Chapter 1562

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Chapter 1562 Blood New Moon’s Rollercoaster of Emotions

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Although the Remembrance Soul Whale could find the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s soul every time it searched, the parts of the soul that it found were too weak.

Eventually, a large number of soul fragments gathered together but not even the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s shape could be formed.

By now, Blood New Moon had smashed more than half of the precious rock.

Given this speed, Lin Yuan felt that the Remembrance Soul Whale would not be able to use Burning Soul New Life to complete Jade Sundial’s soul even when the entire precious stone was smashed.

It seemed unlikely that Jade Sundial’s soul would be able to retain many of her memories. She might even forget Blood New Moon and the Mother of Bloodbath.

The Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon had been looking forward to Jade Sundial’s revival to be reunited with their wife and mother. Both of them were looking forward to their family being complete again.

This reality might be too cruel, but Lin Yuan still felt that it was necessary to tell Blood New Moon and the Mother of Bloodbath because there was no way to keep a fire under wraps with paper.

From the moment Lin Yuan frowned, Blood New Moon and the Mother of Bloodbath became nervous and assumed that something was wrong.

However, neither of them dared to question him for fear that they would disturb him from wielding the Remembrance Soul Whale to search for souls.

At this moment, Lin Yuan said, “Uncle Blood, Mother of Bloodbath, I have something to tell you. You should prepare yourselves. There is too little of Auntie Jade Sundial’s soul in the precious rock. There is so little that it won’t even be able to form her figure. Even if I complete her soul, she might not remember you.”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s face fell, but this did not happen to Blood New Moon.

Blood New Moon had never held hope that Jade Sundial would be able to be revived because he never thought that Lin Yuan would have a way to complete Jade Sundial’s soul.

Many things in the Heavenly Family Cottage were stained with Jade Sundial’s aura. Purple Love’s handkerchief was an example of this.

Purple Love had visited the lava zone after Jade Sundial died and gathered as much of Jade Sundial’s soul as possible into the handkerchief that Jade Sundial usually used.

There had to be a significant amount of Jade Sundial’s soul in the handkerchief.

Purple Love just needed to bring the handkerchief over, and Lin Yuan’s fey could absorb the soul within it.

Lin Yuan let out a breath of relief when Blood New Moon told him about the situation.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s expression also brightened.

The Mother of Bloodbath turned and said to the feys beside it, “Head into the lava zone’s inner sanctum. Tell them about the situation if someone tries to enter the center of the lava zone. Don’t get in an altercation with the Bronze Furnace Guards.”

When the feys heard what the Mother of Bloodbath said, they immediately cleared out of the center of the lava zone.

After the feys left, the Mother of Bloodbath summoned the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring.

A hot spring shrouded in mist appeared next to the Mother of Bloodbath’s feet.

The wall of the hot spring could be seen faintly through the mist. There were already hundreds of plants growing on the wall.

It was clear that the Mother of Bloodbath had not slackened in giving plants to the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring to absorb.

The Mother of Bloodbath said softly to Blood New Moon, “Dad, this is the sacred source lifeform that Lin Yuan found for me. He won it after becoming the champion of the Martial Arts Stage.”

Blood New Moon froze and thought, Is Little Love trying to tell me about how great Lin Yuan is and announcing her relationship with him?

The moment this thought popped into his head, Blood New Moon broke out in a sweat.

He hoped that this would never happen because he would not be able to handle it.

If the Mother of Bloodbath had grown up by Blood New Moon’s side, the latter would have immediately warned the b*stard that dared to take his daughter away that he would give him hell if he tried to bully Little Love.

However, Lin Yuan was their family’s savior.

Blood New Moon would not be able to bring himself to threaten Lin Yuan.

But truthfully, Lin Yuan treated Little Love well. He even gave his prize to Little Love.

While Blood New Moon was panicking, the Mother of Bloodbath went on to say, “Dad, my sacred source lifeform is called the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring. It is utterly incompatible with my combat style. I was depressed when I first got it.”

Blood New Moon became even more doubtful when he heard what the Mother of Bloodbath said.

Sacred source lifeform lifeforms could not be uncontracted.

Does Little Love want me to comfort her?

Just as Blood New Moon was about to comfort the Mother of Bloodbath, the latter said, “Dad, this sacred source lifeform turned out to be the best sacred source lifeform that I have ever seen.

“It has already absorbed hundreds of medicinal plant-type feys. I am becoming more and more certain that it will be able to reconstruct bodies. Once Lin Yuan completes Mom’s soul, he can help me to find a part of Mom’s body, and I will be able to use it to reconstruct her body to completion.”

The Mother of Bloodbath was not lying to comfort Blood New Moon.

This notion used to be nothing more than an idea.

When the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring absorbed the first plant, the Blood Spotted Peach Blossom, the Mother of Bloodbath had not seen any obvious changes in the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring.

Thus, it had not put much stock in Lin Yuan’s idea.

However, as the quantity changed, so did the quality.

The Mother of Bloodbath could clearly sense the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring’s healing abilities had risen as it absorbed an increasing number of medicinal properties.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath had no way of regrowing a body using the genetic model, the Jasmine Lily could.

With the Jasmine Lily’s cooperation, the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring would not need to harness such an ability.

When Blood New Moon heard what the Mother of Bloodbath said, he was so excited that he did not know what to do.

He felt that he had never been so overwhelmed with emotions besides the day that Jade Sundial died.

If what his daughter said was true, Jade Sundial would not only be able to continue living through her soul but also regain her body.

Blood New Moon was both happy and shocked.

If the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring was used in conjunction with Lin Yuan’s invisible fey, they would be able to revive the dead!

Blood New Moon suddenly felt a chill shoot up his spine.

This ability went against the law of nature.

If it was discovered, the Mother of Bloodbath and Lin Yuan would be in danger no matter where they went.