Chapter 1568 - Plan to Unify the Startling Lines Continent

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Chapter 1568: Plan to Unify the Startling Lines Continent

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When Lin Yuan returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion, he planned to enter the Spirit Lock spatial zone to evolve Genius and Chimey to Fantasy V.

Lin Yuan let out Genius and Chimey from the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Although both of them were currently Diamond X/Fantasy IV, they still snuggled in Lin Yuans arms and perched on his ear like how they used to.

However, this was also because they had not increased in size after increasing their power.

Chimey chirped at Lin Yuan, Yuan, will I be able to change into human form and hold concerts when I transform into Fantasy V?

Chimey stayed in the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree all day not because it wanted to increase its power but to live stream and raise funds for the Warm Sun Fund.

However, Genius knowledge bank was now the equivalent of a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master.

Chimey, you will only be able to change into human form and hold concerts when you transform to Myth Breed and reach Myth II.

Genius and Chimey evolved their powers at breakneck speed.

Lin Yuan lamented that he was falling behind as their contractor.

He was still only a B-rank spirit qi professional.

Chimey would only be able to evolve to Myth Breed when he raised his spirit qi professional rank to A-rank.

Luckily, Morbius was going to evolve to Gold grade soon.

At that point, Lin Yuan would be able to increase his spirit qi professional rank and ability to evolve feys at a faster rate.

Lin Yuan was already very surprised about the strength of Genius and Chimeys bloodlines. He could not predict how far they would go if their bloodlines evolved again.

Chimey used to have the opportunity to awaken the luan-phoenix-species bloodline. However, Chimey consumed the luan-phoenix-species bloodline using its original bloodline.

It continued to advance along the road of Sound-type.

It would not be accurate to say that Genius was fully evolving in the direction of spiritual energy. It was more like the general of the intelligent-cat-species.

The Hundred Questions Beasts were a group that could replace Creation Masters.

Lin Yuan hoped that when Genius bloodline broke through, it would be able to take another step ahead on the path of being a Creation Master.

If Genius could reach the Class 5 Creation Master level, Lin Yuan would have two Class 5 Creation Masters as his subordinates.

Lin Yuan changed clothes, walked out of his building, and headed to the inner palace to have breakfast with the Moon Empress.

When he arrived at the inner palace, Lin Yuan noticed that the Moon Empress had put on the Moonbeam Coronation Costume.

The Moon Empress smiled at Lin Yuan and said, Little Yuan, I need to attend an imperial meeting soon, so I need to leave early.

While the Moon Empress was speaking, she scooped out a bowl of soup bamboo and shark marrow soup for Lin Yuan.

The bowl of soup overflowed with water-elemental energy and blood energy.

This aura reminded Lin Yuan of Shawn Awns aura.

Lin Yuan thought,Can it be that the shark marrow in this soup came from the First Emperor Shark Clan?

Lin Yuan could sense that the Moon Empress had a lethal rage against the First Emperor Shark Clan.

Before the Moon Empress left, Lin Yuan felt that he needed to give her a proper recount of everything that had happened recently.

Yesterday, the Moon Empress said that the structure of the entire main world was about to change.

Lin Yuan planned to tell the Moon Empress what he had gained from the Astronomical Parliament.

Although he had never mentioned the Astronomical Parliament to the Moon Empress, Mystic Moon was Wen Yus master, so there was no way he did not know about the Astronomical Parliament.

Mystic Moon had told the Moon Empress about the Astronomical Parliament.

Although she felt that the Astronomical Parliament was special, she did not think that it would be useful.

The Moon Empress felt that the people that were called to the Astronomical Parliament would all come from horrible situations.

It would not only be difficult to help them, but it would also be hard for them to change their lives even after receiving help.

Unless all of them were from the same continent and could gather together, it would be impossible to make a significant impact when they were separated by continents, no matter how powerful one was.

But now that the Moon Empress was hearing about the Astronomical Parliament from Lin Yuan, she was floored.

Master, there are currently two federation envoys amongst the members of the Astronomical Parliament. One of them is Su Yiren from the Seven States of Darkness, while the other is Yin Lin from the Azure Federation. The other two also have the potential to become federation envoys, albeit theres no guarantee.

The latter two people that Lin Yuan mentioned were Ta Lei and Bu Po.

The Moon Empress fell silent for a moment after Lin Yuan was done speaking.

She and Mystic Moon were curious about how Lin Yuan managed to use the Astronomical Parliament, which had greater strategic than practical impacts.

He managed to accept two federation envoys as members of the Astronomical Parliament.

Su Yiren represented the hope of the entire Dark Continent.

Lin Yuan could legitimately set his eyes on the Dark Continent with her around.

The Azure Federation and Radiance Federation were part of the three great federations.

Yin Lin was a genius of the younger generation who had awoken two beast patterns.

There was a rumor that Yin Lin had suddenly regained her sight and awoken her beast patterns.

Could Lin Yuan have been the cause of these events?

Apparently, Yin Lin had volunteered for the trip to the Radiance Federation. It was likely that she was hoping to meet with Lin Yuan.

The Moon Empress and Mystic Moon shared a look.

Both of them thought that they knew Lin Yuan well, but his power had already progressed far past their eye line.

Night Leaning Moon had been forced to kill Di Wanmi because she needed to give the Creation Masters, who Whale Ocean Commerce had murdered, an explanation.

She had no use for Di Wanmis corpse, but Lin Yuan used his own technique to revive Di Wanmi and even made her into his servant while enabling her to retain her Class 5 Creation Master powers.

The Moon Empress had not expected any of this.

Previously, no matter what Lin Yuan did, the Moon Empress felt that she would always be his shield.

Moreover, the Moon Empress also wanted to see how far her disciple could go.

When she was Lin Yuans age, she was far from his current level.

Additionally, the truly terrifying aspect about Lin Yuan was not that he possessed such power at his young age but that he had accomplished all of this within a year, given that he started from zero.

He possessed astonishing talent!

Lin Yuan went on to say, Master, I plan on unifying the Startling Lines Continent.