Chapter 1565 - Young Man's Responsibility

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Chapter 1565: Young Mans Responsibility

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Xu Kuan told Lin Yuan honestly about his troubles, When forests flanked Bronze Furnace City, we had an abundance of metal resources. Although we were not one of the top cities in the Radiance Federation, we were still considered average.

But ever since the lava zone was formed, it became hard to harvest the metal resources, and the forests were burned into ash. After that, Bronze Furnace City took a long time to alter our commercial businesses. Things only started looking up two years ago when we started making use of fire-type spiritual ingredients and nurturing fire-type feys.

Your friend is a fey, so theres nothing surprising about it needing fire-type resources. However, now that all the fire-elemental energy in the lava zone has been drained, millions of people from Bronze Furnace City will be affected.

Like every other city, Bronze Furnace City lacks Creation Master resources. Not even 1,000 high-quality Bronze feys will be able to make up for the losses that Bronze Furnace City will suffer due to the loss of the lava zone.

Xu Kuan could not calculate the total damage that the loss of the lava zone would cause Bronze Furnace City. He had only cited 1,000 high-quality Bronze feys off the top of his head.

Other cities would seek out Creation Masters annually to ask for Bronze/Epic feys that they would give to their guards as prizes and increase their power.

However, Bronze Furnace City had so little savings that it would even be difficult for them to obtain a Bronze/Flawless fey, much less a Bronze/Epic one.

It was a huge cost to them even to gain 300 Bronze/Flawless feys per year.

Since the opening of the abyssal world, the cost of fire-type spiritual ingredients had plummeted. This had seriously affected Bronze Furnace City.

It was evident that the factions in Bronze Furnace City were showing signs of wanting to leave.

Thus, 1,000 high-quality Bronze feys were considered an unimaginable sum of resources to Xu Kuan.

At that moment, the young man opposite him said apologetically, 1,000 Bronze/Epic feys is no problem. Do you have any specific requests with regard to them?

Xu Kuan was stunned speechless.

He had been so used to struggling in poverty that he did not dare to believe what he had just heard Lin Yuan say.

Previously, Blood New Moon and the Mother of Bloodbath had been rather standoffish toward Xu Kuan.

Jade Sundial had left the fire-elemental energy in the lava zone. They were only taking back what was rightfully theirs.

Bronze Furnace City made use of the lava zone to thrive. This meant that they had accepted aid from Jade Sundial.

However, they did not expect Jade Sundials body to influence Bronze Furnace City greatly.

It seemed that they were the ones who owed Bronze Furnace City.

At that moment, Xu Kuan regained his senses.

He looked at Lin Yuan excitedly and said, Young Lord, are you speaking the truth?

I remember that Bronze Furnace Citys standard fey is the Bronze Shield Crocodile Turtle. You can section out the 1,000 Bronze/Epic feys, and I will provide you with resources according to your requests. The citizens are the ones who will be most badly affected by the change in the lava zones environment. 1,000 Bronze/Epic feys wont be able to solve the problem at its root.

Why dont we do this? In the beginning, I will help introduce Bronze Furnace City to factions that can facilitate an improvement in your economy. Then, I will also provide you with 300 Bronze/Epic feys annually until your financial situation recovers.

Now that Bronze Furnace City has returned to its original state, you can start harvesting the metal resources again. I can promise you that no new faction will be allowed to take up part of your mining resources.

No matter how good or bad the quality of the mined goods is, I will take them and turn them into funds for Bronze Furnace City. Once the commercialization adjustment begins, there will probably be many people who need help.

I will make Bronze Furnace City the next location for the Warm Sun Fund. Please help collate all the people and factions in Bronze Furnace City who will lose their livelihoods due to the environmental change. Ask them if they would prefer to be compensated in Creation Master resources or Radiance dollars.

When Xu Kuan heard Lin Yuans decisive tone, he was momentarily speechless.

Now, he started looking at Lin Yuan in a different light. His gaze was full of respect.

He wondered how much determination and responsibility the young man was shouldering for him to be willing to give out so many resources to fill the gap that had been left by an event that could have been blamed as a natural disaster.

With the input of so many resources, Bronze Furnace City would not only be saved from suffering any losses, but it would even benefit from this calamity.

Lin Yuan was going to compensate the people and factions who were going to lose their livelihoods due to the change in environment.

This meant that he would be single-handedly taking on the responsibility for this entire matter.

The longer Xu Kuan looked at Lin Yuan, the more respect he felt.

Xu Kuan did not reject Lin Yuans offer of compensation because he could not afford to.

At the same time, Xu Kuan did not want to take advantage of Lin Yuans resources.

Young Lord, if you invest so many resources, Bronze Furnace City wont suffer any losses. You dont need to provide Bronze Furnace City with 300 Bronze/Epic feys annually. If you dont mind, I hope that you will be willing to trade Bronze/Epic feys with Bronze Furnace City from now on, said Xu Kuan.

Lin Yuan glanced at the excited and hopeful faces of the Bronze Furnace Guards behind Xu Kuan and said, Of course! Bronze Furnace City is next to the lava zone. Abyss dimensional rifts probably open often here. If Im not wrong, Bronze Furnace City should have collected a significant number of Law Source Crystals. From now on, I will trade a Bronze/Epic fey for every 5 Law Source Crystals.

When Xu Kuan heard what Lin Yuan said, he asked while trembling, Is this real? If so, we are able to provide you with 50,000 Law Source Crystals now in exchange for 8000 Bronze/Epic feys!

If this declaration had come from anyone else, Xu Kuan would not believe it. It was just impossible for there to be such a good deal.

However, it was the Moon Empress disciple who said this, so it had to be believable.

With great determination, Xu Kuan offered up all of Bronze Furnace Citys Law Source Crystals.

If they could truly trade for 8,000 Bronze/Epic feys, the Bronze Furnace Guards would be able to double in quantity.