Chapter 1327 - Jiang Xianrou Got Into Trouble Before He Could Say It

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Chapter 1327: Jiang Xianrou Got Into Trouble Before He Could Say It

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“There’s something.” Bo Jingxing was thinking about how to tell him.

After all, Qin Si was a pushover, but he also had a grumpy attitude.

He was very easy to talk to when spoken to with consideration. However, he wouldn’t give face even if the heavens came if his rebellious nature was provoked.

Therefore, he still needed some talking skills if he wanted to plead on Jiang Xianrou’s behalf.

“What is it?” Qin Si asked casually, not taking it to heart.

He had already turned his head to the side and looked at Zhang Yang, who had quit the game halfway through. He raised his voice and asked, “Zhang Yang, why are you holding your phone? Who sent you a message? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. What happened?”

Zhang Yang asked someone in the group for Zhu Yuanhao’s location and sent it to Ye Wangchuan.

Hearing this, he returned with a troubled expression. He didn’t hide anything from the two of them. “It’s Master Wang. Master Wang asked me something.”

“Master Wang looked for you just now?” Qin Si looked surprised. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Why did Master Wang look for you?”

Bo Jingxing was still wondering how he could gradually ease the relationship between Qin Si and Jiang Xianrou.

But he looked at Zhang Yang in surprise now.

Zhang Yang said in detail, “Master Wang asked me where Zhu Yuanhao is.”

“Zhu Yuanhao? Which Zhu Yuanhao…” Qin Si’s reaction was the same as Gu San’s before. He did not remember such a person.

Zhang Yang immediately explained to him, “He’s the youngest son of Director Zhu, who is in charge of attracting investors. He’s very close to Miss Jiang. Today, he even booked a private room in Lan Pavilion to hold a celebration party for Miss Jiang. Tang Ning also went. She sent me a message previously and said…”

Qin Si was dumbfounded. Seeing that he was stammering, he knocked on the table angrily. “Why did she send you a message? Tell me. Why are you stammering like a woman? You’re not straightforward at all!”

Zhang Yang felt wronged by his words. He thought to himself that since this matter involved so many people, he, a small fry, naturally could not be too blunt. Wasn’t Young Master Bo still sitting here?

Everyone knew that Young Master Bo had a good relationship with Miss Jiang.

Zhang Yang thought so but did not stop talking. He continued, “He told me to be careful of Zhu Yuanhao causing trouble for Miss Qiao.”

Qin Si was stunned and didn’t come back to his senses. “Why is Zhu Yuanhao looking for trouble with Sister Qiao? Is he stupid? Sister Qiao doesn’t even know him.”

Zhang Yang’s shrewd eyes glanced at Bo Jingxing’s reaction before he lowered his eyes and replied softly, “This… I’m not sure, either… I heard from Tang Ning that Miss Jiang did not successfully enter Master Cheng’s laboratory. It seems that it was Master Wang’s idea to remove her name from the recruitment list… Zhu Yuanhao is on good terms with Miss Jiang, so he might be feeling indignant on her behalf.”

“It’s Jiang Xianrou again.” Qin Si was speechless. “She won’t stop if she doesn’t cause trouble behind the scenes for a day, right?! What does her inability to enter the Ninth Branch have to do with Sister Qiao?”

Zhang Yang looked down. “I don’t know.”

Qin Si couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on him. He said concisely, “Where’s Zhu Yuanhao? I’ll go take a look.”

Zhang Yang gave an address and whispered, “I heard that Miss Jiang is with him.”

Qin Si didn’t want to hear Jiang Xianrou’s name anymore. He ignored his words and picked up his jacket to leave.

Bo Jingxing stood up and pressed his forehead. He had a headache. He picked up his clothes and said gently, “I’ll go with you.”