Chapter 367 - Expensive Tea Set

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Chapter 367: Expensive Tea Set

The girl nodded and turned to leave.

After a while, another girl in the same cotton dress walked over.

The difference was that this girl had a jade hairpin in her hair. She was a little different from the girl with the wooden hairpin.

The girl came to Pei Man and said softly, “You’re here.”

Pei Man smiled and said, “I was invited by Madam Lin.”

The girl was stunned for a moment before nodding at the slightly stunned Wang Lan. “Madam Lin, long time no see.”

Wang Lan was also a little surprised to see the girl. “Yaofang? So you’re still here. I thought you had already left.”

Yao Fang smiled and said, “I’m just in charge of tending to guests here.”

Hearing Yao Fang’s words and seeing that Yao Fang and Pei Man seemed to be familiar with each other, Wang Lan frowned.

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“Why? Do you know each other?” Wang Lan raised her voice and looked at Yaofang in disbelief.

Yao Fang smiled and was about to answer when she heard Pei Man say, “Prepare a tea table for Madam Lin first. Her feet should be very tired.”

Yao Fang followed Pei Man’s gaze and looked at Wang Lan’s feet. She saw that her feet were trembling slightly.

Wang Lan must have twisted her foot just now. She just didn’t show it.

Yao Fang immediately responded and turned to prepare.

Wang Lan snorted, not planning to accept Pei Man’s favor.

Madam Chen and Madam Wang did not notice the competition between the two of them and studied the good things in the small building.

Wang Lan looked at Pei Man coldly. “Have you been here before?”

Pei Man shook her head and said, “I’ve only been here twice.”

Wang Lan snorted and did not reveal her emotions from the first time she came in. She only asked Pei Man, “Who brought you here?”

Pei Man had actually come to this small building before her?

What amazing friend did she make?

Pei Man frowned. Before she could answer, Yao Fang had already brought people over with tables and chairs.

“Sister Man, your mild tea is ready,” Yao Fang said as she placed a small square pot and a tray on the table.

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As Madam Chen turned around, she saw the small square pot and immediately walked over.

“I’ve seen this square pot before. It seems to be the work of the porcelain master, Jiang Heng!” Mrs. Chen said in surprise.

“I didn’t expect to see this square pot here. What a surprise!” Madam Chen looked at the square pot with a loving expression.

“Is this square pot very expensive?” Madam Wang did not understand these tools and blinked as she asked.

“Of course. This square pot was once sold for 30 million!” Mrs. Chen exclaimed.

“30 million for a square pot?” Madam Wang was also surprised.

Wang Lan also stared at the square pot for a long time before saying, “The owner of the building is really generous. He actually took out such an expensive item and used it casually!”

Yaofang opened her mouth but was stopped by Pei Man.

Pei Man chuckled and said, “It’s just a teapot. It’s not that expensive!”

Wang Lan glared at Pei Man as if she was looking at a country bumpkin. “You only know about those stinky fish and prawns. How can you know about art!”

“If this is the work of a real master, wouldn’t it be a waste to use it to prepare tea!”

From Wang Lan’s words, this square pot should be a fake…

When Yao Fang heard this, she immediately said, “Our building has never produced a fake! Madam Lin, please pay attention to your words.”

Seeing Yao Fang’s serious expression, Wang Lan snorted and did not say anything else.

Madam Wang pushed Mrs. Chen and gestured for her to go over and take a look.

Mrs. Chen looked at the teapot and observed it carefully before saying, “This thing should be right! However, did the owner of the building really use such a precious item to make tea?”