Chapter 1330 - Tsk, Who's Stronger?

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Chapter 1330: Tsk, Who’s Stronger?

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Zhu Yuanhao was brought to a quiet apartment.

At first, he was trembling and quite afraid. But he calmed down and was less timid when they arrived.

He even looked around the apartment and dared to ask Gu San, “Young Master Gu, do you know how I provoked Master Wang?”

Gu San glanced at him and almost laughed at his ‘innocence’. He crossed his arms and suspected that he was a fool. He asked, “Don’t you know what you did?”

“…” Zhu Yuanhao really didn’t know what he had done. Or rather, he didn’t take Qiao Nian seriously at all. He shook his head, confusion written all over his chubby face. “I don’t know. I didn’t do anything.”

“You’ll know soon enough.” Gu San couldn’t be bothered with him. He walked past him and followed the man respectfully.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t waste any time. He walked to a sofa and sat down. Placing his long legs on the coffee table and taking a cigarette from his bag, he put it in his mouth and looked at Zhu Yuanhao. He lit the cigarette and threw the lighter on the table. “You asked Yin Wenzhi to steal the USB drive?”

Zhu Yuanhao did not understand why Ye Wangchuan was looking for him. Hearing this, cold sweat broke out on his back. His face turned pale and he shook his head in panic. “I… I don’t know her.”

“I see.” Ye Wangchuan nodded calmly. Not bothering to waste his breath on him, he instructed Gu San indifferently, “Cripple his left pinky.”

Gu San flexed his wrist and sneered as he walked towards the stubborn man. He said leisurely, “If I were you, I would tell the truth so that I wouldn’t suffer. It’s fine if you choose to suffer and not say anything. Anyway, you still have nine left even if I cripple one of your fingers. You will still have your toes if all your fingers are broken. You will still have your ribs if your hands and feet are gone. Think about it!”

Zhu Yuanhao was already drenched in a cold sweat. He was so afraid that his entire body was trembling. Seeing Gu San approaching him, he retreated and shouted at the man on the sofa in panic, “Master Wang, I, I didn’t do anything. That’s just a girl from Rao City. You don’t have to be angry with me for her. We’re in the same circle. That girl is nothing? I…”

Gu San couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up in his heart as he listened to him.

He actually said that Miss Qiao was nothing?

Ha, she was a hidden big shot!

Moreover, Miss Qiao was Master Wang’s girlfriend. Master Wang had stamped his name in the group chat and asked everyone to call her sister-in-law. Zhu Yuanhao actually kept saying that Miss Qiao was from the countryside and wasn’t worthy of being in the same circle as them.

Zhu Yuanhao was indeed tired of living and wanted to die.

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes turned cold and his gaze darkened. He sat very domineeringly and said in a hoarse voice, “It seems like he doesn’t want his tongue, either. Cut it off.”

The Zhu family was shrouded in dark clouds at this moment.

They had already received a call from Jiang Xianrou and learned that Zhu Yuanhao had been taken away by Ye Wangchuan.

They were not sure why.

However, just the sentence “Master Wang personally took Zhu Yuanhao away” was enough to scare the Zhu family.

After Director Zhu found out about this, he stopped the meeting halfway and hurried home to pull some strings to find out what had happened.

However, no one told him why Ye Wangchuan had taken Zhu Yuanhao away after making seven or eight calls. In fact, no one even knew about it…