Chapter 330 - We Must Go Home Together

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Chapter 330: We Must Go Home Together

Before anyone noticed, Zhou Heng had regained his calm.

Su Chong was a little worried, but Zhou Heng was fine now, so he did not ask further.

After dinner, everyone dispersed and walked back together.

On the way, Liu Zijin sighed and said, “The plague has harmed people this time. Some of them have passed the exam, but they are long gone. On the day of the good news, there were also funerals…”

It was both great joy and great sorrow.

As for those who died from the plague, not even their bones were left behind…

“Sigh, that’s right. I’m afraid the news of the plague will spread. Now that the rankings are announced, let’s not delay any longer. Let’s set off for home tomorrow.”

Su Chong said. Firstly, he wanted to go home as soon as possible. Secondly, he wanted to leave this troublesome place to ensure Zhou Heng’s safety.

Su Hua nodded. “We’ve been trapped here for so long. When Father and Mother heard the news, they were worried sick. It’s time to go home.”

When they left home, it was still July. It was already October now. In the past three months, they had encountered a plague and had not returned home. During this period of time, Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao must have been extremely worried.

Now that this matter was over, returning home was imminent.

Liu Zijin smiled and agreed. “It’s time for us to go home. Then we’ll pack up tonight and have a good rest. Then, we’ll set off home tomorrow morning.”

Su Xiaolu also said, “Then let’s go out of the city tomorrow. I’ve been out for so long. I miss home too.”

Zhou Heng nodded. Liu Zijin and Su Hua could tell that he had something on his mind.

As soon as they returned to the residence, Liu Zijin held Wang Huilan’s arm and returned to her room.

Zhou Heng said worriedly, “Ah Chong, Ah Hua, Xiaolu, I have something to tell you.”

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After returning to the main room, Zhou Heng told Su Xiaolu and the others about Zhou Zhi meeting him.

When they heard this, they pondered. What did Zhou Zhi mean by doing this?

Su Hua thought for a moment and said, “Little Brother Heng, regardless of whether he’s telling the truth or not, we’ll take it that he’s telling the truth. Go all out for next year’s general examination.”

“Right. And right now, you’re with us. If he makes a move, it won’t be easy to harm you. Don’t worry, we’ll all protect you.”

Su Chong said eloquently. He knew that Zhou Heng had something on his mind. So that was what happened.

Obviously, they could not deceive Zhou Zhi. Zhou Zhi already knew Zhou Heng’s identity. His power and attitude made them doubt him. No matter what, it was a good thing as long as he did not attack.

Su Xiaolu thought for a moment and said, “I even promised to enter the capital next year to detoxify him. He won’t kill you. That alone is true. I don’t know about the rest.”

As for the rest, their family could not help much.

Zhou Heng was Zhou?Heng1?after all. He could only rely on himself to do what he wanted.

Their family still did not want to get involved in this mess.

Su Xiaolu yawned and said, “Eldest Brother, Second Brother, rest early. I’m going back to sleep too. Let’s go home tomorrow morning.”

She had been away from home for a few months. She missed everything at home, especially her third sister, Su Xiaoling, who was good at cooking.

Su Xiaolu returned to her room. Su Hua patted Zhou Heng’s shoulder and said, “Let’s rest too. Don’t think too much.”

Zhou Heng had a serious expression, as if he had something to say, but in the end, he fell silent.

“Little Brother Heng, let’s go to sleep.”

Su Chong put his arm around Zhou Heng’s shoulder and returned to his room. He turned around and called Su Hua, “Brother Hua, let’s squeeze together.”

Su Hua smiled faintly and shook his head. “No, you can sleep with Little Brother Heng. I’ll sleep alone.”

Su Hua looked at their backs and smiled.

After spending a few years together, they could tell even if Zhou Heng did not say it.

Zhou Heng did not dare to say anything else and bid farewell. He hesitated for a moment but did not say anything, afraid that the brothers would not agree.

However, how could they not see that it was impossible for Zhou Heng to leave quietly? He could forget about it.

Su Chong was the sharpest martial artist. With him around, Zhou Heng had no chance.

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Su Hua returned to his room to rest.

Su Chong also returned to his room with Zhou Heng to rest. As soon as he got into bed, Su Chong fell asleep and let Zhou Heng sleep on the side of the bed.

Su Chong quickly fell asleep. Zhou Heng was not sleepy. In the middle of the night, he got up gently, but just as he got out of bed, Su Chong’s voice sounded. “Little Brother Heng, where are you going?”

Zhou Heng replied calmly, “I’m going to the toilet. It’s fine. Ah Chong, go to sleep.”

Su Chong got up and got out of bed. He put his arm around Zhou Heng’s shoulder and said, “It just so happens that I need to go too. Let’s go together.”

Zhou Heng’s plan did not have a chance to be carried out. They went to the toilet together and the two of them came back to sleep together.

Zhou Heng quietly got out of bed again. Before he could take two steps, Su Chong’s voice sounded behind him again. “Oh—Little Brother Heng, are you going to the toilet again?”

Zhou Heng replied with one word.

Hence, he went to the toilet with Su Chong again and did not find an opportunity until dawn.

At dawn, Su Hua came over. After packing up, Su Chong went to ready the horses.

The Wang family’s coachman had also set up the horses. Liu Zijin laid a mattress in the carriage. Wang Huilan was pregnant. He was afraid that she would not be able to take the bumpy ride back. It would be more comfortable to lie on the mattress.

Zhou Heng had dark circles under his eyes. Su Xiaolu also bought many buns and steamed buns and distributed them to everyone. When she saw that Zhou Heng did not look good, she asked with a smile, “Did you not sleep well last night?”

Zhou Heng looked at Su Xiaolu’s lively eyes that were hiding a trace of cunning. He was a little helpless. He took the buns that Su Xiaolu had given him and sighed. He said bluntly, “Ah Chong, Ah Hua, Xiaolu, I’m not going back with you.”

He did not have the chance to leave, so he could only say this openly.

They protected him as if he were family, and so did he. He didn’t want to bring danger to them.

He wanted to stay away from the Su family and distance himself from them. With Su Xiaolu around, Zhou Zhi would not hurt the Su family. However, with him around, it was hard to say. Zhou Zhi’s thoughts were too deep and difficult to understand. He did not dare to take the gamble.

Even though Su Chong was skilled in martial arts and Su Xiaolu had martial arts, Su Hua did not. Su Xiaoling, Su Sanlang, and Madam Zhao did not have martial arts.

Zhou Heng said bluntly. Su Chong and Su Hua also looked at Zhou Heng seriously. Su Hua patted Zhou Heng’s shoulder and said, “Little Brother Heng, no matter if you’re Zhou Heng or the Prince, we’ve been together for so many years. When you really face the Second Prince next year, we might not be with you. But for now, you’re not even qualified to be the Second Prince’s opponent. You won’t be in trouble if you’re with us, so we won’t let you leave now.”

Su Chong smiled brightly and said, “That’s right. Anyway, you have to go home with us now. We’ll talk about this next year.”

Zhou Heng’s eyes were red. “You, you…”

Thousands of emotions surged in his heart, and he choked.

Su Xiaolu took out an egg and stuffed it into Zhou Heng’s hand. She smiled and said, “Get in the carriage, Third Brother.”