Chapter 331 - I’ll Save Him If I Want To

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Chapter 331: I’ll Save Him If I Want To

Su Xiaolu gave Su Chong and Su Hua an egg each and got into the carriage first.

Zhou Heng held the bun and egg in his hand. For a moment, he had mixed feelings.

Su Chong patted him and said, “Little Brother Heng, go up quickly. Eat something and sleep. You didn’t sleep last night. You have to catch up on your sleep to be better.”

Su Hua got into the carriage first. He turned around and reached out to Zhou Heng.

Zhou Heng swallowed and stopped saying that he would not go back. He nodded and held Su Hua’s hand as they got into the carriage.

Su Chong smiled and quickly peeled open the eggshell to eat it in one bite. Then, he took a big bite of the bun and got into the carriage to drive the horse away.

The carriage quickly left the city and rushed home.

A figure watched as the carriage left. Then, he turned around and returned to the main courtyard. He reported to Zhou Zhi, who was sitting at the table and reading a memorial, “Master, they have already left the city.”

Zhou Zhi was expressionless. “Okay, I understand. You may leave.”

The figure retreated.

Not long after, Jin Wu returned from outside and said with a solemn expression, “Master, Su Lin is in chaos. The Yan army has sent troops. General Qi has sent news and implores Master to send troops to support.”

Zhou Zhi frowned. Then, he ordered, “Immediately transfer 50,000 troops from Furongzhou to support General Qi and help him guard Su Lin. Let him chop back all the claws that the Yan soldiers extend.”

Jin Wu nodded. “Yes Sir.”

Su Lin was in turmoil again, so he could not return to the capital for the time being.

The Yan Kingdom must have heard that there was a plague in Furongzhou, so they were tempted again. They wanted to tear a hole through Su Lin and attack the Great Zhou Kingdom. Dream on.

Zhou Zhi’s expression revealed a ruthlessness that did not match his age.

On the quiet path, a carriage broke down halfway.

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A few armored soldiers looked extremely anxious.

“Damn it, if this is good, the old general won’t be able to rush to Furongzhou. This, this…”

Deputy General Wang Dong clapped his hands anxiously.

The other Deputy General, Yang Zhen, gritted his teeth and said.

General Qi was already 70 years old. If something really happened here, he would not know how to explain himself when he returned to the capital.

The few of them immediately repaired the broken carriage wheels.

At this moment, a carriage came from afar.

Wang Dong and Yang Zhen’s eyes lit up. The two of them immediately went forward and stopped the carriage.

“Young man, we’ve requisitioned your carriage. We’ll exchange this carriage with you. This is five taels of silver as compensation. You can repair the carriage later.”

Yang Zhen went forward with the silver and threw it into Su Chong’s arms.

Without waiting for Su Chong to speak, Wang Dong said, “Young man, help us. We have something urgent to rush to Furongzhou.”

When Su Chong saw that they were wearing armor with the word Zhou embroidered on their clothes, he immediately knew that they were the soldiers of the Great Zhou.

Su Chong cupped his hands and got out of the carriage. “Wait a moment. You’re the soldiers of the Great Zhou. I’ll definitely agree to this request. Please allow us to come down first.”

In order to protect the country, the Great Zhou soldiers had an urgent matter to change carriages with him. Su Chong naturally would not refuse. He looked around and saw that the wheels of the carriage not far away had collapsed. He knew that the carriage was broken.

Su Hua and Zhou Heng got out of the carriage, and Su Xiaolu followed.

Actually, they would not object to this.

The carriage only had broken wheels. They just needed to repair it.

Yang Zhen and Wang Dong smiled. They did not expect these young people to be so easy to talk to. They immediately felt that these people had extraordinary temperaments.

If they had the time, they would definitely make friends with them, but they were not free now.

Therefore, after Su Xiaolu and the others came down, Wang Dong and Yang Zhen would only turn around and carry General Qi to another carriage.

Liu Zijin and Wang Huilan also came down.

Su Chong explained to them, “It’s the soldiers of the Great Zhou who want to change carriages with us in an emergency. It’s fine. Their carriage is not too bad either, but the wheels are broken. I’ll fix them later.”

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When they carried an old general in armor over, they were all stunned.

This was because a huge arrow pierced through the old general’s heart.

Wang Dong urged his subordinates.

Su Chong and the others subconsciously looked at Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu called out to Wang Dong and the others.

When they suddenly heard the voice, they were stunned. They glanced at Su Xiaolu and did not blame her. Instead, they said gently, “Little girl, if you dislike our carriage, wait here. As soon as we enter the city, can we immediately get someone to drive the carriage back for you?”

Yang Zhen thought that Su Xiaolu despised their carriage because she saw blood.

This was indeed not the young lady’s fault. General Qi was seriously injured. Along the way, there were more or less bloodstains in the carriage.

The young lady was clean, so it was inevitable that she would be a little delicate.

Su Xiaolu approached Yang Zhen and the others. She walked around them.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu was serious, Wang Dong subconsciously asked, “Why? Are you from Furongzhou? Do you know something?”

Su Xiaolu’s words stunned Yang Zhen and Wang Dong.

Su Xiaolu glanced at Yang Zhen. “Why should I prove it? I’ll save him if I want to. If I don’t want to save him, I won’t. Why should I prove it to anyone? If you’re not convinced, why don’t you see if you can still move?”

As soon as Su Xiaolu finished speaking, Yang Zhen and the others’ faces stiffened. They seemed to be using a lot of strength and blushed.

“You, what did you do to us? Despicable!”

Wang Dong gritted his teeth. He did not know what was going on either. It was as if his body had stiffened.

Yang Zhen’s expression also changed drastically. The other four soldiers were also trying to move.

Su Xiaolu smiled and clapped her hands. She said to Su Chong and the others, “Big Brother, Second Brother, come and help me carry this old man’s stretcher into the carriage first.”