Chapter 320 - Five Days

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Chapter 320: Five Days

In these five days, she would either develop the antidote or die.

Su Xiaolu lay on the bed and closed her eyes to focus on the changes in her body. Even though it was very subtle, she still felt it. Her body was like a balloon that had a small hole pierced.

Her essence, energy, and spirit were slowly flowing out of that small hole.

As time passed, his body began to have a second and third hole…

They split apart one by one until her body was riddled with holes.

At first, her hands were a little sore, then her shoulders, waist, and back… Gradually, her entire body ached. When dawn came, Su Xiaolu began to feel her throat itch. She wanted to cough.

At noon, she already felt that something was wrong with her body. Not only was her entire body sore, but her throat was also itchy. She felt weak and her limbs seemed to be heavy.

When Zhou Zhi came to look for Su Xiaolu, she did not see him.

Zhou Zhi’s face turned pale. He could barely stand. He asked, “Xiaolu, can you open the door?”

After just one night, why didn’t Su Xiaolu want to see him?

Zhou Zhi was puzzled.

Jin Wu and Jin Qi were worried to death. Zhou Zhi insisted on coming, and Doctor Wu tried his best to stop him but failed. If they came and did not see Su Xiaolu, they would feel terrible.

Su Xiaolu said calmly, “Zhou Zhi, go back first. I’m infected with the plague. I won’t see anyone for the next few days. If I recover, the antidote will be out. If I don’t recover… then everything has nothing to do with me.”

After hearing Su Xiaolu’s words, Zhou Zhi’s expression changed. He asked, “Xiaolu, is it worth it? You didn’t have to do this.”

Su Hua was already infected with the plague. This was a foregone conclusion.

He knew that Su Xiaolu wanted to save him, but was it really worth it to do this in exchange for an uncertain outcome?

Zhou Zhi’s heart felt heavy. He should be very happy in this situation, but now that it had really appeared, he was not happy at all. His heart suddenly felt as if a huge rock was pressing down, heavy and uncomfortable.

Hearing Zhou Zhi’s question, Su Xiaolu answered him without hesitation, “It’s worth it.”

Perhaps she would lose her life because of this, but if she did not do so, she would regret it for the rest of her life. Therefore, she would rather take a gamble than regret it in the future.

When Zhou Zhi asked this, Su Xiaolu felt that he was much more sincere.

After she answered, Zhou Zhi was silent for a long time.

Because there was no sound for a long time, Su Xiaolu thought that Zhou Zhi had left.

Suddenly, she heard Zhou Zhi’s voice again. He said softly, “Su Xiaolu, you have to live. You promised to detoxify me. This is what you promised me. You can’t go back on your word. I’ll wait for you.”

After Zhou Zhi finished speaking, he instructed Jin Wu and Jin Qi, “Return to the residence.”

The doctors in Ji Shi Hall quickly found out that Su Xiaolu was infected with the plague.

Elder Sun rushed over and slammed the door heavily. “Girl, do you want to die?”

After shouting, Elder Sun sighed and answered his own question. “You test the poison with your own body, so you naturally don’t care about your life. You girl… I’m impressed.”

After saying that, Elder Sun instructed firmly, “Girl, if you have any requests, just tell me. The Ji Shi Hall still has many precious medicines. I’ll get someone to send them all to you. Use whatever you need.”

Su Xiaolu said, “Thank you.”

Ji Shi Hall was one of the top pharmaceutical halls in Furongzhou. With the help of their supplies, she did not have to worry about herbs.

Elder Sun quickly got someone to send all the herbs to Su Xiaolu’s room. There were thousands of herbs in total. Some were worth thousands of taels of silver, and some were only sold for one or two copper coins.

Ji Shi Hall sent all the medicinal herbs that could be used as medicine to Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu also began to test herbs crazily. She even saved on brewing herbs. She chewed the herbs after grinding them and ate a few types. After eating, she waited for four hours.

The medicine was bitter and astringent. In just a day, Su Xiaolu’s mouth was numb.

Her throat was swollen and painful. Because she had been testing the medicine, she had no chance to cough even if she wanted to.

At night, even though she was taking medicine, she could not help but cough.

If she couldn’t eat it, she would apply it externally and refine it to inject herself with acupuncture.

On the 21st of August, the day after Su Xiaolu was infected with the plague, she began to feel hot. Her body was as hot as a furnace. It did not feel good at all.

She had no energy to begin with, and her entire body was sore and hot. Accompanied by the unbearable swelling in her throat, this feeling was no less than being tortured in hell.

On August 22nd, the third day after Su Xiaolu was infected with the plague, small red dots began to appear on her body. The red dots slowly became shiny and popped.

Su Xiaolu’s entire body was heavy. Her actions of grinding and testing the medicine were already very light and slow. It was a miracle that she could still move freely at this time. It was all thanks to her space.

She could feel her life slipping away. She could also feel a subtle spiritual power nourishing and repairing her body. However, her body was already like a balloon with thousands of holes at the same time. She could not block all of them.

Zhou Zhi came to greet her as usual. He greeted her outside the door. “Xiaolu, how was it today? I’ll give you an hour. If you can’t answer me, I’ll break in.”

Not long after, a piece of paper slowly came out from under the door with a tick drawn on it.

Zhou Zhi’s cold expression softened a little. He used a small clip to pick up the paper and burned it. He said, “Alright, I made soup for you and put it in. Remember to eat some. I’ll go back and wait for your good news.”

After Zhou Zhi was done, he returned to the residence.

Su Xiaolu was testing the poison to develop an antidote while he was controlling the plague and stabilizing the entire Furongzhou.

Su Xiaolu looked at the food box that was placed through the window. She slowly walked over and used all her strength to carry it down and put it aside.

There were already three food boxes on the ground.

Su Xiaolu put down the food box and continued to concoct medicine. In the past three days, she could not remember how many medicines she had concocted, but she still had not developed an antidote.

However, there was still a breakthrough. She added two more herbs, and the symptoms in her body eased a little. Su Xiaolu did some calculations and felt that she might live to the sixth day.

On the 23rd of August, the fourth day after Su Xiaolu was infected with the plague. That night, Su Xiaolu felt short of breath and her throat was extremely itchy. She only coughed lightly and spat out a blood clot.

Su Xiaolu injected herself with two needles. She took two deep breaths and her heart hurt terribly. This time, she took a long time to calm down, so no matter how much she wanted to cough, she held it in.

On the 24th of August, the fifth day after Su Xiaolu was infected with the plague, Su Xiaolu felt dizzy from the morning. Every time she raised her hand, it was very slow.

Zhou Zhi asked outside the door, “Xiaolu, how is it today? I’ll give you an hour…”

Su Xiaolu got up with difficulty and trembled as she drew a tick on the paper and stuffed it out. However, the soup Zhou Zhi sent could not be put in. She did not have the strength to open the food box yesterday.