Chapter 332 - I’ll Save Him If I Want To 2

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Chapter 332: I’ll Save Him If I Want To 2

Su Chong, Su Hua, Zhou Heng, and Liu Zijin came to help. Soon, they took the stretcher from Wang Dong, Yang Zhen, and the other soldiers and carefully carried it into the carriage.

Yang Zhen, Wang Dong, and the others could only watch with stiff bodies.

The curtain of the carriage was lifted.

“You brats, if anything happens to the old general, you won’t be able to keep your heads!”

Wang Dong was anxious. None of them had expected this to happen.

Their eyes widened. The numbness and stiffness in their bodies made them feel very helpless. They could only watch and stare.

However, their vision was limited. General Qi was carried into the carriage and they could not see what was happening inside.

Su Chong came over and touched his head. “Generals, I won’t say anything else. I’ll carry you over and you can see for yourselves.”

As he spoke, Su Chong carried Wang Dong and the others to the side of the carriage so that they could see what was happening inside.

Wang Dong and the others were all tough men. They had never received such treatment before. They were so angry that their faces turned red. However, at this moment, even their tongues were numb.

They could only let out moans with much difficulty.

Su Xiaolu, who was in the carriage, did not care about the people outside at all.

She took the old general’s pulse just now. The arrow did not pierce through his heart, but it damaged many meridians and blood vessels in his body. He could fall into a coma. When she pulled it out, blood would flow like a fountain. If she could not stop the bleeding, he would die from excessive blood loss.

However, she was familiar with the meridians and acupuncture points. It was not difficult for her to seal his meridians and stitch up his wounds.

She opened the first aid kit and took out the medicine. She first pinched open General Qi’s mouth and stuffed the medicine inside. Then, she took a pair of scissors and cut open General Qi’s clothes. She used silver needles to insert them into his throat, glabella, and other acupuncture points on both sides of his nose. After sealing his vital acupuncture points, she used a small knife to cut off the tail of the arrow that was as thick as a thumb.

After doing this, she condensed her Internal Breath in her palm and got General Qi to sit up. She held the top of the hook of the arrow with one hand and pulled it out in one go.

She didn’t mind the blood splattering on her face. She picked up the scissors and cut the knots on both sides of the armor, quickly removing General Qi’s clothes.

She then quickly applied medicine on General Qi’s wound and stitched it up.

Wang Dong and the others were stunned.

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General Qi had been shot with an arrow. Even the experienced military doctor was helpless and did not dare to pull out the arrow. He said that it was too close to the heart meridian, and he would not be able to stop the bleeding. With his medical skills, General Qi would definitely die if he pulled out the arrow.

However, this little girl’s methods were straightforward and decisive. She even pulled the arrow without the help of outsiders.

At this moment, their stiff limbs seemed to have recovered.

Yang Zhen remained silent and stared at General Qi. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that General Qi’s chest was still heaving.

Su Xiaolu treated the wound on General Qi’s back and then the wound on his chest.

After Su Xiaolu stitched up the wound and bandaged it, Yang Zhen and the others regained their mobility.

However, after recovering, none of them acted rashly.

General Qi still had silver needles on him. When was she going to take them away?

It was better to do it directly. At first, they would not believe it, so Su Xiaolu did not waste her breath on them and acted directly.

Her methods and boldness were not something ordinary people could do.

Su Xiaolu said calmly, “He will wake up in four hours.”

“Big Brother, let’s rest and set up camp here tonight.”

Before Yang Zhen and the others could ask again, Su Xiaolu said to Su Chong that since she had saved him, she had to save him to the end.

With Su Xiaolu’s words, Yang Zhen was relieved.

Yang Zhen cupped his hands respectfully.

Yang Zhen patted Wang Dong’s shoulder and said, “Let’s set up camp and wait for General Qi to wake up.”

Fortunately, there was a small forest nearby, so they could stop on the spot.

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There was a small stream not far away, so Su Chong and the others went to catch some small fish. The thumb-sized small fish were a little small, but it was also a delicacy to cook a pot of fish soup and drink soup while eating steamed buns.

On one side, a fire was lit. On the other side, a few soldiers were silently guarding the carriage.

Wang Dong whispered to Yang Zhen, “Old Yang, why aren’t these youngsters afraid at all? They don’t look that strong. Aren’t they afraid that we’ll do something?”

At a glance, he felt that apart from Su Chong’s skills, the others were not worth mentioning. He could kill them with a single kick.

Yang Zhen’s expression was serious. “Wasn’t the lesson just now enough? That little girl’s medical skills are impressive. She can kill people without a trace. Don’t joke around. We’re martial artists. In terms of these twists and turns, we can’t win even if we try a hundred times.”

They still had lingering fears when they recalled what happened just now, but they were also lucky.

It was almost dark, and four hours had passed.

Su Xiaolu walked towards Yang Zhen. She smiled and said, “I’m here to get the needles.”

Yang Zhen and the others said respectfully.

Su Xiaolu got into the carriage and took off the silver needles.

At this moment, the unconscious General Qi slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and muttered a few words in confusion, “Mianmian, it’s Mianmian.”

Su Xiaolu smiled when she saw that the old general had recognized her wrongly. Then, she got up and got out of the carriage. She said to Wang Dong and Yang Zhen, “Alright, he’s awake. I’ll give you the prescription later. Go to Furongzhou to get the medicine and take it on time. He’ll recover in half a month.”

With that, Su Xiaolu returned to her carriage.

“Mianmian, Little Mianmian…”

General Qi’s weak voice came from the carriage.

Su Xiaolu paused. This old general probably valued relationships. Who did he think she was?

Su Xiaolu did not think too much about it. She returned to the fire to warm herself up and eat.

Meanwhile, Wang Dong and Yang Zhen had already boarded the carriage.

General Qi said weakly and anxiously, as if he was afraid of missing out on someone important.

Yang Zhen immediately said, “General, you’re seriously injured. You can’t act rashly now.”

Wang Dong also said, “General, what do you want? Let us do it.”

General Qi looked at the two Deputy Generals and asked anxiously, “Who was here just now? Where is she?”