Chapter 319 - Not Ruthless Enough

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Chapter 319: Not Ruthless Enough

Jin Wu was delighted. “I-I’m so grateful.”

There were so many poisons in Zhou Zhi’s body. Although he was immune to all poisons, every additional poison would harm his body. If Su Xiaolu could cure his poison, even if he was disabled, Zhou Zhi would be able to live until he was old. Only by living would he have a chance to realize his ambition.

Su Xiaolu would definitely remember her promise. Of course, Jin Wu was happy.

“Miss Su, Minister Li and Mrs. Li have been incinerated. What do you plan to do with their ashes?”

Jin Wu asked Su Xiaolu what she planned to do.

Su Xiaolu swallowed. “Bury them one by one. It’s fine as long as there are mountains between them.”

She hated Minister Li, but there was nothing she could do. She couldn’t do anything to spread people’s ashes, but if she separated them and buried them, they would be separated by mountains. In other words, they wouldn’t be able to meet in the afterlife.

When Zhou Zhi woke up, it was already nighttime. Before he could ask, Jin Wu reported, “Master, Miss Su woke up and left four hours ago. She said that in order to thank Master, after this plague, she can cure all the poison in Master’s body.”

Zhou Zhi’s expression was calm as he said calmly, “Let’s talk about this in the future.”

Zhou Zhi lowered his eyes and hid the darkness in them. If he wanted to in the future, Su Xiaolu would not be able to escape from him. However, before this, he still hoped that Su Xiaolu would believe that he was a kind person.

“Master, what should we do with Minister Li’s ashes? Miss Su said that one of them would be buried in the east and the other would be buried in the west. They will never meet again.”

Jin Wu told him what Su Xiaolu had said. Everyone believed in ghosts and gods. Minister Li was also a loving husband and would never see her again after his death. This was indeed the most painful punishment for Minister Li, so he died with grievances.

Zhou Zhi didn’t even look up. He said coldly, “The ashes of those two people should be scattered.”

Su Xiaolu was a little ruthless, but she was still far inferior to him.

A person like Minister Li was not worthy of having a grave. He had selfishly killed several people and destroyed their families. Not to mention cremating their ashes, even if he died, his ashes should be scattered.

Jin Qi accepted the order and left.

When Su Xiaolu returned to the Ji Shi Hall, the room had already been tidied up. When the people from the Ji Shi Hall saw her, they were worried. They wanted to ask but did not dare to.

Elder Sun came over. He sighed and asked, “Girl, what are your plans now?”

Even if it was strictly guarded, dozens of people were infected with the plague every day.

It was a huge difficulty to provide medicine to these patients every day.

Everyone was panicking. If the plague did not disappear, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Su Xiaolu looked confused. She did not know what to do. The smell of the plague in the Shi Hall was too strong. Even if she found a portion of the right medicine, it could not cure the plague. The patients would only live for a few more days.

Elder Sun looked at Su Xiaolu and sighed as he went out.

Perhaps Su Xiaolu needed some time to think of a solution.

After Elder Sun left, Su Xiaolu sat on the chair in a daze. It was not until the sky turned dark and the food sent over had long turned cold that she blinked and ate with the cold food.

Today was already August 19th. Her second brother’s sickness had been acting up for four days. If she could not think of a way, no matter how good the medicine was, it would not be able to keep Su Hua alive for long.

She remembered that the seventh-generation successor of Minggu was a crazy man who specialized in poison. He said that all diseases in the world were poisons. If one wanted to develop an antidote, one had to test the poison with their own body.

Throughout his life, he recorded many poison techniques. He was the one who wrote the book of poison.

In his life, he had been infected with many plagues and walked through the gates of hell many times. For example, he recorded the process of curing death plague, plague, and snake plague.

He was the well-deserved expert of Minggu Medical Valley in terms of poison.

This plague was not in the records. If she wanted to develop an antidote, she had to think of another way. Originally, she could still study Minister Li’s flesh and blood. Now that this option had been cut off, she only had one route to take. She had to test the poison with her body.

After Su Xiaolu ate, she went to see Su Hua. Su Hua was starting to get a fever. His symptoms were slower than the others. Some of the students who were diagnosed on the same day as him had already developed herpes and could not move.

Su Hua’s face was red. He fell asleep in a daze and felt someone sitting beside him. He opened his eyes and saw Su Xiaolu. He said weakly, “Xiaolu, don’t worry… I’m fine…”

“Second Brother, I know that you will be fine. I just came to see you.”

Su Hua also smiled gently. He wanted to say more to Su Xiaolu, but his throat hurt.

Su Xiaolu poured out a pill and stuffed it into Su Hua’s mouth. Su Hua chewed it and swallowed it. He wanted to comfort Su Xiaolu not to worry, but Su Xiaolu spoke first. “Second Brother, rest well. I have to come up with the antidote over the next few days. You must wait for me.”

Su Xiaolu got up and was about to leave when Su Hua’s weak voice came from behind. “Xiaolu.”

Su Hua called out to Su Xiaolu, who stopped.

Su Hua swallowed her dry throat and said, “Xiaolu, no matter what, I hope that you can prioritize yourself. I’m very happy to be your brother in this life. I know that even if I leave, you will still be filial to our parents, so don’t be sad. I really have no regrets.”

After saying this, Su Hua felt that all the strength in his body had been used up. His body was as hot as fire, and his throat hurt terribly.

Su Xiaolu stood still, her face filled with tears.

She did not want to be separated by life and death. She wanted her second brother to live, live healthily, get married, have children, and have a family!

Su Xiaolu said nothing. She left firmly.

Su Hua closed his eyes in exhaustion.

Su Xiaolu returned to her room and got someone to collect a few corpses. Su Xiaolu lit a candle and closed the door.

Elder Sun rushed over and knocked on the door. “Girl, open the door. I’ll give you a hand.”

Su Xiaolu rejected it coldly. “No need. I can only do this myself.”

Su Xiaolu cut open the victim’s clothes and took off her mask. There was a very unpleasant smell in the air.

She took a pill and dissected a corpse. After doing all this, Su Xiaolu got someone to take the corpse away. She began to study the antidote and closed the door.

Ordinary people needed two to three days to contract the plague. From the moment they started coughing, the plague had the ability to spread.

The medicine that Su Xiaolu took could speed up the process. In other words, others took ten days from infection to death, but she only needed five days. Therefore, she only had five days.