Chapter 323 - Getting Better

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Chapter 323: Getting Better

“I’m sorry for making you worry, but everything is fine now. I’m just too tired, so I slept a little longer. In a few days, I’ll recover as strong as an ox.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and said that as long as she got better, she could eat and sleep. With the nourishment of the spiritual energy in the Space, it would not take long for her to recover. She was stronger than an ox.

“Alright, alright. Now that Xiaolu is awake, don’t worry. I’ll take care of her. Go outside and help.”

Wang Huilan smiled and took care of Su Xiaolu.

She looked at Su Xiaolu and asked, “Xiaolu, you’ve slept for a day and a night. Are you hungry? I’ve made some porridge and pear soup for you. Which one do you want to eat first? I’ve also prepared a toilet for you.”

There was indeed a need for help outside. Now that they didn’t have to worry about the plague, there were many places that needed manpower. Since they were here, they naturally had to help.

Su Chong, Zhou Heng, and Liu Zijin went out to help. Wang Huilan took care of Su Xiaolu.

Wang Huilan was a meticulous person. Su Xiaolu felt too comfortable when she took care of her.

After eating and drinking her fill, she remembered Su Hua and asked, “Sister-in-law Huilan, how’s my second brother? Can he walk now?”

She slept for a day and a night, making up for the sleep she had missed a few days ago. She was very energetic now.

Without waiting for Wang Huilan to answer, Su Xiaolu said, “I’d better go over and see him. I’m too full. I’ll digest my food.”

Wang Huilan smiled and nodded. She went forward to help Su Xiaolu and said, “Alright, I’ll help you there.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “No need, no need. I’m already better.”

The herpes on her body had been treated and were already scabbed over. They would fall off and completely recover in a few days.

“It’s fine. I’ll just hold you.”

Worried that she would be weak, Wang Huilan insisted on supporting her. She held Su Xiaolu’s hand. If Su Xiaolu was weak, she could rely on her.

Su Xiaolu went to see Su Hua. Su Hua was actually next door. He could already sit up. When he heard the door open and saw Su Xiaolu, he smiled. “Xiaolu, come here.”

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Su Xiaolu sat down on the edge of the bed. Su Hua rubbed her hair and said warmly, “You’ve lost weight.”

Su Xiaolu grabbed Su Hua’s hand and took his pulse. She said, “Second Brother, I was a little fat to begin with. It’s better if I’m thinner. You’re the one who’s gotten thinner. I’ll cook for you. Don’t complain that it tastes bad. You have to eat more, understand?”

Su Hua was already skinny and could not recover in a day or two. Su Xiaolu’s heart ached when she saw this. She decided to cook for Su Hua. Her second brother, who was as thin as a pork rib, did not look good at all.

Thinking of Su Xiaolu’s medicinal cuisine porridge and pancakes, Su Hua sighed helplessly and agreed. “Okay, I’ll eat more.”

“Xiaolu, thank you for saving me again.”

Su Hua smiled at Su Xiaolu. Su Xiaolu had saved him twice now.

The first time, she’d made him normal again. The second time, she’d pulled him back from the brink of death.

Su Xiaolu waved her hand. “You’re my brother. We’re family. You care about me, and I care about you. It’s mutual.”

Even though she had grown up, she firmly believed that her brothers and sister still loved her deeply.

If she did not have the ability, it would be another matter. However, she clearly had extremely high medical skills. If she did not give it a try, she would not be able to live the rest of her life.

Only by mutual protection could true feelings be displayed.

Su Hua smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Su Xiaolu went out to make medicinal cuisine for Su Hua. Of course, only her brother had a stove.

Wang Huilan helped her grind the medicine.

Su Xiaolu boiled the medicinal cuisine into a paste, scooped out a bowl, and let it cool. She also added some flour and stirred it. The flour was cooked after being burned. This was used to make medicinal cuisine pancakes.

Su Xiaolu thought of Zhou Zhi and asked, “Sister-in-law Huilan, is Zhou Zhi still in Ji Shi Hall?”

Wang Huilan thought for a moment and replied, “He’s not here anymore. He seems to be busy with something else.”

“Xiaolu, why are you asking him? Is there something wrong?”

Wang Huilan looked at Su Xiaolu in confusion.

Su Xiaolu shook her head. “It’s nothing. It’s just that he helped me a lot this time when I was researching the antidote. He’s not in good health either. I promised to take a look at him.”

She was still suffering from the plague. She would look for Zhou Zhi when she was fully recovered.

Wang Huilan nodded and didn’t ask further.

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In the next few days, Su Xiaolu took people’s pulses in Ji Shi Hall and observed the recovery of the infected patients. The medicine was right and the plague was cured, but their bodies recovered slowly.

Su Hua had special treatment and recovered relatively quickly. At the beginning of September, he no longer had the plague and had already gone to the ground to stretch his limbs.

The antidote for the plague was distributed throughout the city, and the prescription was also made public.

After dinner that night, Su Xiaolu came to Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng’s room. Su Xiaolu said first, “Eldest Brother, Second Brother, Brother Zhou Heng, I’m going to Zhou Zhi’s residence tomorrow to help him recuperate. I won’t be coming back for the time being. When the entire city is completely cleared and the city gate opens, I’ll come back and go home with you.”

After Su Xiaolu finished speaking, Su Chong said worriedly, “Xiaolu, will it be dangerous? Zhou Zhi is too scheming.”

Zhou Heng was also a little worried. He looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “Xiaolu, Ah Zhi’s leg…”

Su Hua didn’t say anything, but he frowned slightly.

Su Xiaolu said truthfully, “Zhou Zhi doesn’t have any calves below his knees. It’s a steel frame. His body isn’t too good either. His body is like a poisonous jar. He’s currently in a balanced state that’s immune to all poisons, but if the poison isn’t removed, he won’t have many years to live.”

“He helped me a lot this time. I promised to help him cure the poison after the plague. Since I want to help him, the sooner the better.”

She remembered everything that Zhou Zhi had helped her with.

Zhou Zhi was the one who arranged for Su Hua to be taken care of alone. She took Su Hua’s pulse and knew that he had taken supreme-grade life-saving medicine. It was a little different from what she had made. Su Hua might not know since he was unconscious, but she could not pretend that it didn’t happen.

Perhaps it was very dangerous to be around Zhou Zhi, but she still had to make this trip.

A favor owed had to be returned.

Since Su Xiaolu said so, Su Chong and Su Hua could only agree.

“Xiaolu, be careful.”

In the end, Su Hua instructed cautiously.

Su Chong also said, “Xiaolu, go ahead. We’re all here if anything happens.”

Zhou Heng looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “Xiaolu, thank you.”

Zhou Zhi was his younger brother. Knowing that he did not have many years to live, Zhou Heng did not feel good. More than half of Zhou Zhi’s suffering should have been his.

If Su Xiaolu could cure Zhou Zhi, he would feel better. Zhou Heng thanked her sincerely and prayed in his heart that Zhou Zhi could get better and not be tortured by illness.

Su Xiaolu smiled. “Then I’ll go.”