Chapter 1569 - Remembrance Soul Whale, Evolve!

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Chapter 1569: Remembrance Soul Whale, Evolve!

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Mystic Moon almost spat out the soup in his mouth when he heard what Lin Yuan said.

However, given that he had Di Wanmi, it would not be impossible for him to unify the Startling Lines Continent.

The Moon Empress was silent for a moment before she replied, Theres a stipulation at the Major Federation Meeting that no officials from one federation can leach into another federation. All the federations agreed to this stipulation. Hence, you will only be able to rely on yourself with regards to this matter about the Startling Lines Continent.

When Mystic Moon heard what the Moon Empress said, he felt that she was trying to discreetly warn him. Yet, there was also a hint of her saying that the Startling Lines Continent rightfully belonged to her disciple.

The Moon Empress was proud yet disappointed.

She clearly had not taught him much, but he managed to grow so much and become so outstanding. This filled the Moon Empress with pride.

The Moon Empress felt more pride over Lin Yuan than happiness over her breakthrough.

Eventually, the Moon Empress said softly, Little Yuan, look at you. I suddenly feel my age catching up with me. This world belongs to the younger generation now.

Lin Yuan shook his head and replied, Master, you arent old! With the Lifespan Mouse, youll be able to live forever. Youll always be young.

The Moon Empress could not help but reach out her hand and gently touch Lin Yuans face with a smile stretching across hers.

It was almost time, and the Moon Empress started to make her way to the imperial court to attend the imperial meeting.

Before she left, her expression turned stern, and she said, Little Yuan, if anyone from the Freedom Federation tries to lay a hand on someone from the Radiance Federation during this Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, you can end them during the spar, regardless of who they are.

Lin Yuan nodded and replied seriously, Master, I will.

Mystic Moon was stunned with fright when he heard what the Moon Empress said to Lin Yuan.

However, this Moon Empress was the one he was more familiar with. She had returned to who she used to be a decade ago.

After breakfast, Lin Yuan left Leaning Moon Mountain and returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion.

When he walked into the residence, he saw Blood New Moon, Blue Lotus, and White Phoenix seated on the water rhinoceros leather sofa.

Wen Yu was serving them Three Treasures Tea.

When Lin Yuan walked in, Blood New Moon hurriedly stood up and said, Young Lord, these two friends of mine would like to stay here for a few days and protect your safety during the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

Blood New Moon had no idea what the right way to address Lin Yuan was. He eventually settled on Young Lord.

Lin Yuan anxiously replied, Uncle Blood, youre Blood Loves father and my senior. You can call me Little Yuan! There are many empty rooms in the main residence. Feel free to make yourself comfortable.

White Phoenix and Blue Lotus excitedly made their way over to Lin Yuan.

Although they had received definitive answers from Blood New Moon and the Mother of Bloodbath last night, they still could not help but say, Little Savior, is it true that Sister Jade Sundial can be revived?

When Lin Yuan nodded, White Phoenix and Blue Lotus started laughing excitedly.

Blue Lotus was so lost in her emotions that she squeezed too hard and caused the persimmon in her hand to burst, spraying the juices everywhere.

It looked very comical.

However, Lin Yuan knew that Heavenly Family Feys were all emotional.

It was likely that the Heavenly Family Cottage was just as warm of a place as the Radiance Federation.

Blue Lotus and White Phoenix could not help but slap their foreheads as they watched the cackling Blood New Moon.

They completely forgot how they had been worse wrecks than Blue Lotus and had cried enough to fill a large bottle when they found out that Jade Sundial could be revived.