Chapter 1564

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Chapter 1564: The Miserable Bronze Furnace City

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As the Guard Captain of one of the Radiance Federation’s major cities and a Class 3 Creation Master, Xu Kuan was more aware than the Guard Captains of other cities who were not Creation Masters what the totem on that Creation Master crest meant.

Any Class 4 Creation Master who accepted a disciple could engrave their totem on their disciple’s crest.

However, in the entire Radiance Federation, only that member of royalty had a totem related to the moon.

Oh my God! Did I just speak to the disciple of that member of royalty? I spoke so impolitely in a fit of anger.

Xu Kuan retracted his neck.

Nonetheless, as the Guard Captain of Bronze Furnace City, Xu Kuan needed to check on the center of the lava zone for the sake of Bronze Furnace City’s economic and commercial prosperity.

If he encountered the Moon Empress’ disciple, he would do his best to communicate his circumstance to the Moon Empress’ disciple.

Crying children were eventually fed.

If the loss of the fire-elemental energy from the lava zone could not be recovered, it was likely linked to the Moon Empress’ disciple.

If so, the Moon Empress’ disciple would have to help Bronze Furnace City in some way!

Bronze Furnace City’s finances were tight.

As the city that was ranked second from last in the Radiance Federation, it was extremely difficult for them to build a mirror city in the abyssal world.

Although the Class 6 abyss dimensional rift had only been open for a few days, big cities like Ascending Dragon City, Raging Waves City, Cloud Lake City, and Indigo Azure City had already claimed their territories in the abyssal world.

They had already started gathering materials from the abyssal world to build their cities.

Bronze Furnace City could also claim its own territory. Unfortunately, Bronze Furnace City was so poor that they still lacked ingredients.

Building materials were considered financial resources.

But no matter how poor Bronze Furnace City was, they could produce the resources if they tightened their belts.

However, even if they could produce the building materials, the Bronze Furnace Guards would need some time to clear out the abyss demons.

The most expensive thing in this world was Creation Master resources.

Bronze Furnace City was so poor that it did not receive much of a Creation Master resource investment.

Xu Kuan was the Bronze Furnace Guard Captain but had spent last night concocting spirit fluids with his Class 3 Creation Master abilities to help his subordinates increase their power.

If Bronze Furnace City crumbled again, only someone as powerful as the Moon Empress’ disciple would be able to save them.

At that moment, Xu Kuan saw three figures walking toward him.

Two of them were a man and a girl with red hair. It was clear that they were feys in human form.

Beside them was a young man dressed in black that looked to be only around 17 years old. But there was no question that he was the Moon Empress’ disciple.

The Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon’s arrival caused all the feys to fall silent.

The middle-aged woman walked over to the Mother of Bloodbath and said sadly, “These spirit qi professionals are unreasonable. They are insisting on barging in. When I refused them, they readied themselves to attack!”

The Mother of Bloodbath did not respond. Instead, it turned its gaze to Lin Yuan.

At that moment, Xu Kuan walked over and held up the Class 2 Creation Master crest with a moon totem on it with both hands.

He bowed and returned the crest to Lin Yuan as he said, “Lord, I am the Bronze Furnace Guard Captain, Xu Kuan. You rushed over from the center of the lava zone, and I would like to ask you if the change to the center of the lava zone has caused all the fire-elemental energy to disappear?”

Lin Yuan frowned slightly. He had a general idea of why Xu Kuan was so concerned about the fire-elemental energy disappearing from the lava zone.

Lin Yuan came from Redbud City and was well aware of the financial impact that could come from a change in the environment.

It rained year-round in Redbud City.

The plant-type feys that were nurtured in the breeding bases had a huge demand for water.

However, there was one year when it rained much less in Redbud City.

As such, many of the plant-type feys bore poor harvests, and their prices had inflated.

The time that Lin Yuan first started managing the spirit lifeform store coincided with the time of the inflation of prices of plant-type feys. Unfortunately, he had very shallow savings at that time.

It had caused great struggles for Lin Yuan and Chu Ci.

After understanding Xu Kuan’s troubles, Lin Yuan replied honestly, “All the fire-elemental energy in the lava zone has been drained and will never be recovered.”

Xu Kuan’s face instantly fell.

Due to the formation of the lava zone, Bronze Furnace City had had a difficult time adjusting its business structures.

Now that the lava zone was gone, it would once again be extremely challenging for Bronze Furnace City to adapt.

Numerous people in the Bronze Furnace City were going to lose their livelihoods.

If this matter was reported, Cicada Song would definitely send resources.

Xu Kuan and the City Lord could set aside their pride to do this. However, the aid would not be able to erase the regular people and spirit qi professionals’ disappointment of losing their source of income.

Xu Kuan could estimate that it would be difficult for Bronze Furnace City to overcome this trial within the next century.

In order to fulfill the requirements of establishing themselves in Bronze Furnace City, they had to invest all of their finances into building the mirror city in the abyssal world and ensuring the citizens’ survival in the city.

They had no money left over to invest in Creation Master resources.

As a result, Bronze Furnace City’s development would only deteriorate.

The more he thought about it, the sadder he became, and tears welled up in his eyes.

For the sake of Bronze Furnace City’s future, Xu Kuan planned on having a good talk with the Moon Empress’ disciple.

If the Moon Empress’ disciple refused to take part in this matter and just left, Xu Kuan would find it hard to acknowledge him as a disciple of a member of royalty even if he ended up as a leader in the Radiance Federation.

But before Xu Kuan could speak, the young man said, “The changes to the lava zone are a result of my friend absorbing the fire-elemental energy. I know that this will seriously affect Bronze Furnace City, and I am prepared to do something to help Bronze Furnace City. As the Bronze Furnace Guard Captain, you should know what resource Bronze Furnace City needs the most!”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Xu Kuan to stare at him for some time.

For this young man to say such a thing, it showed that he was very responsible.

But despite the fact that this young man was the Moon Empress’ disciple, Xu Kuan did not believe that he would be able to provide enough resources to cover Bronze Furnace City’s losses.