Chapter 376 - The Privilege of Being Young

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Chapter 376: The Privilege of Being Young

On the way home, Lin Yun thought of Mrs. Chen and felt a sense of déjà vu.

But she couldn’t remember for a moment. She could only frown and try to remember.

When Lin Qian saw her like this, he thought that she was worried about Pei Man, so he comforted her. “Don’t worry about Mom. She can’t hold her liquor well and often drinks like this! You’ll get used to it!”

Hearing Lin Qian’s words, Lin Yun came back to her senses. She looked at Pei Man, who was already asleep in the backseat and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “Dad won’t say anything if Mom goes back like this, right?”

“What else can he say? He can only take care of her for a night!” Lin Qian shrugged as if he was already used to such a scene.

When Lin Yun heard Lin Qian’s words, she suddenly envied the relationship between Lin Ting and Pei Man.

She remembered that when she was young, she often saw Lin Cheng go home drunk.

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Every time Lin Cheng was drunk, Wang Lan would quarrel with him. The two of them would always part on bad terms. The things that were broken at home were the most memorable scenes in Lin Yun’s childhood.

At that time, Lin Yun thought that all families were like this.

After she grew up, she followed Lin Yu and served her every night when she got drunk. Lin Yu had probably inherited Lin Cheng’s drunken genes. When she was drunk, she would lose her temper and smash things. At that time, Lin Yun had been injured by Lin Yu.

However, every time Lin Yu lost her temper, it was Lin Yun who cleaned up the mess and even wanted to help resolve the trouble she caused.

She remembered that there was once when Lin Yu was drunk and wanted to drive. No matter how Lin Yun tried to stop her, she couldn’t.

Lin Yu even got into the driver’s seat and was about to drive into Lin Yun. After Lin Yun dodged, she saw Lin Yu’s tail light disappear before her eyes.

She finally stopped a taxi and chased after her, only to see that Lin Yu had already hit the fence by the roadside.

When Lin Yun went down to help, the reporters’ car had already surrounded her.

The reporter naturally recorded all of this and was about to publish the news in the next day’s newspaper.

The police rushed over after hearing the news and brought the two of them to the police station.

However, the next day, the police report and the contents of the media and newspapers were all switched to Lin Yun driving into the fence after getting drunk. Lin Yu tried her best to save her “sister”.

Because of this, Lin Yun was sued. She received demerit points on her driver’s license, and she was locked up in the police station for five days.

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On the fifth night, when Lin Yu appeared in front of Lin Yun with Lin Cheng, she looked at Lin Yun worriedly and told her how she had asked her father to help Lin Yun leave the police station as soon as possible.

Of course, with Lin Cheng’s appearance, this matter was quickly resolved.

Lin Yun was successfully “released” in advance. Because of this, she became a “jinx” who had a criminal record and caused trouble for Lin Yu in the eyes of Lin Yu’s fans!

Recalling everything that happened back then, Lin Yun couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

How stupid was she at that time? Even after experiencing all of this, she still foolishly thought that she owed Lin Yu.

If it weren’t for Lin Yu’s last collision, she probably wouldn’t have been able to wake up for the rest of her life!

Seeing that Lin Yun hadn’t said anything for a long time and that she was sitting at the side smiling and sighing, Lin Qian couldn’t help but worry. “Are you alright? I don’t think you’re right!”

Lin Yun shook her head and chuckled. “I just remembered some stupid things I did in the past!”

Lin Qian freed one hand and hurriedly stroked Lin Yun’s head before focusing on driving again.

“Don’t worry, from now on, with Second Brother around, Second Brother will take responsibility for whatever stupid thing you do!” Lin Qian said loyally.

Lin Yun couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “Shouldn’t you advise me not to do anything stupid?”

“Why! It’s the privilege of young people to do stupid things! If you don’t do stupid things, how will you know what’s right!” Lin Qian said matter-of-factly.