Chapter 1567 - The Moon Empress' Dominance

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Chapter 1567: The Moon Empress Dominance

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Blood New Moon had become Lin Yuans Protector.

As a member of Heavenly Family Cottage, it was inappropriate for him to address Lin Yuan as Lord.

However, Blood New Moon could act like a senior in front of Lin Yuan because he owed Lin Yuan a favor.

Eventually, Blood New Moon could only speak with Lin Yuan separately from the Mother of Bloodbath.

However, Lin Yuan saw Blood New Moon as his senior, and he said, Uncle Blood, I have fully compensated for Bronze Furnace Citys losses. I will move the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerces main branch to Bronze Furnace City. You dont have to increase the compensation. If you try to give me the resources, I will also turn them down.

Blood New Moon was stunned by what Lin Yuan said. This made him aware of how wonderful this young man was.

This was unsurprising as Lin Yuan even managed to gain the Mother of Bloodbaths affection.

Lin Yuans decision to move the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce from the Royal Capital to Bronze Furnace City was not impulsive.

Although the Royal Capital was where the people with the most purchasing power in the Radiance Federation lived, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce needed to expand into the major cities in order to gain more territory in the abyssal world.

Bronze Furnace City had a million things to do, and they would definitely welcome the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

The Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce was completely different from the small chamber of commerce they started out as.

Ever since the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce announced that they had thearch-class experts, they became even more reputable than veteran factions and were close to becoming a top faction.

The Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce would definitely appear on next years ranking of top factions.

They were capable of helping Bronze Furnace Citys businesses and citizens progress.

Once the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce took root in Bronze Furnace City, they would also be able to become the citys pillar of support like the Gao family was for Wind Mist City.

The Mother of Bloodbaths family had brought two disasters upon Bronze Furnace City, and this was Lin Yuans way of compensating Bronze Furnace City on the Mother of Bloodbaths behalf.

This compensation would also be a win-win situation for Lin Yuan.

The Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon sent Lin Yuan to the base of Leaning Moon Mountain before they left to meet up with Blue Lotus and White Phoenix.

Tonight, the Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon were going to do nothing besides having a good talk.

The Radiant Moon Palace was like Lin Yuans home. Thus, he transported himself directly into the inner palace using the Ethereal Jellyfishs Node Teleportation.

At that moment, Lin Yuan spotted the Moon Empress peeling lotuses.

There were a few lotus flowers bobbing along in the lotus pool. Clearly, they had been cut down.

The lotus flowers in the Radiant Moon Palaces lotus pool had gained intelligence.

Lin Yuan felt that these lotus flowers probably hated him because they died every time he visited.

When the Moon Empress caught sight of Lin Yuan, she set down the lotus flower and said proudly, Little Yuan, the two victories that you pulled off during the time that I was locked away training should be written in the Radiance Federations history books. I might be a Class 5 Creation Master, but Im still less important to the Radiance Federation than thousands of low-class Creation Masters.

The Moon Empress walked over to Lin Yuan and adjusted his collar before going on to say, Little Yuan, Im awake now. From now on, you can do whatever you want. I will be able to handle everything, no matter how big.

Lin Yuan was shocked when he heard what the Moon Empress said.

He always knew that the Moon Empress was arrogant. However, she was not conceited. She could only have said such a thing if she was fully confident.

Lin Yuan said with a smile, Master, congratulations on your breakthrough!

At that moment, Mystic Moon walked in, leading spirit attendants who laid out dishes on the table.

Young Lord, the Moon Empress seclusion not only led to her breakthrough, said Mystic Moon.

Mystic Moon always wanted to tell Lin Yuan about the Moon Empress lifespan.

The Lifespan Mouse had enabled the Moon Empress to escape her doom. Thus, he could now tell Lin Yuan about it without worrying about the Moon Empress.

But eventually, Mystic Moon still did not tell Lin Yuan about it because he knew that the Moon Empress would be furious.

Moreover, Lin Yuan did not need Mystic Moons encouragement.

The team from the Freedom Federation was sure to cause trouble during this Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

If they truly went forward with the friendly spar against the Freedom Federation, Lin Yuan would have to be the one to take them on as the Radiance Hundred Sequences representative.

This battle against the Freedom Federation, which had been long in preparation, was enough to motivate Lin Yuan.

The Moon Empress scooped out a bowl of dessert for Lin Yuan and said, Little Yuan, chaos is about to break out. According to the information I received, the First Emperor Shark Clan has formed a partnership with the Freedom Federation.

The Radiance Federation is destined to battle against the Freedom Federation in the next Major Federation Meeting. Hence, the First Emperor Shark Clan has to become extinct during the meeting to discuss the agreement between the Radiance Federation and the Eight Clans of Sea Emperors.

Although the Moon Empress had spoken with a smile, she had a deadly gleam in her eyes.

The Moon Empress had been completely ignorant of the outside world when she was in seclusion. All of her thoughts and energy went toward using her birth horoscope to combat the heavens.

She found out from Mystic Moon that Lin Yuan had almost been killed by a member of the First Emperor Shark Clan on Raging Waves Citys island.

From that moment, the Moon Empress decided that she was going to unleash carnage on the First Emperor Shark Clan.

Soon, the Eight Clans of Sea Emperors would become the Seven Clans of Sea Emperors.

This was because the Moon Empress was afraid and needed to make a statement.

Lin Yuan was her disciple, and no one would be allowed to lay a hand on his head without bringing forth their swift deaths. If a faction tried to attack him, they would be wiped out.

The Moon Empress had completely returned to who she used to be ten years ago.

Her eyes had a biting cold glint, but she still had a soft spot for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan did not expect the Moon Empress to say to him what would usually only be revealed during an imperial meeting.

He felt a sense of urgency when he heard what the Moon Empress said.

If the world was truly going to be plunged into a war, Sky City still lacked strength! The Floating Island Whale still had not taken to the sky!

After dinner, Lin Yuan stayed overnight at his building in the Radiant Moon Palace.

When he opened his eyes the next morning, he received good news from Chimey.

Yuan, I just need to absorb a little strange flame energy, and Ill be able to evolve to Fantasy V

Lin Yuan had intended on evolving the Remembrance Soul Whale to Fantasy Breed and Morbius grade today.

He had not expected Chimey to give him such a big surprise.

Genius could have evolved to Fantasy V long ago, but it had put it off to wait for Chimey.