Chapter 1558

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Chapter 1558: The Mother of Bloodbath’s Motive

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The Mother of Bloodbath was very honest when it spoke, and gratitude was written all over its face.

Regardless of whether the precious rock that had been protected for years was its mother’s soul, the feys that had used its mother’s flesh to evolve were indeed trying to thank its mother in their own way.

The middle-aged woman was shocked, and her jaw fell open.

Her thinking was very simple. She had decided to do so solely because she wanted to repay the favor.

However, she did not expect the Mother of Bloodbath to send all of them to the Heavenly Family Cottage to become external members.

Although feys usually became greedy when they encountered Heavenly Family Feys that were weaker than them so that they could seal the Heavenly Family Fey’s opportunities, all the feys from the Heavenly Family Cottage were no different from gods.

They represented the strongest feys in the main world.

The Heavenly Family Cottage would only ever consist of Heavenly Family Feys.

However, many feys joined Heavenly Family Cottage as external members.

It was a dream for many feys.

Still, it was extremely difficult to become an external member of the Heavenly Family Cottage. They had to be at least Creation Breed.

The middle-aged woman was one of the strongest feys to be protecting the precious rock. However, she still did not think that she was worthy of becoming an external member of the Heavenly Family Cottage.

The Mother of Bloodbath had its own motive for making this arrangement.

These feys wanted to follow the Mother of Bloodbath because they wanted to repay its mother.

If these feys were allowed to join Sky City, they would not complain about being sent out on missions, but they might not be willing to be ordered around by the white-clothed followers. Inevitably, a fight would break out.

Feys that had not been contracted and had become accustomed to relying on their own abilities to comprehend Willpower Runes and fight the elements were usually extremely strong-headed and untamed.

Blood New Moon had become Lin Yuan’s Protector and would be staying by his side.

If these feys were sent to be led by its father, it would increase a branch of Lin Yuan’s power.

The Mother of Bloodbath had met Blood New Moon, Blue Lotus, and White Phoenix, and they were considered members of the Heavenly Family Cottage.

The Mother of Bloodbath felt that it was a done deal that Lin Yuan would become a Radiance Envoy.

Once he became a Radiance Envoy, he would be on top of the world.

If the Heavenly Family Cottage could stand alongside him, they would definitely be able to help him significantly.

It was said that daughters no longer had any ties with their families once they got married.

The Mother of Bloodbath was still unspoken for, but everything it did was for Lin Yuan’s sake.

Lin Yuan saw that the fire-elemental energy within the phantom image seemed to be about to dissipate.

He knew that this was because the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s last wish had been fulfilled. There was nothing left anchoring the fire elements, so they were about to be reabsorbed into nature.

Lin Yuan hurriedly suggested, “Mother of Bloodbath, the fire-elemental energy here is about to dissipate. It will start to disperse 20 minutes later and will be fully gone in two hours. Try and see if you can absorb the fire-elemental energy within the phantom image. It will be a waste if the energy disappears.”

The Mother of Bloodbath shook its head gently.

Its Sky Sundial Jade Spider bloodline only consisted of light energy.

All of the energy in the phantom image was fire-elemental energy, and the Mother of Bloodbath could not absorb the fire elements.

Blue Lotus had already told the Mother of Bloodbath about the secret of the Sky Sundial Jade Spider bloodline.

Hence, only Blood New Moon was able to absorb the fire-elemental energy.

Blood New Moon was the weakest member of the Heavenly Family Cottage.

However, he had reached Sovereign/Eternal, and his roots were locked.

He could quickly increase his power if he absorbed energy that was suitable for his roots.

Blood New Moon’s Sky Sundial Jade Spider bloodline came from Jade Sundial.

Jade Sundial had given her bloodline to Blood New Moon before she died.

Thus, the fire-elemental energy within the phantom energy was the same as that of Blood New Moon’s roots.

After absorbing the fire-elemental energy, Blood New Moon would be able to improve significantly or even reach pinnacle Eternal.

In a few hours, the Mother of Bloodbath found out how deeply emotional its father was.

This phantom image of its mother contained the fire-elemental energy that had been inside its mother’s body when she was alive. They allowed the Mother of Bloodbath to sense motherly and wifely affections.

Given the Mother of Bloodbath’s understanding of Blood New Moon, it knew that Blood New Moon would not only refuse to absorb the fire-elemental energy, but he would even do his best to collect all the dissipating fire-elemental energy.

He would also use the fire-elemental energy in his body to nurture the fire-elemental energy from the phantom image, all so that the phantom image would persist for longer.

Blood New Moon was very strong.

It would not be difficult for him to maintain the fire-elemental energy at the beginning. But with every passing second that the fire-elemental energy in his body was used up, he would eventually run out, and this could result in his grade falling from Eternal to Immortal.

The Mother of Bloodbath always understood one principle.

After a person passed, the living had to move on for the dead to rest in peace. Since they could not do anything about the situation, they should not torture themselves.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath still took out its phone to call Blood New Moon, it did not tell him about the phantom image.

Rather, it released the Red Water Blood Snakes and instructed them to guard the phantom image.

The Red Water Blood Snakes all had the same combat power as the Mother of Bloodbath. They were more than strong enough to protect the fire-elemental energy from being targeted by other fire-type feys.

The Mother of Bloodbath shot a look at Lin Yuan.

Coincidentally, Blood New Moon happened to step out of the Radiant Moon Palace at this time.

He saw the call coming from his daughter and started chatting to the Mother of Bloodbath in a gentle voice.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath had not mentioned that anything was wrong, Blood New Moon was satisfied just to hear the voice of the daughter with whom he had just reunited.

Blue Lotus and White Phoenix were still in the Radiant Moon Palace, so they continued to discuss Tower Canon with the Moon Empress and seek her opinion.

Since the Heavenly Family Cottage and Tower Canon were enemies, the Moon Empress, White Phoenix, and Blue Lotus exchanged the information that they held about Tower Canon.