Chapter 321 - Antidote

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Chapter 321: Antidote

This time, Zhou Zhi did not leave.

He looked at the small window for a long time.

Zhou Zhi did not leave. Jin Wu and Jin Qi, who followed him, also frowned. Jin Wu asked, “Master, should we break the door…”

It took ten days for a patient to die from the plague. Su Xiaolu had even eaten special medicine and shortened the process to five days. Today was already the fifth day.

Zhou Zhi raised his hand to stop him. He shook his head and said very softly, “Let’s go back. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Zhou Zhi did not leave Ji Shi Hall. His place was two rooms away from Su Xiaolu’s room.

After returning to his room and sitting down, Zhou Zhi waved his hand and asked Jin Wu and the rest to leave.

Jin Si, who came in from outside, reported, “Master, Su Hua wants to see Miss Su.”

Su Hua’s condition was not too good either. He had not been able to get out of bed since the day before yesterday. In the past two days, his body had been covered in many herpes. He did not wake up often, but every time he woke up and took his medicine, he would say that he wanted to see Su Xiaolu.

Su Hua’s situation could not be delayed for more than a few days.

Zhou Zhi pondered for a moment and said, “I’ll go over. At least, he can’t die in front of her.”

When Zhou Zhi came to the room, Su Hua was still awake. When he heard the commotion, he looked at Zhou Zhi. Su Hua said in a hoarse voice, “Your Highness.”

Thanks to Zhou Zhi’s care, he was able to enjoy staying in a single room.

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His condition had not been good for the past few days. His body was getting weaker and weaker. He did not know when he would die. Since it was a foregone conclusion, he only wanted to see Su Xiaolu again.

However, there was no response to his request, which made Su Hua feel very uneasy.

Now that he saw Zhou Zhi, Su Hua felt even more uneasy. He looked at this twin of Little Brother Heng and their gazes met. He felt that the person in front of him was unfathomable. Unless he took the initiative to reveal his emotions, no one would know what he was thinking.

He was only 15 years old, but his thoughts were deep and calculative. It could be seen how scheming he was.

Zhou Zhi walked to the bed and said calmly, “Do you know what Su Xiaolu did for you?”

Su Hua looked at Zhou Zhi calmly.

He listened quietly and was not in a hurry to ask. Zhou Zhi did not deliberately keep him in suspense. He said slowly, “She’s infected with the plague. The process has been shortened by twofold. In other words, you can live for ten days, but she only has five days. Today is already the fifth day… She hasn’t come out yet. I gave her another day. I’ll visit her tomorrow.”

After Zhou Zhi finished speaking calmly, he looked at Su Hua and said, “I know you can’t hold on much longer, but you have to hold on. At least, you can’t die before her. If she goes, I’ll tell you.”

It had been eleven days since Su Hua was infected. The pathogenesis lasted for nine days. He was strong enough to survive until now because he had taken the medicine Su Xiaolu gave him.

But without the antidote, his lifespan was only one or two days longer than others.

Zhou Zhi was afraid that he would not be able to hold on, so he came.

After Zhou Zhi finished speaking, Su Hua’s emotions fluctuated. His eyes gradually turned red and teary. He looked at Zhou Zhi and suppressed his emotions after a few breaths. When he spoke again, his voice was choked and hoarse. “Alright, I understand. Thank you.”

With that, Su Hua closed his eyes. If not for the fact that the mask on his face kept trembling, one would really think that he was not in pain.

Zhou Zhi only took a glance before turning to leave. To a certain extent, Su Hua was somewhat similar to him. He was scheming and could endure things.

After Zhou Zhi left, Su Hua whimpered like a little beast. He was so choked that he almost couldn’t breathe. Tears flowed from the corners of his eyes to the ends of his hair.

He opened his mouth and took a deep breath. Every time he took a deep breath, his chest felt like it was being torn apart. He tried his best to suppress his broken emotions, then broke down again and again.

Memories of more than ten years flashed crazily in his mind. Su Xiaolu had especially liked them since she was young. She never hid her love. Her eyes were always bright and lively like the galaxy.

When she was young, she always called him Second Brother. When she grew up, she still called him that.

She gave everything she could to her family. In this family, all the improvements revolved around her. She brought luck to the entire family. Everyone could feel her love.

Su Hua felt his heart ache. He did not want this at all. He and his family agreed that Su Xiaolu was an angel from heaven. They all wanted to be good to her, but in fact, Su Xiaolu had always been good to them.

Every time the blood surged, Su Hua swallowed it back. He had suffered a lot, and he deeply understood that he could not die yet.

It was almost dark. Su Xiaolu took a long time to move her hand and put the medicine into her mouth.

She memorized every kind of medicine. Some would make it worse, some would be effective, and some would be poisonous if she ate too much.

This kind of medicine called ‘silk ladle’ was sweet and tasted a little like licorice. After chewing it, there was a refreshing feeling in her mouth. It was cool and comfortable, flowing down her throat and into her stomach.

Su Xiaolu felt much more awake. She looked at the medicine in her hand. It was not a bad thing to feel like this, so she took more.

The silk ladle looked a little like half a loofah, but it was hollow inside. Although it was a plant, it was a carnivore. It would emit a sweet smell to attract small animals. After the small animals drank the juice, their entire bodies would become numb. The top of the silk ladle would close and dissolve and digest it. This digestion process lasted for a month. It could be said that it did not open for a month and ate for a month.

Gradually, Su Xiaolu felt her body become numb. Her chewing became stiffer and stiffer, and she couldn’t even swallow. This was caused by the poison in the silk ladle. This should have been treated beforehand, but the late-stage plague made it difficult for her to even walk, so she ate many medicines directly.

For the poisonous ones, she ate the antidote pills in advance.

The silk ladle was not considered poisonous. It was similar to anesthesia and would only numb her for a short period of time.

Before Su Xiaolu lost consciousness, she thought that she did not know if she could wake up. If she died like this, she would lose face. The old man would be so angry. It was not easy for him to teach her, but the successor died before he could die. He would have to bitterly find another successor to teach and raise a disciple again. He would be really miserable.

When Su Xiaolu woke up again, the sky was already slightly bright. She moved her hands and was a little surprised. Her body felt much lighter. It was no longer difficult to lift her limbs. Her eyes lit up.

The antidote to suppress the plague was the silk ladle.

Su Xiaolu quickly got up. After covering herself tightly from head to toe, she opened the door with her walking stick and went out.

Jin Wu walked over quickly and looked at Su Xiaolu. Before he could speak, Su Xiaolu said, “I’ve found the antidote. Use the herbs used to treat the death plague and add a silk ladle. Go and prepare the medicine immediately.”