was very likely that the precious rock had been formed from the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s legs. It would be nutritious for any fey.

Yet, these feys were protecting it to return the favor and were now willing to serve the Mother of Bloodbath for the rest of their lives.

“I’m going to watch over Lin Yuan. My mother was the one who turned into the lava zone. I have a father too. I will tell my father to make you into external members of Heavenly Family Cottage,” said the Mother of Bloodbath.