Chapter 1566 - Lin Yuan's Promise

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Chapter 1566: Lin Yuans Promise

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The enhancement of the entire Bronze Furnace Guards would increase Bronze Furnace Citys combat power.

Xu Kuan was confident that this trajectory would allow Bronze Furnace City to rebuild and raise itself until it reached the middle of the ranking of all the cities in the Radiance Federation once again. Then, they would reclaim their past glory!

Lin Yuan shook his head when he heard what Xu Kuan said.

Xu Kuans heart instantly sank, and he thought,Im too greedy! Young Lords offer of trading five Law Source Crystals for one Bronze/Epic fey might just be a special deal or compensation that hes giving Bronze Furnace City.

8,000 Bronze/Epic feys was a sum that even 100 Class 4 Creation Masters would struggle to come up with.

Just as Xu Kuan was feeling regretful over his greed, Lin Yuan said, If Bronze Furnace City can provide 50,000 Law Source Crystals, you should gain 10,000 Bronze/Epic feys as per the deal. However, this transaction will take very long to complete.

If Bronze Furnace City decides to go through with this transaction, I can provide you with 500 Bronze/Epic feys monthly. The entire transaction will take 20 months to complete. However, I have to obtain all the 50,000 Law Source Crystals upfront.

Xu Kuan was over the moon when he heard what Lin Yuan said. He did not expect his greedy request not only to be accepted but also for Lin Yuan to persist with the original conditions of the trade.

He was going to provide Bronze Furnace City with 500 Bronze/Epic feys every month. This was such a large investment of Creation Master resources that it perfectly met the Bronze Furnace Guards needs.

Xu Kuan had risen from despair to joy in such a short span of time that he was momentarily speechless.

After a moment, he thanked Lin Yuan and said, Young Lord, give me an hour, and I will deliver all the 50,000 Law Source Crystals.

Lin Yuans eyes lit up.

When he traded with the Raging Waves Guard and Indigo Azure Guard, he had used his identity as the City Lord of Sky City.

Under those circumstances, the Raging Waves Guard Captain and Indigo Azure Guard Captain would never dare to pay upfront, regardless of how much they trusted him.

Now that Lin Yuan was trading with Xu Kuan as the Moon Empress disciple, he was able to make such a request and not cause Xu Kuan to worry.

Now, Lin Yuan just needed to wait for Genius and Chimey to evolve into Fantasy V and for their bloodlines to transform before the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

Hence, he could use this time to prepare some of the Bronze/Epic feys that he was going to trade with Bronze Furnace City.

Okay, thank you for the hard work. As for Bronze Furnace Citys stock of resources, I will be able to produce them within three days of you handing me the list.

By trading with Bronze Furnace City, Lin Yuan had exposed his capabilities.

He would never have agreed to do so in the past.

But now, he had an amazing shield in the form of Di Wanmi.

Now that he had a Class 5 Creation Master, it would not be surprising for him to produce any amount of Creation Master resources regardless of how much.

Lin Yuan had personally witnessed the Moon Empress concoct 100 bottles of spirit fluids within four hours.

She had fed them to 100 of the same Bronze feys.

Amongst the 100 Bronze feys, 23 had reached Flawless, 75 had reached Epic, and two had reached Legend.

The rate at which the Moon Empress could evolve feys was one of the best in the world.

If Lin Yuan did not make use of spirit qi crystals, she would be slightly faster than him.

Once the Remembrance Soul Whale comprehended the Willpower Rune and Morbius awoke, Lin Yuan would be able to evolve Bronze feys even faster than the Moon Empress.

Di Wanmi had only just become a Class 5 Creation Master, and it would be impossible for her abilities to match that of the Moon Empress.

But as a tool, it would not be shocking for her to produce hundreds or maybe thousands of Bronze/Epic feys.

However, there was no way that Lin Yuan would use the Class 5 Creation Master that he had finally managed to obtain to evolve fey qualities.

Lin Yuan was fully able to do this on his own.

Lin Yuan set Di Wanmis goal as creating precious instruments and evolving the Item-Storing Walnuts into Diamond for the army of Hundred Questions Beasts.

This was an ability that Lin Yuan lacked the most now.

Now that Red Thorn used the Tongue of Relinquish to control Di Wanmi, he was no longer lacking in any way with regard to his Creation Master ability.

Once he obtained the 50,000 Law Source Crystals from Xu Kuan, the sun had begun to set.

Lin Yuan prepared to rush to the Radiant Moon Palace to have dinner with the Moon Empress.

What happened to the lava zone would affect the citizens of the entire Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan was ready to tell all of this to the Moon Empress.

While Lin Yuan was rushing to the Radiant Moon Palace, Xu Kuan had arrived at his office and started writing a report on the change in the lava zone.

The change in the lava zone was supposed to be a bad thing. But with Lin Yuan stepping in, the disaster had turned into a blessing.

The lava zone could now be used to nurture plant-type feys and mine for metal.

Lin Yuans promise was a safe harbor for Xu Kuan.

From now on, Xu Kuan would be able to bring up Lin Yuan if any faction came to Bronze Furnace City and tried to take partial ownership of the mines in exchange for an investment.

Xu Kuan would not have to feel bad about causing Bronze Furnace City to lose capital because he rejected the top factions requests.

Additionally, Lin Yuan had promised that he would introduce Bronze Furnace City to top factions that could help develop their economy.

This was the most appealing part to Xu Kuan.

However, he had no clue which factions Lin Yuan would introduce to Bronze Furnace City.

The change in the lava zone would have to be reported to Cicada Song. As such, Xu Kuan honestly detailed the entire experience in the report.

Although this was the first time that he had met the Moon Empress disciple, Xu Kuan already felt that Lin Yuan was worthy of becoming a Radiance Envoy.

If such a responsible young man became a Radiance Envoy, it would be a blessing for the entire Radiance Federation.

On the journey back, Blood New Moon said apologetically, Lin Yuan, I caused you trouble. I will return to Heavenly Family Cottage to collect a batch of resources to compensate for the losses caused by the lava zone.