Chapter 324 - Rehabilitation Plan

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Chapter 324: Rehabilitation Plan

Su Xiaolu left Ji Shi Hall and went straight to Zhou Zhi’s residence.

She remembered the place. The door was closed. She knocked on the door and waited quietly.

Soon, someone opened the door. It was Jin Si.

Su Xiaolu said, “Is the Second Prince around? I’m here to treat him.”

“Miss Su, come in. I’ll bring you to see Master.”

Jin Si said coldly and turned to lead Su Xiaolu over.

He brought Su Xiaolu to the door and said, “Master, Miss Su is here.”

Jin Wu, who was waiting outside the house, clicked his tongue. This Jin Si was too bold. He actually brought her here without informing them first.

Zhou Zhi, who was leaning against the bed in the room, had dropped the memorial. He panicked for a moment and calmed himself down before saying, “Let her in.”

Hearing the voice, Jin Si said to Su Xiaolu, “Miss Su, please.”

With that, Jin Si pushed open the door and closed it after Su Xiaolu entered.

After closing the door, Jin Wu lowered his voice. “You’re too bold. Master will be angry if you don’t inform him first.”

Jin Si frowned and said in a low voice, “I’m doing this for Master’s own good. Doctor Wu said that Master needs to recuperate. He can’t move around until his wounds heal.”

Zhou Zhi’s legs were not in good condition. Every time he came back, he had to change the dressing. Every time, Doctor Wu was flustered and exasperated. He did not dare to scold his master, but it was useless for him to scold him anyway.

Zhou Zhi might like Su Xiaolu. He was upright and young, and it was normal for him to be in love for the first time. He was impulsive. As guards, they naturally had to protect him well. If they reported it first, Zhou Zhi would definitely walk to see Su Xiaolu with his prosthesis.

He didn’t want to give him this chance. He would just go and receive his punishment himself.

Jin Wu gave Jin Si a thumbs up. “Good job.”

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“Then you stay here. I’ll go out and take a look.”

Jin Wu scratched his head.

Jin Si nodded and stood quietly in front of the door.

Su Xiaolu walked into the room and saw Zhou Zhi sitting on the bed. He was dressed simply and did not tie his hair. His black hair was only pulled back by a jade hairpin. The rest was draped in front of him.

Without the plague, there was no need to wear a mask. His handsome and defined facial features made him handsome. Zhou Zhi was very good-looking. Looking at him, a sentence appeared in Su Xiaolu’s mind. “The beauty in the high places is like a jade , while the handsome young man is unmatched in the world”.

“Xiaolu, make yourself at home.”

Zhou Zhi spoke gently with a smile in his eyes.

Su Xiaolu felt that the words humility and elegance were vividly reflected in Zhou Zhi.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and said, “I’m here to take your pulse. Previously, I said that I would detoxify you after the plague is resolved. Stretch out your hand and I’ll take your pulse.”

Zhou Zhi nodded obediently. He pulled up his sleeves and stretched out his hand.

Su Xiaolu also took off the needle bag and opened it. She took out the silver needles and inserted a few needles into Zhou Zhi’s arm before taking his pulse.

Zhou Zhi’s pulse was chaotic and unpredictable. His body could be said to be in bad condition in every aspect. Even Su Xiaolu could not figure it out for a moment.

His body originally had a balance. If the balance was broken, would Zhou Zhi instantly die from the poison?

All these had to be considered.

Su Xiaolu said, “I’ll use my Internal Breath to push you first. Just relax and don’t have any thoughts of resisting.”

When she used Internal Breath to push, he could not resist because if he resisted, Su Xiaolu would be devoured by her Internal Breath. However, at the same time, if Su Xiaolu had bad intentions, she could directly destroy Zhou Zhi’s heart meridian when her Internal Breath pushed it.

This was something that could only be done with mutual trust.

Zhou Zhi nodded without hesitation. “Okay, thank you, Xiaolu.”

Su Xiaolu closed her eyes and focused on pushing her Internal Breath into Zhou Zhi’s body, slowly swimming along every meridian.

Zhou Zhi looked at Su Xiaolu and could not help but smile. She was really not guarded at all.

Sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder if the old man hadn’t told her about him.

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She clearly knew so little, so how could she be so unguarded?

Zhou Zhi closed his eyes and breathed steadily.

Su Xiaolu checked all the meridians in Zhou Zhi’s body. This process took her two hours.

She retracted her Internal Breath and opened her eyes. She looked at Zhou Zhi and said, “Your meridians are all clear. This is a good thing. There are a total of more than a hundred types of poison accumulating and settling in your body. I’ve memorized them. I’ll sort them out first before I can find a way to cure you.”

Zhou Zhi smiled and nodded. “Okay, take your time.”

He looked calm and composed.

When their gazes met, Su Xiaolu could not see clearly. He looked so serious. For a moment, Su Xiaolu did not know if he was really not anxious.

Su Xiaolu smiled faintly and said, “Yes, then I’ll disturb you in your residence for the next few days. Before I go home, I’ll make you medicinal cuisine every day. I’ll make more. You can just eat it accordingly in the future. The poison in your body will take at least six years to detoxify. In these six years, I’ll definitely think of a way to detoxify you.”

Now, he would eat some medicinal cuisine to nourish his body. In the future, she would spare at least three months every year to detoxify him.

Zhou Zhi smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

“Then I’ll go off first.”

Su Xiaolu took out the silver needles and put them away. She picked up her needle bag and went out.

Su Xiaolu opened the door and heard Zhou Zhi instruct Jin Si, “Jin Si, arrange for Xiaolu to stay in the south courtyard. Get Jin Jiu to listen to her instructions.”

Jin Si accepted the order. “Yes.”

Jin Si gestured to Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu followed. After settling down, Su Xiaolu asked for a pen and paper to write down the prescription and handed it to Jin Si while she wrote the plan in her room.

There were 160 types of toxins accumulating in Zhou Zhi’s body. His body was in a balanced state now. If she broke the balance, he might lose control. Therefore, she had to plan for which toxins to clean up first and how to clean them.

Su Xiaolu calculated meticulously. When she was almost done, it was already night. She stretched and put away the pen and paper. She was about to walk out when a guard came in.

He nodded at Su Xiaolu. “Miss Su, I’m Jin Jiu. Please instruct me.”

Su Xiaolu said, “Then is there a special stove in the south courtyard? Have you gathered the herbs for the prescription I prescribed previously?”

Jin Jiu nodded and said, “Everything is ready. There’s an independent kitchen in the south courtyard. Everything is ready. Miss Su, are you going over now?”

Su Xiaolu nodded. “Take me there now. I’ll make it quickly. Your master will be able to eat medicinal cuisine tonight.”

Jin Jiu became more respectful to Su Xiaolu and immediately brought her over.