Chapter 1559

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Chapter 1559: Dad, Mom has a Chance of Revival!

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At that moment, Lin Yuan, the Mother of Bloodbath, and the middle-aged woman reached the center of the lava zone where the precious rock was at.

As they walked nearer, Lin Yuan suddenly realized that the precious rock had the same aura as the phantom image of the woman. It might even have a stronger aura.

The precious rock had the shape of a section of a spider leg. It stuck out of the ground and reached a height of almost 20 meters.

Besides the middle-aged woman, there was another Myth Breed fey in human form with broken hands and only one leg. It was currently curled up on the ground.

The other feys that had not been able to change into human form were also heavily injured.

These feys all looked wary when they spotted Lin Yuan.

But when they caught sight of the middle-aged woman and the Mother of Bloodbath’s aura, they settled down, and child-like expressions spread across their faces.

With a wave of Lin Yuan’s hand, he let out the Diamond X/Fantasy V Jasmine Lily.

The Jasmine Lily spun gently, and the pointed Bud of Mountain Jade bloomed.

The three white flowers growing out from the green stem shot out three beams of vitality.

The three beams of vitality formed a large net that was linked by all the feys. It ended with the Myth Breed fey in human form that had lost its limbs.

The Myth Breed fey in human form had fallen in despair.

It was the Fire Mountain Fox Mouse that originally had four limbs. However, it lost three of them in the recent battle.

Even if it could be healed in time, it would never regain its ability to walk. To its knowledge, severed limbs would never regrow.

Only the amphibious-type Myth Breed feys could use their own natural talent to regrow parts of their bodies.

In fact, very few amphibious-type feys had such strong natural ability.

However, the Fire Mountain Fox Mouse did not expect all its cells to be triggered when the vitality entered its body.

All the blood in its body flowed toward its severed limbs, and the vitality activated its genetic model, allowing them to regrow.

Soon, to its shock, the Fire Mountain Fox Mouse realized that its limbs were starting to slowly regrow.

Joy filled out its entire heart.

Although it had been blessed with an opportunity when it was born, it had struggled to reach where it was today.

Being a guard of the precious stone had become the Fire Mountain Fox Mouse’s faith.

It was willing to sacrifice its life, but it still wished to live like a normal person.

Otherwise, if someone targeted the precious stone, it would have no combat power and would only be able to watch as the stone was stolen.

When these feys were healed by Lin Yuan, they all started to bow to him to express their thanks.

All these feys had a suspicion in their minds.

They all felt that the person who had helped them seemed like a moron.

Why does he keep talking to the air? Moreover, his words involved the soul! It’s so strange!

The Remembrance Soul Whale was a legendary fey, and it could only be seen by others when Lin Yuan fused with Dark Blue.

Usually, when Lin Yuan summoned it, he was the only one who would be able to see it.

Lin Yuan instructed the Remembrance Soul Whale to use Soul Knot and start searching the area for souls.

A large battle had just taken place there, and there were many deaths.

Thus, no matter how hard the Remembrance Soul Whale searched, it could only find the souls of the feys that had died in battle.

Lin Yuan could clearly sense the same aura from the phantom image in the precious rock.

However, the Remembrance Soul Whale’s Soul Knot could not reach the soul.

Hence, in order to see if the precious stone truly contained Jade Sundial’s soul, they would need to break the precious stone.

Lin Yuan could not decide this for himself. As such, he cast his gaze on the Mother of Bloodbath.

The Mother of Bloodbath looked at Lin Yuan’s gaze and saw him gesturing to break something.

The Mother of Bloodbath was shocked by this.

After less than three seconds of silence, it came to a decision.

To the shock of the other feys, the Mother of Bloodbath reached out and broke off a piece of the precious stone.

At the same time, Lin Yuan instructed the Remembrance Soul Whale to use Soul Knot.

Blood New Moon was still on the call and sensed that something was wrong.

The Mother of Bloodbath had said it would handle some business with Lin Yuan.

Yet, after eight minutes of speaking, it did not mention any serious business at all. In fact, it seemed to be alluding to something.

Blood New Moon was certain that the Mother of Bloodbath had definitely encountered an issue, and he immediately became anxious.

“Little Love, where are you? I am done here, so I’ll go to you now!”

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath saw a bright smile spread across Lin Yuan’s face as he nodded at it.

The Mother of Bloodbath had been forcefully controlling its emotions. At that moment, its tears broke through the dam and started flowing down its face.

This time, Lin Yuan did not comfort the Mother of Bloodbath because the Mother of Bloodbath had been suppressing itself for too long and needed to vent.

Blood New Moon panicked when he heard the Mother of Bloodbath crying.

His fatherly instincts kicked in, and he instinctively thought, Did Lin Yuan take advantage of my daughter and is refusing to take responsibility!?

The more Blood New Moon thought about it, the more anxious he became. The Mother of Bloodbath sobbed, “Dad, Lin Yuan found Mother’s soul here in the lava zone. There’s a chance that she can be revived!”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s words stupefied Blood New Moon.

He squatted down at the Radiance Moon Mountain and slapped the ground happily.

He was clearly smiling, but the sorrow in his heart mixed with hundreds of other emotions and rushed to the surface.

This tugged down Blood New Moon’s lips, and he started to shed tears while cradling his head.

The Mother of Bloodbath could clearly sense the change in its father’s aura.

It could imagine how happy its father was currently feeling.

However, time was of the essence.

There were only seven or eight minutes left before the fire elements dissipated.

The Mother of Bloodbath anxiously said, “Dad, come to the lava zone now! You will be able to sense my location once you’re here. Mom left something for you here. If you don’t receive it, it will disperse into nature.”