Chapter 325 - Rehabilitation Plan 2

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Chapter 325: Rehabilitation Plan 2

Su Xiaolu went to the stove and cleaned the herbs. The stove was clean, so she could use it straight away after starting the fire.

Jin Jiu watched from the side and recorded everything Su Xiaolu did.

Su Xiaolu said, “I’ll write down the prescriptions for these medicinal cuisines. When I’m not around, you can make them for him.”

“How about this? This isn’t too difficult. I’ll teach you.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Jin Jiu and took the initiative to speak without waiting for him to speak.

“Thank you for your trouble, Miss Su.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and taught him as she cooked.

Jin Jiu learned very seriously. He watched with his own eyes as the pot of snow-white porridge turned yellow, then purple, and finally black.

At first, Jin Jiu was looking forward to it, but in the end, he fell into deep thought.

He watched as Su Xiaolu cooked it seriously. Although it did not look appetizing, she was really putting in the effort.

After it was done, Su Xiaolu sniffed it herself and nodded in satisfaction. “Perfect. The medicinal properties are preserved very well.”

Su Xiaolu placed a piece of medicinal cuisine pancake in a bowl and melted it with hot water. It turned into a bowl of porridge. Su Xiaolu said to Jin Jiu, “Alright, you can bring it to the Second Prince to eat now. These can be eaten like this or drunk with hot water.”

“Okay, thank you, Miss Su.”

Jin Jiu put the bowl of medicinal cuisine into the food box and turned to go to the main courtyard.

Not long after, Jin Jiu returned. He said to Su Xiaolu, “Miss Su, my master invites you over for dinner.”

Su Xiaolu was packing the herbs. She stopped and nodded.

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She was planning to give Zhou Zhi acupuncture tonight.

When Su Xiaolu arrived, Zhou Zhi was drinking the medicinal cuisine porridge sent by Su Xiaolu. He was elegant. When he saw Su Xiaolu, he smiled gently. “Come and eat. See if it suits your taste.”

The food was already laid out. Su Xiaolu took a look and smiled. “Thank you. It looks delicious.”

Su Xiaolu sat down and started eating.

Zhou Zhi finished the medicinal cuisine and started eating.

After dinner, Zhou Zhi asked Su Xiaolu, “Xiaolu, do you want to go out for a walk?”

Su Xiaolu shook her head and said to Zhou Zhi seriously, “From now on, you’re my patient. Your legs are in a very serious condition. From now on, don’t walk. At least wait for the wound to completely heal.”

She took Zhou Zhi’s pulse so carefully. She knew the condition of Zhou Zhi’s legs very well. She wasn’t worth it for him to endure it, but since she had decided to save him, he had to listen to her.

Su Xiaolu was afraid that Zhou Zhi would resist and be disobedient. Unexpectedly, Zhou Zhi only smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll sit in a wooden wheelchair.”

He was exceptionally obedient and did not look rebellious at all.

Su Xiaolu swallowed the rest of her words. She said, “Alright, if you want to take a walk, I’ll push you around the residence to digest your food. Then, I’ll give you acupuncture. During this month, you’ll recuperate and stabilize your body. I’ll come to the capital after the new year. I’ll detoxify some poison for you then.”

Zhou Zhi smiled and instructed Jin Si, who was outside the door, “Jin Si, push the wooden wheelchair over.”

Jin Si quickly pushed it over. Zhou Zhi supported himself with his hands and sat down. He smiled politely at Su Xiaolu. “Xiaolu, thank you.”

Su Xiaolu looked at his gentle expression and waved her hand. She walked behind the wooden wheelchair and pushed Zhou Zhi out, walking slowly in the residence.

The threshold of the residence had been sawn off, so there was no obstruction in pushing the wooden wheelchair.

The scenery in this residence was not bad.

After shopping for a while, Zhou Zhi suddenly said, “Xiaolu, your martial arts skills are outstanding. Do you want to spar with Jin Si and the rest?”

Su Xiaolu was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Can I?”

The guards around Zhou Zhi were all experts.

Their martial arts skills were not inferior to hers. They had never fought before, and Su Xiaolu did not know their standards.

Any martial arts practitioner would be fanatical about sparring.

Su Xiaolu was already eager to try.

Zhou Zhi instructed Jin Si, who was following not far away, “Jin Si, call everyone in the residence to practice with Xiaolu.”

It had been a long time since she practiced swordsmanship, and Su Xiaolu’s hands were a little itchy. The courtyard in the residence was spacious and could be used. Su Xiaolu pushed Zhou Zhi down the corridor and said, “Then watch from here. This position is excellent.”

He could see everything in the courtyard.

Zhou Zhi nodded and smiled. “Their moves might be tricky. You have to be prepared.”

Su Xiaolu smiled sweetly. “Is that so? Then let’s see who’s more tricky.”

Her moves were not all gentlemanly moves. She had many tricky moves too.

Jin Si called over Jin Qi and Jin Jiu, who were currently in the residence, and took out their swords.

Jin Jiu threw the sword to Su Xiaolu. Seeing that Su Xiaolu caught it steadily, he became serious and cupped his hands at her. “Miss Su, please.”

Su Xiaolu smiled. “Okay.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Xiaolu threw the hilt of her sword at him. Jin Jiu dodged sideways, and Su Xiaolu’s second strike had already arrived.

Jin Jiu raised his sword to block, and sparks flew between the blades.

In seconds, Su Xiaolu attacked right on the heels of the fourth move.

Jin Jiu’s brows were cold. At first, he thought that he was playing with Su Xiaolu, but as soon as they exchanged moves, he knew that he was wrong. Su Xiaolu’s strength was not inferior to his.

Receiving her moves, she changed her moves with ease. Jin Jiu couldn’t tell what sword technique she was using.

Swing, stab, slash, and pick. Su Xiaolu’s moves were not orderly at all, but if he did not pay attention, her slash might open a hole in his body.

Jin Jiu became more and more surprised.

In the end, Su Xiaolu won by knocking down Jin Jiu’s sword hilt.

Jin Jiu cupped his hands. “Miss Su, I lost.”

Jin Jiu left and Jin Qi replaced him.

Jin Jiu retreated to Zhou Zhi’s side. He looked at Su Xiaolu, who was fighting Jin Qi, and said, “Master, Miss Su’s sword techniques are strange and varied. I can’t see the pattern, but I feel that it’s familiar. However, Miss Su’s foundation is really deep. She’s really a genius at her age.”

Zhou Zhi raised his hand gently. “Her sword technique is similar to Senior Gui You, the number one swordsman in the world. If I’m not wrong, she should be Gui You’s disciple.”

Su Xiaolu being their disciple at the same time conflicted.

Zhou Zhi smiled faintly. “It’s just a myth. You can’t trust rumors. How many people really knew the truth?”