Chapter 1570 - : Soul Remember Gift!

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Chapter 1570: Soul Remember Gift!

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Previously, the Remembrance Soul Whales horn had been smooth with faint patterns.

But now, although the Remembrance Soul Whale had not grown any larger, its horn had visibly become thicker, and the patterns now protruded out.

The thread-like patterns became runes that were imbued with soul power.

The runes clashed against each other on the Remembrance Soul Whales horn, and the soul power started to stick together.

Once the Remembrance Soul Whales horn was done changing, and Lin Yuan thought that it was done transforming into a Bronze/Fantasy fey, the Remembrance Soul Whales body started to change again.

Other people could not see the Remembrance Soul Whale, but Lin Yuan could clearly see the state it was in.

The Remembrance Soul Whale resembled a translucent white whale that had a horn.

But now, soul markings were slowly forming on its skin.

When Lin Yuan took a closer look at the soul marking, he saw that most of the souls were the ones that the Remembrance Soul Whale had collected from the lava zone.

Besides Jade Sundials soul, the Remembrance Soul Whale absorbed all the other souls.

Now that the images of the dead feys souls were carved on the Remembrance Soul Whales skin, they lightened with every breath that the Remembrance Soul Whale took.

This meant that the Remembrance Soul Whale had fully absorbed the soul power.

The soul markings that were very clear came from the soul of the feys that the Remembrance Soul Whale had absorbed from the center of the lava zone.

Given the Remembrance Soul Whales current power, it would take rather long for it to completely absorb all these souls.

But Lin Yuan was about to use the spirit qi crystals to evolve the Remembrance Soul Whales grade.

At that point, the Remembrance Soul Whale would be able to absorb soul power at a much faster rate.

Soul Knot and Burning Soul New Life were not strong enough to produce such markings on the Remembrance Soul Whales skin.

It was likely that the changes to the Remembrance Soul Whales skin were linked to it evolving to Fantasy Breed and gaining a new exclusive skill.

At this moment, Lin Yuan realized that the complete souls on the Remembrance Soul Whales skin were compressed into imprints on its tail as it started to shrink.

As the Remembrance Soul Whale evolved to Fantasy Breed, it started to shrink from its original three-meter size to around one meter.

Even when its horn was accounted for, it was still less than two meters.

After evolving, the Remembrance Soul Whale flew around Lin Yuan.

The Remembrance Soul Whale was still a lifeform that had been born from a whale soul.

It gained very high intelligence, although it had only just evolved to Fantasy Breed.

The Remembrance Soul Whale communicated to Lin Yuan, Master, can you hear my voice? I can use the voices in the memories of the souls that I absorbed to communicate with you. You should be able to understand me.

Lin Yuan could not help but be amazed as he acknowledged that Soul-type was the most secretive type.

After absorbing the souls of the dead, the Remembrance Soul Whale now possessed a similar ability to Genius.

But after communicating with it, Lin Yuan realized that the Remembrance Soul Whales brain was not as expansive as Genius.

Genius could store a large amount of knowledge, but the Remembrance Soul Whale could not.

When the Remembrance Soul Whale chose to look at the memories of a specific soul, it would forget the memories of the previous soul it accessed.

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan felt that the Remembrance Soul Whales ability was very powerful.

The Remembrance Soul Whale could be considered an expert in criminal investigation. It could speak to the dead by looking through their souls.

The Remembrance Soul Whale had named itself Rememberling, and Lin Yuan felt that the name suited it.

Rememberling, how much of Jade Sundials soul is missing before it becomes sufficient to awaken her past memories?

Rememberling opened its mouth, and the phantom image of a spider emerged from it.

The phantom image was static and did not move at all.

Rememberling pierced the phantom image of the spider with its horn.

After sensing for a while, Rememberling said, Master, in order for the spider phantom image to regain its past memories, at least another nine fragments of its soul are needed. Even if its memories can be regained, it will only be able to regain the most important memories from its past life. To recover every memory, I need to absorb at least another 40 fragments of its soul.

He already told his caveat to the Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon.

Lin Yuan did not have any other solution if this one failed.

They could only hope that the handkerchief from the leader of the Heavenly Family Cottage would contain a significant amount of Jade Sundials soul.

The more Lin Yuan looked at Rememberlings shining body, the more curious he became about its new exclusive skill.

Lin Yuan immediately used True Data to check on the Fantasy Remembrance Soul Whale.

He saw that the new exclusive skill was called Soul Remember Gift.

[Soul Remember Gift]: By combining with the collected dead souls, the dead souls will eventually become soul imprints once they are completely absorbed. When the soul imprint is applied on a lifeform of the same species, the lifeforms comprehension ability will be raised, and they will be able to comprehend willpowers and laws more easily.

Lin Yuan was momentarily speechless when he saw this exclusive skill.

Oh my God! Soul Remember Gift can be used to help feys comprehend exclusive skills.

There were many feys in the world.

It was challenging for a fey to comprehend an exclusive skill on their own.

The Acid Corrosion Queen Bee had yet to comprehend a Willpower Rune.

If he killed a Fantasy Breed or Myth Breed bee-species fey and Rememberling absorbed its soul, the feys soul would be left intact.

Next, Rememberling would condense the soul imprint in its tail and apply it on the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee.

This would increase the Acid Corrosion Queen Bees chances of comprehending a Willpower Rune.

He could even use different feys to lead the direction of the Willpower Runes that a fey comprehended when they evolved to Fantasy Breed.

This power was too strong!

It could be said that Rememberling had turned the entire main worlds understanding of a concept on its head, just like Genius had.

Besides some treasures that could facilitate comprehension, nothing else would be able to help feys comprehend Willpower Runes.