Chapter 1560

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Chapter 1560: Blood New Moon’s Heavenly Family Blessing!

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The moment the Mother of Bloodbath spoke, something started happening to the sun.

Every person in the world that was looking at the sun realized with shock that a spider-shaped pattern had appeared on the sun.

At the next moment, Blood New Moon’s image emerged from the sunlight, and the image of the spider disappeared from the sun.

Everyone looking at this thought that they were seeing things.

Blood New Moon had just arrived at the lava zone and spotted the phantom image of the woman immediately.

He was in a daze as he opened his arms and started to grow larger until he was the same size as the woman.

Blood New Moon reached out and gently hugged the phantom image of the woman.

The Mother of Bloodbath had been hugged by the phantom image of the woman, and now the phantom image of the woman was being hugged by Blood New Moon.

It was as though there should be a small baby between the two of them that they would look after and nurture into a princess. The three of them would then live out the rest of their lives happily.

Blood New Moon was also a spider-species fey and was not adept at expressing his emotions.

However, Blood New Moon’s emotions were a wreck.

Its emotions over the past few years had been dominated by sorrow.

For as long as Blood New Moon could remember, he had never experienced as much joy as he had felt today.

Today, Blood New Moon found his long-lost child, Blood Love. His child had also acknowledged him.

More importantly, Blood New Moon found out that Jade Sundial had a chance to be revived.

Blood New Moon was incredulous with regard to this because he had watched Jade Sundial die with his own eyes.

Before she died, she had even extracted her bloodline.

However, Blood New Moon did not believe that Blood Love would lie to him about this matter.

Blood New Moon’s tears fell on the phantom image of the woman’s hair, causing a faint mist to rise.

At that point, one of the Red Water Blood Snakes said, “Dad, hurry up and absorb all of the fire elements that Mother left behind! We will need your help to search for Mother’s soul. Dad, I know you’re unwilling to absorb Mom’s fire elements, but they will go to waste if you don’t absorb them. You have to become stronger to be able to protect Mom and me in the future.”

It was true that Blood New Moon did not plan on absorbing the fire elements. Instead, he planned on using his own method to collect all the fire elements, albeit doing so would have a negative effect on him.

But the Mother of Bloodbath’s coaxing words pierced cleanly through Blood New Moon’s heart.

She’s right! If I was strong enough, I wouldn’t have had to watch Fifth Page Truth secretly attack Jade Sundial and lose my daughter in the process. All of that happened because I was too weak.

Two members of the Eight Pages of Tower Canon were coming to the Radiance Federation.

Envoys from the Freedom Federation and Azure Federation were also coming to visit the Radiance Federation.

After speaking with the Moon Empress in the Radiant Moon Palace, Blood New Moon had sensed that this sleeping lion of the Radiance Federation was ready to bear her fangs at Tower Canon.

It was likely that Whale Ocean Commerce’s action had pricked the tiger.

Hence, Blood New Moon needed to be strong enough to protect his daughter, be able to see his wife revived one day, and repay Lin Yuan’s kindness.

The Mother of Bloodbath had said that Lin Yuan had helped to collect Jade Sundial’s soul.

Lin Yuan had saved the Mother of Bloodbath’s life several times and allowed the Mother of Bloodbath to awaken its Heavenly Family Fey bloodline.

If the Mother of Bloodbath had not activated the sun during its transformation into a Heavenly Family Fey, Blood New Moon was unsure if he would have been able to find the Mother of Bloodbath when he arrived at the Radiance Federation.

Now, Blood New Moon needed to repay his daughter’s favor to Lin Yuan and the favor for reviving his wife.

Blood New Moon felt that even if he separated himself into spiritual ingredients and gifted all of them to Lin Yuan, it would be far from enough.

Moreover, Jade Sundial used to be the second member of the Heavenly Family Cottage.

If Lin Yuan revived Jade Sundial, he would essentially save the entire Heavenly Family Cottage.

Purple Love would be overjoyed when she found out.

When he sensed that the fire elements in the phantom image were about to disappear, Blood New Moon’s body lit up with crimson and golden flames.

Rays of sunset glow covered Blood New Moon, and his hair was now stained gold.

His one red and one orange eye were set ablaze with beautiful flames.

The fire elements in the phantom image were the same as those of Blood New Moon’s roots.

At that moment, the fire elements within the phantom image all entered Blood New Moon’s body.

Blood New Moon’s prowess raised significantly, and his Eternal aura became even stronger.

It was as though the sun in the sky was celebrating this moment. The clouds in the sky resembling cotton candy evaporated under the sun’s rays.

Even if it was raining in a certain place, it stopped, and the weather changed to a beautiful sunny day.

The Mother of Bloodbath used External Blood Bone and found that the beautiful totem of a sun on Blood New Moon’s neck was climbing up toward his face. It resembled a rising sun.

This totem was not an imprint but a solidification of light.

At that moment, Blood New Moon turned and gently tapped the three Red Water Blood Snakes’ horns.

Soon, the same sun totem appeared on the three Red Water Blood Snakes.

The three Red Water Blood Snakes were also covered with robes of sunset light. This made them seem even more intimidating and added a layer of radiance.

“Dad, what is this?”

Blood New Moon replied softly, “When a Heavenly Family Fey reaches Eternal XII, it will be able to use a heavenly family blessing. Normally, a Heavenly Family Fey will only be able to use it once every decade. However, the three Red Water Blood Snakes are basically three sets of fangs. I split the heavenly family blessing into three and used it on them.

“Blue Lotus’ heavenly family blessing is related to support abilities. She used it on Lin Yuan to enable him to become affiliated with Lin Yuan. Feys with water elements as their roots will not attack Lin Yuan again. This blessing doesn’t have practical use for Lin Yuan.

“My heavenly family blessing not only won’t be of help to him but might also affect him negatively because it uses up the blood energy of the being that it’s used on. This might be a change that resulted from my Blood Red Bird Catching Spider bloodline.”