Chapter 1320 - Master Pharmacist, Q

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Chapter 1320: Master Pharmacist, Q

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Master Carlos had become famous outside. He seemed quite powerful.

But to them, he was just an ordinary person who came to seek guidance. If not for the fact that he had a background in the illegal district, he wouldn’t even have bothered to ask their dean.

Seeing that his dean was unwilling to pay attention to him, the blond young man bowed and said respectfully, “Then, I’ll reject him and tell him that you’re in seclusion.”

“Whatever.” The old man didn’t even look up. He was still staring at the potion bottle obsessively as he picked up the bottle on the left and muttered, “Hiss~ Could it be that I should have put this just now?”

After a while, he picked up the bottle on the right and compared it. “Watering chloral will produce poison. What about this? Is it also poison if I put this down?”

He was scratching his head, wondering which potion he should put in to experiment again.

Suddenly, the computer lit up.

The blond man noticed and called out to the old man, who was deep in thought. He said casually, “Director, someone sent you a message.”

“Huh? Message? What message?” The old man’s mind was filled with chemicals, and his turbid eyes were confused. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He threw the medicine bottle down in extreme excitement and quickly walked in the direction of the computer without even looking at his beloved medicine. “I thought she had disappeared. Good lord, she finally remembered to send me a message… Quick, let me see…”

This was the first time his disciple had seen him so excited. He asked with a sideways glance, “Dean, who are you talking about?”

The white-haired old man ignored him and excitedly clicked on the message flying over from the computer. It was a photo.

It was a photo of an A4 paper.

Some medicines were scrawled on the paper, followed by the grams of the herbs.

The blond man also leaned over to take a look. At first glance, he did not understand what this prescription was about. He was a little surprised and confused. “Is this Chinese medicine?”

There were also many ancient Chinese medicine recipes in the pharmaceutical research institute.

These ancient recipes were collected in the library. Basically, no one looked at them. They were piled with thick dust.

He had seen these prescriptions once when he was cleaning the library. He remembered them clearly. The ancient obscure words and the strange method of using them.

He remembered very clearly that there was a letter written in the bottom left corner of the prescriptions in their library.

The photo the dean was looking at now had the same letter in the bottom left corner.

He remembered someone once telling him that there was only one living pharmaceutical big shot who could discuss medical research with their dean.

That person’s name was Q.

The other party had come to their pharmaceutical research institute for a period of time before leaving.

The other party was a loner and had not seen many people.

The young man realized the small detail he had discovered and looked surprised.

Q? He’d always thought Q was a legend. Because there couldn’t be anyone in the world more accomplished with potions than the dean.

So this person really existed?

The old man ignored him and copied the photo as if he had obtained a treasure. As he noted down the herbs on it, he muttered, “This is… an upgraded version? Why didn’t I think of adding this medicine?? I see, I see. I’m really stupid. Why didn’t I think of using it like this?”

He didn’t care that someone else was in his laboratory. He grabbed the recipe and immediately went to experiment.