Chapter 326 - Burning Acupuncture

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Chapter 326: Burning Acupuncture

He never believed in rumors.

Jin Jiu looked at Su Xiaolu’s sword technique and was still very puzzled. “Senior Gui You’s sword technique is famous for being ruthless, but Miss Su’s sword technique can be soft and hard. Although there are some similarities, they’re generally not the same at all.”

Jin Jiu had his doubts. The more he looked at Su Xiaolu’s sword technique, the more he felt that she could not be Gui You’s disciple.

Zhou Zhi smiled lightly. “You’re wrong. Senior Gui You only has his own comprehension in the way of the sword. If he were to teach his disciples, he should have also built a good base and taken them in. Everyone has different comprehension in the way of the sword. Naturally, their sword techniques would also be different. Look at her. Although her sword techniques change according to the situation, her foundation hasn’t changed.”

Zhou Zhi observed. Seeing Su Xiaolu draw her sword so many times, he could already confirm that she was Gui You’s disciple.

Jin Jiu looked at Su Xiaolu’s figure and observed carefully. He realized that Zhou Zhi was right.

He said respectfully, “Master, you’re too amazing.”

Zhou Zhi smiled and didn’t say anything else.

He had read all kinds of books in the world. Whether it was about the royal court or the martial world, he had some understanding in everything. As long as he understood its nature, he would be able to guess it quickly if he encountered it.

He had guessed Su Xiaolu’s identity through this understanding, and the facts proved that he was right.

Su Xiaolu and Jin Qi fought to a draw. Both of them were satisfied. After they retreated, they cupped their hands.

Su Xiaolu threw the sword to Jin Qi and said, “Come again next time.”

Jin Qi nodded. “Alright, as long as you’re free, I’ll be waiting.”

Su Xiaolu returned to Zhou Zhi’s side and said, “The people around you are really advanced in martial arts. I appreciate it.”

The guards around Zhou Zhi were not old. They were around 17 to 24 or 25 years old, but their skills were high and could not be underestimated.

They were actually martial arts geniuses.

If she didn’t have the Space, her aptitude wouldn’t be as good as theirs.

Zhou Zhi smiled. “When you’re free, you can let them spar with you. They’ll also benefit from it.”

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Sparring was a mutually beneficial thing.

Su Xiaolu nodded. She wiped her sweat and walked behind Zhou Zhi to push his wooden wheelchair. She said, “It’s about time. I’ll push you back to your room for acupuncture. After the acupuncture, you can sleep. It’s just right.”

Su Xiaolu pushed Zhou Zhi back to his room. After packing up, she began to inject Zhou Zhi.

She let Zhou Zhi lie down and unbuttoned his clothes.

Zhou Zhi paused before slowly unbuttoning his clothes.

Zhou Zhi was thin and his breathing was calm.

Su Xiaolu slowly lowered the silver needles one by one. She did not notice that the tips of Zhou Zhi’s ears and neck were gradually turning red.

Su Xiaolu said, “This is the burning acupuncture technique. After 15 minutes, you will feel a burning sensation all over your body. Once you feel this, tell me immediately. You can’t have the burning acupuncture technique for long, or it will hurt you.”

The burning acupuncture technique could allow Zhou Zhi’s body to absorb the medicinal cuisine better.

Zhou Zhi replied, “Okay.”

Su Xiaolu packed up the needle bag and went to wash her hands.

Zhou Zhi looked at her figure and couldn’t help but smile.

Su Xiaolu washed her hands and came over. Seeing that Zhou Zhi’s neck was a little red, she frowned. “Why is your neck red? Does it hurt?”

This shouldn’t be the case. It was impossible for her acupuncture technique to be wrong.

Zhou Zhi coughed lightly and said, “It’s fine. This is a change in my body. I don’t feel any heat yet.”

Su Xiaolu was still young and did not know about such things, so she did not know anything.

Su Xiaolu grabbed Zhou Zhi’s hand to take his pulse. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with his pulse, she was relieved.

She then said to Zhou Zhi, “If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me. I’ll help you adjust in time.”

Zhou Zhi nodded obediently.

After a while, Zhou Zhi said, “Xiaolu, I feel a burning sensation spreading from my heart to my entire body, as if it’s on fire.”

Su Xiaolu immediately began to take out the needles. She was fast and took out all the silver needles on Zhou Zhi’s chest in a few breaths. Then, as she packed the silver needles, she said, “This is the burning acupuncture technique. Once you feel a burning sensation, you have to take out the needles. If you’re late, you’ll be burned.”

Perhaps because the acupuncture technique was effective, Zhou Zhi’s skin was a little red.

Su Xiaolu took his pulse again. Zhou Zhi’s body was like a fever.

This was normal, but it varied from person to person. Some people might feel uncomfortable. Su Xiaolu thought for a moment and said, “After the burning acupuncture technique, your body temperature will be higher. If you feel uncomfortable, you can take a shower. If you can withstand it, you don’t have to take a shower. The burning acupuncture technique will warm your body for the entire night. If you don’t reject it, it can help you sleep well.”

Zhou Zhi smiled gently and said, “Thank you, Xiaolu. I like such a warm feeling. I wish you good dreams.”

Su Xiaolu packed her things and smiled. “You have good dreams too.”

With that, Su Xiaolu went back to her room.

After returning to her room, she carefully treated the silver needles and fell asleep. She had not practiced swordsmanship for a long time. After falling asleep, her consciousness sank into the Space, and spiritual energy lingered around her to nourish her.

The night gradually deepened.

On the other side, Zhou Zhi also slept very soundly. This was the only night he did not wake up from the pain.

Jin Wu, who was on night watch, had a look of joy on his face.

Doctor Wu came over to take Zhou Zhi’s pulse. He looked thoughtful.

He looked at Zhou Zhi many times.

Zhou Zhi was a little helpless. “Doctor Wu, why are you looking at me like that today? Is there something on my face?”

Doctor Wu retracted his hand and said in surprise, “Master, if you were in this state every day, I would wake up from my dreams laughing.”

Zhou Zhi smiled lightly. “I will be in the future.”

Zhou Zhi’s condition and changes let Doctor Wu know the difference in skills between doctors.

Coincidentally, Su Xiaolu was in the residence now. He would learn as much as he could.

Jin Qi coughed. “Don’t worry, Doctor Wu. I’ll take you there.”

Hence, as soon as Su Xiaolu woke up and opened the door, she saw a middle-aged man standing outside. The middle-aged man bowed deeply when he saw her and said shyly, “Hello, Miss Su. My name is Wu Ming. I love to study poison techniques. I hope you can give me some pointers.”

Su Xiaolu only felt that such a polite uncle was really cute. She smiled and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine. You’re also under the Second Prince, right? It’s best if you have medical skills.”

Doctor Wu was very happy. He bowed politely. “Then, I’ll be thick-skinned and disturb you from now on.”

Su Xiaolu nodded. She went to boil water and mixed a bowl of medicinal cuisine for Zhou Zhi. Doctor Wu scooped a little with a spoon and sniffed it before tasting it. Then, he frowned and said with a complicated expression, “This is really too mysterious.”

It was hard to imagine that what looked like poison had the most perfect medicinal effect.