Chapter 322 - Antidote 2

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Chapter 322: Antidote 2

“For those with serious illnesses, crush the silk ladle into powder first or moisten it with water to make juice for them to drink first.”

Su Xiaolu told the medicine boy the method and arranged it in an orderly manner.

The little medicine boy nodded happily. “Yes, I’ll arrange it now. I’ll tell Master this good news. Everyone can be saved. That’s great, that’s great.”

In the past few days, hundreds of people had died, and thousands of people had contracted the plague. Without the antidote, these people would all die in the end.

Now that they had the antidote, the lives of thousands of people could be saved.

And Su Xiaolu walking out well was the best proof.

On the sixth day after she contracted the plague, she found the antidote and everything started to develop in a good direction.

Su Xiaolu looked at Jin Wu and asked, “Where’s my second brother?”

It was her sixth day of contracting the plague and time was running out.

Jin Wu did not delay and immediately brought Su Xiaolu to Su Hua’s room.

As soon as Su Xiaolu entered the room with the silk ladle, she immediately pinched open Su Hua’s mouth and stuffed the silk ladle into Su Hua’s mouth. A trickle of spiritual spring water flowed out of her fingers, and the effect would be better with the help of this water.

Su Hua’s face was deathly pale. Even his breathing was very shallow, and he was no longer conscious.

Some of the herpes on his body had already ruptured and pus was flowing out. There was no good flesh on his handsome face.

Su Xiaolu moved Su Hua’s chin up and down and said anxiously, “Second Brother, chew quickly.”

The spiritual spring water she had fed Su Hua flowed out of the corners of his mouth. Su Hua’s condition was not good.

Su Xiaolu took out the silver needles and pulled open Su Hua’s clothes. She quickly pierced the silver needles into Su Hua’s chest and then into Su Hua’s glabella. The silver needles pierced very deeply and stimulated his meridians. Su Hua woke up and swallowed the medicinal spiritual spring water.

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He looked at the anxious Su Xiaolu and muttered in a daze, “Xiaolu, is it really you…?”

When he said this, he felt that his heart and head were about to explode.

Su Xiaolu’s tears dripped onto Su Hua’s clothes. She held Su Hua’s hand and said, “Second Brother, it’s me, it’s me. I’ve developed the antidote. Hurry up and chew it. We have to go home alive. Father, Mother, Eldest Brother, and Third Sister are all waiting for us.”

After confirming that all of this was real, Su Hua moved his lips and tried his best to chew the herbs in his mouth. A cool sensation spread from his throat, waking him up.

Looking at Su Xiaolu beside her, Su Hua smiled.

As he swallowed more and more medicine, he felt that his body was not so stiff anymore. He chewed and swallowed the medicinal herbs with his teeth.

“Xiaolu, I’m a little tired. I’ll sleep first.”

“Okay, Second Brother, sleep in peace. When you wake up, everything will be fine.”

Su Xiaolu nodded. She took out the silver needles as she spoke.

She took out a small knife and took Su Hua’s hand. She made a cut on his middle finger and used the bowl to receive the blood.

After doing this, Su Xiaolu began to treat Su Hua’s ruptured herpes.

There were not many things to deal with. The wounds on Su Hua’s body had all been treated.

When Zhou Zhi came, he saw this scene.

Hearing footsteps, Su Xiaolu turned around and looked at Zhou Zhi’s thin figure. She said first, “Thank you for taking care of my second brother.”

She recovered very quickly. Ever since she took the right medicine, her body had been healing quickly. Now, she could move freely. As for these herpes, they would recover in at most ten days without even a trace.

Zhou Zhi said gently, “I’m very happy to see that you’re fine.”

He didn’t sleep all night. Su Xiaolu kept appearing in his mind. He wanted her alive. He had already decided that this morning, no matter what, he would break in.

Hearing the commotion, he immediately got up and put on his prosthesis. It had taken him a long time to walk this way, but now, looking at Su Xiaolu in front of him, Zhou Zhi felt that nothing else was important. Everything was just right.

His sincere gaze made Su Xiaolu believe that he was really happy.

Su Xiaolu’s eyes also curved. She smiled and said, “Thank you. Now that we have the antidote, the plague will disappear completely before long.”

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After the plague was over, they could go home.

It would take at least a month for the plague to completely disappear. This month, she could help Zhou Zhi recuperate and customize a medicinal cuisine recipe for him.

“Yes, all of this is thanks to you. When I go back, I’ll report everything. When the time comes, there will be a reward. I’ll keep it for you first and wait for you to come and collect it.”

Zhou Zhi said gently that with the antidote to resist the plague, the day of separation was approaching its end. However, there was already an entanglement. He and Su Xiaolu would meet again.

Zhou Zhi gulped. “Then I’ll go back first. If you need anything, just say it. They’ll cooperate with you.”

He tried his best to suppress the trembling in his voice. After saying this calmly, he turned around and left.

Su Xiaolu’s attention was not on Zhou Zhi, so she did not notice how hard he was enduring.

After Zhou Zhi left, Su Xiaolu looked at Su Hua again. After a bowl of blood flowed out, she bandaged the wound on Su Hua’s hand.

After she was done, she took Su Hua’s pulse. It was very weak but was much better than before. It would slowly recover in the future.

Soon, the medicine boy sent over the brewed medicine. Su Xiaolu opened Su Hua’s mouth and fed him bit by bit. The sleeping Su Hua subconsciously swallowed it. After drinking the antidote, he would recover faster.

It would be fine in a few days, but the body that had been hollowed out by the plague and the damaged mental energy had to be slowly recuperated later.

After doing all this, Su Xiaolu drank the medicine herself and returned to her room to rest.

Only then did her tense nerves relax. Su Xiaolu slept for a day and night. When she woke up again, it was already August 26th.

As soon as she woke up, she saw Wang Huilan walking in. When Wang Huilan saw that Su Xiaolu was awake, she shouted in surprise, “Come quickly. Xiaolu is awake.”

As Wang Huilan spoke, she had already walked quickly to Su Xiaolu’s bed and asked with concern, “Xiaolu, are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Do you want to go to the toilet?”

Su Chong, Zhou Heng, and Liu Zijin also came in, their eyes filled with joy.

There were tears in Su Chong’s eyes. “Xiaolu, you’re finally awake.”

Su Xiaolu smiled sweetly. “Brother, why are you here?”

Su Chong instantly choked.

Seeing this, Zhou Heng said, “There’s been no news of you for so many days. We heard that you contracted the epidemic in order to save everyone. Chong comes to the Ji Shi Hall every day and hasn’t found a chance to come in. It was yesterday that the Second Prince said that the antidote was out and made an exception to let us in to see you.”

“Xiaolu, you’ve worked hard. We’re lucky to have you.”

Zhou Heng looked at Su Xiaolu and felt emotional. Su Xiaolu had sacrificed too much for this. In just a few days, she had lost a lot of weight and her chin had become sharp. Fortunately, everything was fine.